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Underwater explorations: path of rats



This drawing is a continuation of my series "Underwater explorations": , , ( lemurs scuba gear) , , ,

which are the fanfiction for "Legacy" comic by Kitfox-Crimson :iconkitfox-crimson: (also in the original comic there no underwater and scuba-diving episodes yet).

The rats faction has their own design of scuba suits/environmental suits in which they used a full-faced masks with hoses, which connected to regulator, which mounted on back of the head, and provides a connection to various breathing apparatus backpacks even designed for humans. Than the front part of the mask is more free to different purposes. Also they use a masks with traditional front connection or half-masks with special mouthpiece.
So you can see a some female rat military/officer in ground uniform at left and some another anthro rat, which doing a some trainings in this environmental suit on ground. Also you you can see a rack with this suits - with masks at top and packed bodysuits in bottom boxes.

art (c) WLynx - 2015 :iconwlynx:
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Cool! Yeah rats probably don't dive much because they're afraid of dying.... except water rats of course!