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lynn kauffman
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States

Overindulgence has been blamed for dulling the force of surrealism in art and leaving in the movement's wake wisps of incantations which are incoherent and irrelevant. But Lynn Kauffman( Morris) has a beautifully-honed show of surrealism at Theatre Memphis.
Most of the works are monochrome pen-and-ink drawings, although several include transparent watercolor washes and acrylic paintings.
Lynn Kauffman prefers to call the works expressionistic and declines to reveal what they express. Regardless of the label, the works easily could have been done under the influence of Kurt Seligman, with their spiraling contortions and visionary scenes as though dreamed on the island of Patmos.
Certain characteristics flavor each of her works, as if her message is allegorical but contained in the world of legend.
The interpretation of her works follows the precept of Andre Breton, called the " Pope of Surrealism". Breton once defined surrealism as the" dictation of thought free from the exercise of reason and every esthetic or moral preoccupation".
Lynn Kauffman seems to be working alone, with her own version of the world and unconcerned with that of others. She does not deprive her objects of their conventional purposes in order to give them new ones, but she does use them in strange situations.
Each of her works seem to echo the philosophies of Andre Masson and Yves Tanguy. They saw a perpetual struggle between life and death and hunted mysteries presented by the infinity of the sky and the depths of the ocean. The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Sunday, Jan. 28, 1979
Lynn Kauffman( Morris) is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, Israel. Bezalel is Israel's oldest institution of higher education(1906) and is one of the world's most prestigious art schools.
Art Exhibitions:
Artists' House in Jerusalem
Old Jaffa Gallery in Tel Aviv
Tsafta Theater Gallery in Tel Aviv
Theatre Memphis in Memphis, Tenn.
Raintree Gallery in Chattanooga, Tenn.
Gallery One in Chattanooga, Tenn.
The Arts Connection in Atlanta, Ga.
Little Five Points Gallery in Atlanta, Tenn.
The Actor's Express in Atlanta, Ga
And in many private collections
I have created many images in my life, like all the artists in this community! I hope that you will view them! Thank you!
Image16 (10) by lynnkauffman   Image16 (10) by lynnkauffman   Image16 (10) by lynnkauffman   Image16 (10) by lynnkauffman   Image16 (10) by lynnkauffman   Image16 (10) by lynnkauffman   Image16 (10) by lynnkauffman
   Thee is a world where the people are weary of the lifestyle they must live in order
to survive. Their only form of food comes from the cattle they keep for this purpose.
These gentle animals are graceful creatures with white or blue, short, lustrous fur,
small, silver wings and large, bright, intelligent eyes. They make a low, soft sound to
talk to each other and are peaceful yet understand what fear and death are. They
realize somehow what their fate is, but do not fight against it. The people hate that
they must kill these lovely creatures to live but they are without a choice in the mat-
ter. All of the vegetation is inedible for them, they cannot grow anything and they
cannot eat each other. So they avert their faces from the sad, trustful eyes of the
creatures and try to stop their ears from the screams of pain and fear that the
creatures make as they are slain. The people are desperate and sometimes con-
sider mass suicide rather than continuing in actions that are appalling to them.
Deep in their hearts they feel like they are murdering friends. It is a miserable and
impossible situation!
   From the sky comes a magnificent white steed with white wings. She lands in the
main city. Her rider is a beautiful young man in white robes who wears a crown,
sword and necklace of gold. He3 holds a strange and fragrant flower next to his
heart. He goes inside a large palace and meets with the king of that realm. One
an see in the young king's face the tears he has shed and the sadness that he
bears. The young man embraces the king and in a soft, tranquil voice of sympa-
thy, tells the king and his people to follow him out of the city and to a huge, gras-
sy field next to a large herd of the unfortunate creatures. He takes from his robes
a silk pouch full of many colored seeds. He plants each seed into the earth. Each
seed becomes a separate field with rows and rows of different kinds of vegetables.
Some seeds become rows of beautiful trees and bushes filled with large and luscious
fruits. The young man pulls a bright, red piece of fruit from a small tree and presents
it to the king. The king takes one bite from he fruit and laughs in pleasure. Then all of
the people go to the trees, pick the fruit from them and eat it in pure delight. They 
run to the bewildered herd of creatures and hug them with love. They will no longer
be hapless enemies and victims but happy friends. The creatures seem to be quite 
pleased with new development and lick the peoples' hands and faces in joy and grati-
tude. They all celebrate together. The young man hands the king another large pouch
of seeds and they embrace in friendship. The people thank the young man for his won- 
derful gift The shy creatures come to him for a gentle caress and they all bid him a 
fond farewell as he soars off into space to continue on his journeys within his many
new and beautiful worlds of wonder, always!
