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My OC WLynx tries to catch or just follow of the sparrow-like bird.
WLynx is anthro male lynx, or or some another cats hybrid with predominantly lynx-like exterior view: short tail, ears with "brushes", orange and brown fur. Now he has a on his head mane which looks similar to ordinary human hear and lynx-like "beard" which combines with his mane. The mane and beard are more brown then other fur. His eyes have "golden-to-brown-green" color and with round pupils (...). His nose is rather relief, which provides of two fingers grasping of it (as humans one). ((Nose color is usual for small cats(?))...). His hands have a 5 fingers with opposed thumb (...). He can have a passive nails/claws (weakly retractable is just thumb nail/claws on hands) (...).
On this drawing the WLynx has a digitigraded lags with 4-fingers (it is not a rule - in other versions he can have a human-like legs).
His height is 175-183 cm (? at digitigraded version), and his weight can be 73-75 kg.

OC WLynx (c) me 2009-2015-... :iconwlynx:

P.S. I'm planning to return for more DA activity later.
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