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Warhammer 40 000 fanart.
This picture illustrate an episode from Imperial Armour 9 called "The Liberation of The Slaughterhouse III". It's too long to retell the whole story here, better read the sourse.
I'm not satisfied with this picture, but can't do better at my current level.

Невеселый Вархаммер, что для меня необычно. Иллюстрация к бэку Плакальщиков из ИА9, "Освобождение Бойни III".
На картине, собственно, освобожденные рабы и десантники, которых не взяли в орбитальную битву, потому что они были ранены при штурме. Они остались присматривать за людьми. В руке у главного героя вокс-коммуникатор, по которому ему только что рассказали, что все плохо, свежий флот орков подходит к системе, а эвакурировать людей до того, как он придет, не на чем.

Я не очень довольна этой картиной, но лучше не могу.
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The Lamenters are probably one of my favourite loyalist chapters who are not of the First Founding, alongside the Blood Ravens (my first outing into 40k was the Dawn of War games after all).

Despite the sheer cosmic-level Warp-dickery that they suffer, they still valiantly serve the Emperor, and protect humanity. They are.... well, they're awesome.
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He looks like he's preaching. 
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Why are you so amazing? o:
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Chris000Student Traditional Artist
Lamenters Players, not only must you like being screwed over by the plot, but by the painting scheme as well. Seriously, checkerboard patterns must be hell to work with.

Also, given that we're in the 42nd Millennium now, wouldn't that mean the Penitent Crusade is over? The Lamenters can refill their chapter now? I mean, Black Rage is bad, but dying out is worse. 
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Saphirone-ArnesStudent General Artist
Given if they have survived their crusade after meeting the tyranids, it might be a possibility that they have managed to reach the Indomitus Crusade and begin to refill their ranks. And knowing those glorious bastard, the moment they have been discovered still alive, the first thing they asked was certainly "Where are we needed ?" before even thinking of resplenishing their battle force.
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What's sadder, how s*** things are, or that there are real heroes that try to do something good?
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The Lamenters are such noble and kind hearted Space Marines but they always get the shitty end of the stick in the lore It makes me sad :-(
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I'd like to believe that the Lamenters inherited something more than the gene-curses and the legacy of the Blood Angels. Based on all their actions, and everything the galaxy threw at them, I am inclined to believe that the Lamenters inherited the purity of spirit of their Primarch Sanguinius. It sounds strange, but if you subject other chapters to the same level of misfortune these chapters may well fall into heresy already. Even among the 'loyalist' successors of the Blood Angels, there are those who already border on heresy like the Flesh Tearers. Yet even this chapter has not been subject to as much disaster as the Lamenters. The Lamenters fight on for the Emperor's faithful, especially those who cannot fight for themselves. Despite the overwhelming odds, and despite the distrust of other Astartes chapters. Only a deep purity of spirit really explains how they manage to endure everything.

They may yet rise up again.
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For those we cherish, we die in Glory.
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Grimdark always has true good plagued by shit luck it seems.
But of course, every Space Marine has their day.
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AetorasHobbyist General Artist
I really like the way you illustrate the 41st Millennium. This is one of my favourites.
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astromarineStudent Artist
you should draw the carcharodons chapter they too fought in the badab war they are also effective on xenos 
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LynxCHobbyist Digital Artist
I just don't like them. Lamenters are better.
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astromarineStudent Artist
whats wrong with them not too be rude (though i favor your art)
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Where can I find the story?
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LynxCHobbyist Digital Artist
Imperial Armour, Badab War (can't remember the tome number).
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Razgriz-3Student Writer
I read a page on 4chan about them and don't play Warhammer but am a big fan.

Especially of their regiment led by a "very sad Dreadnought"
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You mentioned the background to the story of the Lamenters Chapter from the Badab Wars and it was actually those accounts that convinced me to start a Lamenters based army for the miniatures! Not having had a prior interest in any of the Blood Angels successors XD

Really great work on the proportions of the Marines, most make them with absurdly over sized shoulder armor or barrel sized torsos, as well as the number of finer details that draw a viewers attention. Such as the folds of fabric in shadow, the lacerations of the freed slaves that look both old and new as well as the scaring and pitting on the Lamenters armor itself in various areas.   
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LynxCHobbyist Digital Artist
> it was actually those accounts that convinced me to start a Lamenters based army for the miniatures!

Wow! I'm honored :)
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Fuckin' Love these guys, they are THEE most fuckin loyal chapta' EVA'.
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LynxCHobbyist Digital Artist
I like them too :) Kind-hearted astartes is such an exotic in the 40th millenium.
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хорошо быть безталаннщиной, никаких недостатков ни где не замечаешь, классно нарисовано) для меня главное тематика и атмосфера, большинство артов от местных общепризнанных гуру может и потрясают проработкой, а вот ситуации не блещут разнообразием. данная же работа доставляет нетрадиционной подачей космодесанта, и освещением одного из, может быть и не самых славных моментов в жизни воинов вселенной warhammer 40k, но такого, которые присутствуют в их жизни на ровне с расчленением недругов и позированием в крутых шмотках и позах перед летописцами/пиктерами))).
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