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Video on creation: [link]
This artwork is a property of lynx-catgirl (also lynx_catgirl).
Please, respect my artwork rights and copyrights.
Do not use anywhere without my direct permission. Do not use it in commercial and any other way. If used with my permission, please, link on this page and inform me where it is submitted.
Thank you!

You faving and attention is highly appreciated!
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Я очень люблю драконов. Из всех артов что я видел-этот сразил на провал.... o_O
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Спасибо, мне очень лестно, хотя из-за спешки я не успела доработать его как следует(
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Мне лично нравится
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This is so amazing. The background is so well done, I love the softness the background has as well. The detail of the rocks and tress is fantastic, and the structure looks good as well. And the dragon, wow. It's so amazing. Your coloring style is quite easy on the eye!! I love the detail worked into it, and the muscle definition looks awesome as well.
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You just make me blush :blush:
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:love: Well, it's only the truth!!
What program do you use to do your art with?
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It's Photoshop) Thanks!)
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whoa that's beautiful ! :3

I love the pose and the background, really good work ^^
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I appreciate this..) :blush:
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Amazing vivid colours and really awesome pose of the dragon. Overal - very beautiful pic ^^
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Many thanks, I really appreciate this!!!!
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:hug: thank you so much :)
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Vyvern??? :D :D :D :D :D :D
W Y V E R N ! ! !
Oh my god...
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I was confused about that :lol:
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once more you have done a spectacular art. I really like the pose you draw there so as the detail and the colors work.

and again. great art and keep it up ^^
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You just have made me blush :) :hug:
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Your splendid work has been featured in my journal: [link]
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Many thanks, I'd fave it to make it more popular, too)
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