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Mariath Ebonheart

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Name: Mariath Ebonheart
Age: 240
Race: Shatholli
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 124 lbs.
Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair: Silver with dark gray horns
Alignment: Neutral

She is a smart and curious thinker who cannot resist an intellectual challenge. But she is not, what she consider, book smarts." She believes she has "street smarts" and a level head to get herself out of trouble. Mariath can talk her way out of almost any situation. However, if talking doesn't work out, she can become deadly in more ways than one. With her spells and spear; Mariath is not one to be taken lightly. Mariath thinks that her group is the last of her kind and is desperately searching for other Shatholli. Witty, sarcastic, and mostly in a grumpy mood; Mariath is a strange one.

Personal quote:
"May I point out the mistakes in your argument now or later?"

The Shatholli were once a grand clan of nomadic warriors. The Shatholli people are mistaken for demons, and hunted for their beast pelts and horns. Their pelts and horns are extremely valuable in the fur trading business.  Mariath believes that she is the last of the Shatholli, living in the forests in solitude after the humans came and hunted down every last one of her people. Humans call her a "witch" or "demon" due to her knowledge of alchemy and enchanting. But now, she is forcing herself to leave the comfort of the forest to find the rest of the Shatholli.

-She knows basic enchantments of weaponry
-Mariath knows how to create alchemist concoctions
-Master warrior, she is deadly with her spear
-Great strength, can lift things 10x's her own weight
-Incredible speed, fast and agile like that of a cat
-Knows a few basic spells: flames, ice spike, and chain lightning
-Can shape shift into a beast

-She is not invincible, can be killed just like any human being
-Her spells can backfire on her

She has one weapon, her dragon spear. The jewel acts as a conduit for her spells, absorbing  the magic until letting out a furious blast. The spear is made of ebony metals with the dragon of eternity carved upon it's face.

Learning new spells and fighting techniques
Sweets (Especially chocolate)

A rude/disrespectful person
Demon hunters
Being called a demon
Hunters and poachers

Theme song: Panic! At the Disco "Don't Threaten me with a Good Time"…

Ref sheet 2: COMING SOON
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Shes-tStudent Digital Artist
She looks like she will be a really fun character~

I look forward to your audition.
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lynzinitusHobbyist General Artist
Thank you! I had a set back this week, but I should be getting her ready to walk her glamorous self out on the cat walk
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Alpha-PainHobbyist Digital Artist
Cool chara X3
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lynzinitusHobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much!
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Alpha-PainHobbyist Digital Artist
You welcome!
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ExplainerHobbyist Writer
Nice Character!
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lynzinitusHobbyist General Artist
Thank you kindly!
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ExplainerHobbyist Writer
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