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Space Marine saving a girl's life

Warhammer 40K fanart
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Not just a Space Marine, but a member of the Deathwatch. Proves that even those Marines seconded to the Inquisition are always loyal to humanity first.
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Beautiful artwork! Great proportions and attention to detail, and inspiring subject matter as well! Please continue doing God-Emperor's work! :)
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Thank you for so many comments! I'm glad that you like my artwork!
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There need to be more depictions like this... Preferably with space wolves or salamanders, saving lives.
Wow, even in the 41st millennium, THEY STILL HAVE JEANS!!!!
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They are angels of death, but angels all the same. A space marine should make you feel safe.
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THIS. There has always been a need for more art like this, Space Marines actually directly saving lives. It humanizes the Astartes and shows that, in spite of the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, most of these guys are still heroes, and that a simple human life is still worth fighting for. Also the Deathwatch is badass so bonus points there.
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Well, it highly depends on the chapter after all. Most of them, even the space wolfs, can sometimes directly save lifes in the middle of the battle, giving a more human side to them, but despite this, some of them still think that "mortals" are waste of their time, even among those chapter. And some chapters are just true asshole, like the malevolent chapters.
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PRECISELY. This does happen, but there is virtually no art work depicting it because cool poses or huge battle scenes seem to be more popular.
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You know what I would like to see in a good fanart one day? The scene in the novel "Helsreach" with the reclusiarch Merek Grimaldus inside a bunker, talking to a little girl. Grimaldus talking to the civils inside about the imminent lockdown of the bunker, when a little girl of 7 with her plush get close to his feets, he kneel in front of her with her face close to his helmet and she ask "My father said that you are a hero. You're going to save us ?" and despite the truth to be that the Orks are going to invade the place outside and certainly kill him before attacking the bunker, he swore that no Ork are going to arm them, because he will stand to protect them.
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Thank you! I really like human Astartes
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By the way, whose chapter this Space marine come from ? I'm ashamed because I can't recognize his coat of arms, even if I first thought about the Deatwatch, is it a custom chapter ?
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Yes, its Deathwatch. I didn't specified marine's particular capter, because he can be from any chapter (but most likely Ultramarines or successors)
Saphirone-Arnes's avatar
Thank you, I've gotten a doubt about the coat of arms.
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Heart Warming!
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This girl will propably end in Schola Progenium and then - Sisters of Battle...
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Or a storm trooper. Emperor willing, perhaps even a Commissar or Interrogator.
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"They shall be my finest warriors, 
these men who give of themselves to me.
Like clay I shall mould them, 
and in the furnace of war forge them. 
They will be of iron will and steely muscle.
In great armour shall I clad them 
and with the mightiest guns will they be armed.
They will be untouched by plague or disease,
no sickness will blight them. 
They will have tactics, strategies and machines 
so that no foe can best them in battle. 
They are my bulwark against the Terror. 
They are the Defenders of Humanity. 
They are my Space Marines 
and they shall know no fear.."
Holy words of God-Emperor Himself.
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One of the most Badass Speeches ever made.
nicholasmigliacci199's avatar
wow- I really like it when Deathwatch gets a good rep
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