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Cenedra: Dragon Skeleton Walk

By LynnTV
:O School, Life and Work = No free time! 

UPDATE May 20, 2013 Its almost the one year marker since I made this animation. Recently, I decided that I want to redo Cenedra and try to make her more anatomically correct and the movement in this animation accurate as possible. I've been receiving advice from :iconscotthartman:, an awesome dinosaur illustrator and animator. With his help, I hope to make a better version to Cenedra, as realistic as I possibly can do. I spent about 2 months on this one, so I'm going to spend as much time and effort on the new version.

NOTE: If you're on a slow internet connection like me, please let this load fully. :D Also, I know of the problems that are in this animation and many of them have been fixed for future animations of this skeleton.

This is the first to three walk cycles I'm making for my dragon character, Cenedra

Other Videos:
Without Wings:
Version 1 Skeleton (current page)
Version 1 Musculature link
WIP to Refined Animation>>>…


These videos are all part of a major 2D animation walk and run cycle project I've set for myself for the summer. I plan to continue working with Cenedra in the fall and develop 3D animations of her.

I referenced a lot of dinosaurs and mammals for her anatomy. Some of the major animals/dinosaurs used were

Tyrannosaurus Rex (hind leg's feet)
Camptosaurus(most of the body, spine)
Cheetahs (shoulders)
Horses (ribs, spine)
Humans (Arms).
Camels (Neck)

Camptosaurus was the most dragon-like to me, and I'll probably continue to reference this dinosaur in the future.
I referenced the movement of horses, dogs, cheetahs, 3D dinosaurs, and camels; so her movement is a mix of all those animals.

Programs Used:
Flash Professionals Cs6
Photoshop Cs6

Reference Used
:bulletyellow:Plates from Eadweard Muybridge's Complete Human and Animal Locomotion >>>…
Horses >>> Plate 563 Plate 577 Plate 581;
Dogs >>> Plate 706;
Camels >>> Plate 737

:bulletyellow:Animator's Survival Kit…

:bulletyellow:Various Images………

:bulletyellow:Various Videos………………


:+devwatch: you like my art, watch me! :+devwatch:


Cenedra Skeleton Walk Cycle ©2012 Tara Vines aka LynnTV

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tytytytytytytytyt : P ^^
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This is amazing!!!Explode la plz 
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:meow: Thank you!!
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The spine between the hips and shoulder looks very fragile, very prone to breaking your back with a added pressure from the tail. The base of the neck also looks very prone to being snapped. And the feet are too big, so you can't run as fast.
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I've already had this professionally evaluated by a skeleton illustrator and animator, so I thank you for the critique but I do not wish to receive anymore. 
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ok, im 13 so ok im used to being looked down upon
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No, its not that, its just when I made this animation in 2012, alot of people kept critiquing it even though I didn't ask for any. I got every defensive over it when it was going on. In May of this year, I contacted one of the anatomy artist's for the new movie Walking With Dinosaurs, and I had him critique it professionally to see if what people were saying was true or not. All he said was something  about the hind legs  needing to be thinner for the feet and the toe push off needed to be changed. I'm sorry if I came off mean or anything, my bad. 
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It's interesting for walking a dragon or creature :)
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Could you sent me a image link of the character?
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I think I could animate that. Is it spyro?
Right now I'm doing 8 frame side view only walkcycle, drawn, no flash. If you're interested, i have this journal here that I'm taking commissions with.…
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Thank's, i make animation and modeling Creature, human, dragon and more... You interest for model 3D or canva, contact me per notes (DeviantArt)
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Actually, though I am accepting commissions at the moment, I think I want to decline on taking any animations commissions for now. I have a lot going on with college that I need to take care of since I'm graduating in December.
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Sorry, No thank's
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I'm sorry, I think you speak a different language and something got misread. I am not wishing to commission anything from you and  I do not wish to animate anything for you. Please do not self advertise on my pages. 
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Oh wow, this is incredibly smooth. Well done!
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so freaking damn awesome *O*
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This looks helpful
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Thank you. I hope it helps your projects :)
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Thank you, me too
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