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Glaurung the Golden

Glaurung and the Dwarves of Belegost. I really like The Silmarillion. Glaurung is an awesome character and he keeps popping up in my work. This is my first big painting of him. I hope that this will please fans of the book.
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The Battle of UnNumbered Tears
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Dame! You really do your work well!
Beautiful! I love your depiction of Glaurung here. Personally, I've always pictured Glaurung as a gigantic, fearsome salamander/alligator/dinosaur-like creature like what you've made here; I don't exactly thoroughly comb DeviantArt for depictions of Glaurung, but I have seen some and this is definitely one of my favourites. Also, I love how you've gotten the effect with Glaurung's dragonfire and the way it's utterly incinerating the dwarves as they charge at him. Beautiful and incredible!
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Thank you very much :) Looking back at this I think I may have made him a lot bigger than he should have been but I still like the intensity of the image and the design of Glaurung :)
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Very nice interpretation! :)
I have seen many of Glaurung's pictures but this one is really nice, special in my eyes. 
Smoke camouflages size of this leviathan, and that flame is devouring army of dwarves. Really impressive! ;) 
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Great job! I love The Silmarillion, and this is by far my favorite picture of Glaurung.
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I put this art on article of Glaurung on Lotr wikia
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Just in case, I forgot to mention about I also put this image on Nírnaeth Arnoediad as well.
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Oh, dear, this picture really captures the destructive power of a dragon (or at least I think it does, I haven't seen a dragon in ages, it seems) - the flames, the panic, the death...
I also ADORE the Dwarven masked helmets - very true to the book, but original in it's own way.
Also, I like the fact that you armed some Dwarves with bardiches (pole-axes), because it gives them advantage because of their short statures.
If I had to choose one detail that I don't really like, it's Glaurung's size - he looks too big. I have a hard time imagining that a Dwarf-King Azaghal could critically wound him - with a knife.
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one of the best Glaurung paintings I v ever seen!!
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WOW! This is awesome. I love the fire, and how the dragon coils into the background.


Amazing job!
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Thanks:) I'm really glad you like it:)
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hay bro this is amazing!!!!1
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Hey bro:) Thanks for visiting my page and commenting:)
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Wow, those dwarves are getting seriously toasted! The head of your Glaurung reminds me of the head of a 'Carnotaurus' (a type of dinosaur). I'm never quite how to imagine Glaurung, because unlike some of Tolkien's other large creatures, Glaurung is supposed to have a 'personality', so he needs a face that can express emotion. Glaurung can speak, right? Isn't that how he casts spells? I can't really remember. In your picture he looks awesome but more of a monster than an intelligent character capable of deceiving people, if you no what I mean.
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