2020 Round 8: Overdue Update

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So yeah...been a while since I did one of these, huh. Yeah...part of that you could say was due to watching my nieces until the start of July - daycare was closed until the sixth - and have been trying to reacclimate myself to what was once normal for myself...even though with COVID cases have been on the rise around my state, I could be dealing with them again if daycares are told to close once again...and if my oldest has to do virtual/homeschooling. Moving away from that...

Happy Odaiba & Spider-Man Day; the former I know pretty well, it is a special day among fans of Digimon, particularly Adventure, and is referencing the departure date of the Chosen Children - Digidestined, if you will - from the summer camp to the Digital World in the original Adventure series (more on that a little later). The latter I've been made aware of recently thanks to Twitter; it's the day Spider-Man was first printed into comic books by the late, great Stan Lee nearly sixty years ago...makes him younger than Batman & Bugs Bunny. XD

So yeah, almost hard to believe we're starting August considering most of us have been staying at home since March, that sports have largely been suspended since March and in the cases of the major three - NBA, NHL, and MLB - they've only recently got back to playing...though the MLB might once again be shelved since they're the league not doing any sort of bubble(s) for their sixty game sprint of a season...and if it goes, I do not like the chances for football getting to play a season...and this year we already saw the demise of the XFL cause of this thing.

Movie theaters are also being hit hard with productions on big movies being suspended...and movies that are ready either being posted to VOD services (Trolls World Tour & Scoob) or being postponed to...later this year if not next year altogether...least here in the US; in countries that actually have a handle on this virus, they're going to get some of those films before us in theaters it seems.

Good news for me...least there's wrestling still...in spite of the recent #SpeakingOut allegations that ravished the industry from wrestlers being suspended if not released to CHIKARA closing down to a journalist from UPROXX being fired...yeah, I had a couple of days there where I felt a bit low on what I loved...and continue to love to the point where I might try to add more of it to my plate...cause I'm a crazy person. 'XD

To go along with that, I've been trying to juggle my anime watching with my toku watching; in the latter's case, I've kept up with Kiramager...but need to catch up on others, including the prior season, Ryusoulger, and a couple of Rider series. Course, adding to that, I've been watching the other dinosaur-themed Sentai...the original Kamen Rider & Kuuga...so yeah, a lot of series on that front. As for anime, thanks to Toonami, I've watched the first season of Mob Psycho 100 & Paranoia Agent, and I've been keeping up with the reboot of Digimon Adventure which has been great thus far. Fire Force season 2...I'm gonna be playing some catchup on since the dub's release has stalled meaning I'm going to have to watch a lot of subs.

That's not even covering plans for tackling other live-action or animated shows I want to watch/catch up on...or some of the stories I wish to write...or that my birthday's this month. So yeah, I keep myself busy...largely by wasting time. ^^;

As always with this crazy year...stay safe, stay healthy - both physically and mentally - and we'll get through this together. Oh, that reminds me! G4's coming back next year; that's my motivation for making it through 2020. n_n

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