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My Bio
Current Residence: Toowoomba Qld
Shell of choice: the one I'm wearing
Favourite cartoon character: Octane, Shockwave (The Transformers) Rampage (Beast Wars.)
Personal Quote: Talk sense to a fool and he'll call you foolish.

Favourite Movies
Transformers: The Movie.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Hawkwind, Chilli peppers.
Favourite Games
Escape Velocity! Nova was better than Override, but EV1 is the best!
Tools of the Trade
3D Studio Max.
Other Interests
Transformers, 3D artwork.

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cool pics sorry for the comments error
cool, nice to see another person in this general area. I am based out of Laidley in the Lockyer Valley.
nice; I guess you saw the Q150 come through at the time ;) I see on your site you like military aircraft; have you been up to the Oakey aviation musuem at any stage? I go out there every weekend to build (yes, build from original plans, not restore) a supermarine spitfire ;)
actually, you possibly saw some of our guys at the air and land spectacular?
thanks again for the fave on the pic.
Yeah, I got a very cool shot of the Q150 train heading through a crossing just short of Rosewood. It is back in my gallery somewhere XD As much as i like old military equipment I still love trucks and trains more than that as most of my gallery will attest. As to your question, I have not been up to Oakey unfortunately.
I dreamt of going to Toowoomba last night! Seriously! :lol: Also just wanted to give you a :hug: I'm going to be travelling around the UK for the next 5 weeks so I may be absent from the Internet for a while. I'm doing a job that requires me to work 6 days a week and travel with a team of strangers. Should be interesting! Take care. :)
hah, was it the one where the bogans treat you like a leper, or the one where the zealots take over, led by their pig-like mayor (lol, fortunately she's gone. think ' pigsy' from 'monkey magic' and you'd be part-way there) nah, it's not that bad a place really; very pretty (used to be prettier, but there's no water anymore. the old mayor introduced the idea of putting recycled effluent into the drinking water; it hasn't been done yet, but she divided the comminity with the suggestion, then just brow-beat everyone into agreeing with her by saying 'take it or leave it'. she fled to Taz after she left. we moved out of town and are now on tank water, but the'yre gonna open the land behind us up to another 50 houses, which means town water for all! even if you don't want it, you have to pay an access charge.
I'll have to show you all the nice spots when you visit (if you come through toowoomba) it's not that bad a place really, just the people tend to be a bit snobbish.
anyway, I hope you enjoy your trip! sounds like an interesting time you'll be having. now my other cousin is prompting me to move out of home and see what I 'might' otherwise be missing out on (his sister wants me to move out too, but hers is misguided pity becasue she can't cope without her friends around 24/7, wheras I'm happy keeping my own company.)
I really should get out more; I've thought about buying a camper van and touring oz with it, sticking to the coastal villages, but I lack the motivation to go on my own. I was talking with a friend on the weekend (an older bloke; he's spent many years in all parts of africa. don't know what doing, but he's been menaced by attack helicopters and has some wonderful stories to tell) he said that it would be a really great place too see; when were you planning your trip there to show your friends the place?
heh, thanks for the :hug: and :hug: to you too; it's really apppreciated. I look forward to chatting with you again, and I have been thinking about your rampage art piece; just havn't done it yet becasue between this plane we're building and fighting with the uni's stone-age enrollment, I havn't had time to think this week ;)
later. thanks again :hug:
Yay! A Toowoomba Deviant! We're having a Toowoomba Deviant Meet this Ssaturday from 12 noon until 2 pm at C7 cafe (in Mark lane, behind Bailey's). Hope to see you there!!! ^_^