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EDIT: The Contest is up and running! Profuse thanks to MagicallyCapricious for advertising in a poll. It would have been just sitting here without her.

This is the contest I was talking about! And there's ALL SORTS OF GOODIES INVOLVED!


I will only make this contest active if there are more than 5 participants. Spread the word!


What I want you to do

:bulletgreen: Draw any of my two characters together.

:bulletgreen: Draw one of mine and one of your characters together.

Brownie Points

:bulletblue: I LOVE rain and mountains.
:bulletblue: Please keep the activities appropriate to the character's personalities. Ben will go on a killing spree with someone, but he isn't catching any butterflies. (A bit of random fun is okay. Comment if you're unsure)
:bulletblue: I'd like to see a background :)
:bulletblue: If you'd like to write a little story to go along with your picture, that's great.
:bulletblue: They don't have to be wolves! If cats, horses, etc are your thing, go for it!
:bulletblue: Entries can be both digital and traditional.

What I don't want you to do

:bulletred: Romance is fine, but no pornography please.
:bulletred: I will not put a limit on gore so long as you oblige by the above rule.
:bulletred: You may not change my character's designs in any way without my permission.
:bulletred: You may have a minimum of one entry and a max of three entries.


:pointr:First place:pointl:
:bulletblack: 7 month Premium Membership:bulletblack:
:bulletblack:800 Points:bulletblack:

:bulletblack: 400 Points :bulletblack:

:pointr:Third Place:pointl:
:bulletblack:200 Points:bulletblack:

The remaining 600 points will be distributed to four random people drawn from the participators in this contest. This will disclude those who have placed in the top three. That's 150 points that you have the chance to get, even if you didn't place!

Participants & Entries
If you are unable to participate for any reason just note me or comment and I will remove you from the list with no hard feelings. On the contrary, if I have overlooked you, let me know ASAP!

:iconxxthescourgeofwildxx: Contest pic for Icy-Wolf-of-shadow by xXTheScourgeOfWildXx

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BluestarzStrike's avatar
I'd love to join!
whats the deadline though? xD
Is there none? :o
lynxrush's avatar
Alright :)
Im waiting until I have enough entries to distribute prizes to set a deadline. This contest has been going so long :X There just hasnt been enough entries for me to do anything.
BluestarzStrike's avatar
Oh ;o;
Well I'm glad you got some! :D
PudgieAdopts's avatar
entering also hows a butterfly killing spree on a rainy day in the mountains
lynxrush's avatar
:XD: Awesome, knock yourself out.
NightCharmer's avatar
Or is it over ^.^ sorry so late haha
lynxrush's avatar
Nah, feel free to make an entry :)
NightCharmer's avatar
Can anyone enter? Id love to do this :)
lynxrush's avatar
Of course :D You're welcome to join.
EnchantedLavender's avatar
hey! im new to deviant art, and I would like to join your contest!!!
lynxrush's avatar
Welcome to Deviantart :D You're quite welcome to join.
wolflover4427's avatar
lynxrush's avatar
wolflover4427's avatar
Have you got any happy characters? XD
lynxrush's avatar
:XD: Good question!
Yes, here you go;
Sublime; [link]
Angel; [link]
Tik; [link]
mayumayu13's avatar
can I make it four people? my page looks blank with only two.
lynxrush's avatar
Of course! Go right ahead.
LethalShiver's avatar
Hey i'll enter ^^
lynxrush's avatar
That'd be great :D I'll add you to the list.
lynxrush's avatar
Looks awesome! You've been added to the list.
wolfy987's avatar
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