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Ramsay Bolton is the Westerois equivalent to Pepe the Frog.
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Out blades are sharp! Handshake Good job :)
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This is great ! He looks as fucked up spirit as he is.
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Oh man, I love the expression you gave him! :D He's perfect.
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Snk, snk, I love that boy. Maybe in the show less that in books (because books Ramsay is simply better) but hey, you nailed him here perfectly. He plans something evil, I am sure ^^
xxsensi's avatar
I absolutly love him!!
as ramsy, but way more as simon from misfits
and you did him absolutly perfectly!!!
I recogniced him immediatly :3
the colours... dude you're my photoshop godess
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 That is true :3 and Simon is so cute and i love him too  
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hoho cool~ can't wait to see that~

well just a chapter cover and two sites, but on page two there is one of the main characters for the first time :3
will try to do another page this week (like 1 page per week)

stimmt schon, ich weiss nicht wieso aber die woche haben sies ausfallen lassen, vielleicht bringen sie dafür nächsten montag das volle finale? 2 folgen auf einmal? ka...
aber ich kanns kaum erwarten *.*
LynxSphinx's avatar
OH this was fast XD thanks :D
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