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Windows Taskbar Clock - for dual monitor setups


Annoyed with not being able to have a Windows taskbar clock on each of your monitors? This subtle skin is for you. (You will need Rainmeter)

By default Windows only allows the clock on your primary taskbar monitor if you have different sized monitors. When using fullscreen applications you cannot see the taskbar time on other monitors.

A simple clock which looks identical to the taskbar clock that appears on the Windows Taskbar.

Comes with two variants to fit either normal sized taskbars or small taskbars.

(Small taskbar is enabled by ticking "use small taskbar buttons" in taskbar properties).

Reddit link:…


- right click on the skin and click "Edit Skin".
- Under [MeasureClock] or [MeasureDate] you'll see "Format = "
- Go to HERE to see available format options.
- For an example to change to 24hour time change "Format = %#I:%M %p" to "Format = %#H:%M"

9 June 2018
- Edited to match Windows 10 taskbar size
- Added background color to variables
- Tidied up code

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Thank you so much!!

Works with Windows 11.

Wil you update the clock skin to match up Windows 11 skin??

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This is bar none the best little clock dude ever! I like the face that you can tweak the colors of this! Well done!

Thanks for this amazing taskbar clock BUT it has bug it does not show correct time. I use Win 10 and the clock is late by 30 mins for ex: If the actual time is 2:30PM then the taskbar clock shows: 2:00PM

Is there a way to fix it?

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Perfect. Thank you.
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How do I activate it? Or does it not work on Windows 10?
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You need Rainmeter to install this skin. You can download Rainmeter from
This is perfect, thank you so much.  It's amazing to me how annoying not having the clock on all my monitors is, and now with your help I can be annoyed by other seemingly stupid things in Win10!
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Is there any way to edit this so that it only displays when two monitors are detected?

When my laptop is docked, the external monitor is primary, and I want the laptop screen to have the Rainmeter taskbar clock. When my laptop is not docked, it's primary by default and already has a clock, so I don't need the Rainmeter clock to display.
Hi this is great, is there a way to make a third clock? because i have a 3 monitor set up
I had the same setup with 4 monitors and got it to work.  Go to the Skins folder for Rainmeter: C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins.  Copy and Paste the Taskbar Clock folder.  Rename the pasted folder Taskbar Clock 2 (Or anything you'd like.)

Next open the Rainmeter Config.  You should see Taskbar Clock 2 on the list.  You might have to click Refresh All at the bottom.  Then load the clock under the new folder and drag it to the third screen.

I have three of them running.
Thanks mate :)
Would you possibly be able to make a battery meter like this too? Identical to the original win7 theme? Loved this skin, favorited! Thanks :)
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Excellent. Does just as described.
To edit the time to 24 hour Click the Edit button in Rainmeter and locate this part: [MeasureClock]
Measure = Time
Format = %#I:%M %p

Change it to [MeasureClock]
Measure = Time
Format = %H:%M

And you're running 24hour time instead of AM/PM
Changing the .ini to these results in regular localized date&time formats.

Measure = Time
Format = %X

Measure = Time
Format = %x

Measure = Time
Format = %#x
Can you please make a 24h version or an editable text version?
I'm italian and the "Monday november" showing off is a little out of context.
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Works exactly as it is supposed to work :D thank you!
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