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Neather Neir: Lola
an original species by me.. they have the body of a leopard and head of a wolf, but the head is about twice the size it should be. they also have a fluff at the end of their tail that hides spikes. This Neather Near is named Lola.
Made with DeviantArt muro

Her genderswitch would Be Sam, a very, very dark Navy blue male with the same markings and eyes but a larger mane and no tail spikes so no fluff.

Their rival is a large very, very dark army green, scared male named Major with a massive mane and a bobbed tail, he has electric blue eyes and neon green swirls, orange stripes and neon blue spots.

Major, Lola and Sam are all called 'Neather Neir' because of the glow in the dark patterns on their dark base coat. All others of their species are called Neir, and they are not colorful, they come in natural whites, browns, greys, reds and blacks with natural colors to their patterns. all have the same or similar patterns.

Females have small manes and tail fluffs with spikes, Males have large manes with no tail spikes and no fluff.

    These beasts are about 15 feet tall, males and females are the same height but males tend to be heavier because of their manes. They also are generally more muscular while females are leaner and faster. They are Apex Predators that can be found in nearly any biome, their fur can grow thick enough to survives cold conditions, then they can shed and have thin fur for a hot desert.
    They live similarly to elephants, females live in large groups, hunting and helping to protect each others young, with a matriarch to guide the group. They are nomadic and fallow herds to hunt. Males on the other hand, are solitary or may roam in a duo. They have their own territory, which they defend from other males.
    Females come into heat once a month but are very selective with who they mate with. As the group of females roam, they run into all of the males territory and females generally select one male and always breed to him; but only once he has proven himself through a rather vicious fight. 
    To impress the female, the male must beat her in battle, which is difficult considering males and females are close to the same size, males may be heavier, but females have those dangerous spines on the end of their tail they can use as clubs, one blow could fatally wound a male.
    Males will generally only mate to a few females in their life, partially because females are so selected, partially because they know they can only handle so much. By handle, I mean raise cubs. Males greatly help in raising cubs, the female stays with the male while her cubs are young. Only once her cubs are large enough to live the nomadic life or to get a territory of their own do they leave the protection of their fathers territory. 
    Sons will even occasionally stay with their father for a short while, until they are chased off. Occasionally the last male cub the father has will inherit his territory, often by chance. When a males territory is taken over by a rival, he will often help to raise the previous rulers female cubs, but kill the male. 
    Neir are highly intelligent, able to understand language and even speak some words. They behave toward each other in an animalistic way but they do have a sort of communication, just not at the level humans do. The only way you can tell a domesticated Neir from a wild, is the way it moves its head. When you speak or yell at a Neir, a wild one will just watch blankly, maybe attack, maybe walk away. A domesticated near will perk its ears and twist its head back and worth to listen, trying to grasp what you are saying.


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