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In the mutant's lair



Jenny is an artificial mutant dog (bullterrier) from post-apocalyptic world.
She is a rebel and cool warrior but sometimes she feel that she must have orderly look. So she really can to repair some clothing (replace a buttons, mend a holes), or even make clothing from materials which she buy from some good people. Also she can to adapt a human's clothing to mutants anatomy by herself.
As we can see, she just finished some her work and sticks by her right hand needle into some pillow. The pillow for needles hangs on some shelves near her bed - on some lower of them you can see her machine-gun and some spools of threads, which she stands here before making her repairing works. She holds a repaired thing in her left hand.
She sits on her bed. Her boots we can see in right corner of the picture. Her breasts are closed something like a bra, which takes into account the features of her anatomy: she has four breasts - two little bigger upper and two more smaller (*even rudimentary*) lower. Really her breasts are not very big against to humans examples.

There is a carpet on behind wall (and electric light bulb on top of the room) :)

Jenny is a character of :iconbullterrierka:

art (c) me :iconwlynx: ~2015
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Прям мастерица Х) Ковер на стене порадовал) Правильно, куда ж без него) Должно быть, где-то в заброшенных домах они и сохранились. А вообще, комнату Дженни я как-то так и представляла, по крайней мере, кровать - точно такую)
Большое спасибо!!! ^_^