Dsc01780 (9) by lynnkauffman  Dsc01780 (7) by lynnkauffman  Dsc01780 (9) by lynnkauffman  Dsc01780 (7) by lynnkauffman  Dsc01780 (9) by lynnkauffman
   There is a world of sad, lovely creatures. The world that they live in is very beautiful
and covered with many tall, splendid trees, a delight to the eye. The sky above is so blue
it fills the soul with strong emotion. The forlorn creatures that share this world are small
bird-like beings whose bodies are covered in soft, brown feathers. They have shining, 
black beaks yet they cannot speak. But the songs that come from their throats are sweet
and melodious. And their eyes, which are the most wonderful aspect of their being, are a
very large and a lustrous, deep blue- very intelligent and very, very sorrowful. Each day
through the centuries, they have gazed up at the swaying trees and piercing, blue sky 
and yearned with all of their souls to be up there in this enchanting yet unattainable part
of their world. For, alas, they have no wings. Thus their pure hearts are always suffering!
   From the sky comes a magnificent white steed with white wings. She lands among the
bird creatures. Her rider is a beautiful young man in white robes who wears a crown, 
sword and necklace of gold. He holds a strange and fragrant flower next to his heart.
   The bird creatures see the stately and glorious white-winged steed and run to her in
wild excitement. They stare in awe and almost worship at her exquisite white wings. Their
melodious clamor fills the air. The white steed whinnies and looks toward the young man
who smiles at the scene. He asks the bird creatures to come to him. They quickly gather
around him with great, open looks of expectation. They tremble in anticipation!
   Next to the young man is a large bag of silver cloth. There are many ancient symbols
embroidered in black on it. Inside the magical bag are thousands of tiny, diamond chains
that sparkle in the bright sun. He goes to each creature, speaks gently to him or her, gives
a small caress and places a diamond chain around the creature's neck. When all are wear-
ing the chains, something happens and the creatures begin to glow with a golden light, and
change. They change into thousands of marvelous, breathtaking birds of all kinds- shapes
sizes and voices. They all have wonderful wings and, in joy and pure ecstasy, they soar up
into the air and into the azure sky and graceful trees. They sing all together a beautiful song
of freedom, triumph and happiness. They swirl around the young man and his steed with 
songs of thanks and tearful eyes of gratitude. The young man and his steed bow to them
and as the jubilant birds bid him a fond farewell, the young man and his steed soars off
into space to continue on his journeys within his many new and beautiful worlds of wonder, always!
Dsc01760 (3) by lynnkauffman  Dsc01760 (3) by lynnkauffman  Dsc01760 (3) by lynnkauffman  Dsc01760 (3) by lynnkauffman  Dsc01760 (3) by lynnkauffman  Dsc01760 (3) by lynnkauffman 
   There is a world that has the greatest hypocrite in the universe. His trickery and ability to show
 two faces to all people is legendary and reaches the level of high art.He is the strong reincarnation
of an eternal, evil being who has lived and died countless times through eternity. And he always
manages to return to cause misery and powerful evil to the worlds that he selects. Somehow his
wicked energy can never be contained. This time he has chosen to live in a world of humble and
simple people who only wish to live good lives and bring kindness and love into their world. Just
the kind of people that this corrupt and immoral being loves to feed and prey upon. And these 
people have come to love and worship him as the face of true goodness! 
   The Hypocrite lives in a plain and humble yet massive construction in the world's largest city.
The people only see this huge, simple building surrounded by towering walls. They do not see what
it conceals and not one of them has ever ventured inside, for their trust and belief in the Hypocrite
is deep, solid and unquestioning. They see the Hypocrite as a god-like being, giant in stature with a
sweet, fair face, long , luxurious, black locks and bright violet-blue eyes that fill easily with tears of
sympathy and love for his loyal subjects.
   The people live harsh and frugal lives according to the rules dictated by the Hypocrite, but they
know that they are blessed in living like this for the Hypocrite comes out from his mysterious  abode
every morning and in glowing, heartfelt and hypnotic words tells them so.The people love him so
and blindly worship the ground he walks upon. They feel privileged and fortunate that he has
chosen to live among them.
   Little do they know that, once inside his humble home, he laughs and scoffs at their blind loyalty
and silly love.He considers them as stupid, gullible and lowly creatures. It amuses him that he
has such power over their lives and all he has to do is shed a few tears, sigh and speak words of
righteousness and love. While in reality, once away from their fawning gaze, which he despises, he
leads a totally different life of materialism, hedonism, perversion and rich self-indulgence with his
 secret friends that live with him and provide him with all that he wants- which is a great deal!
   He and his friends carry on evil, cruel and wild parties in the rich, beautiful hidden halls all the
night long, until at dawn, the Hypocrite rises from his night of immorality, and dresses in plain,
simple clothing and goes out to the people who have been awaiting his glorious presence for hours
and displays his most beautiful and poignant performances of divine, spiritual goodness and grace.
Yet his lovely eyes are laughing all through the charade. Sometimes it is hard for him to keep a
straight face.
   The universe is disturbed and saddened by this evil being once more showing his hideous soul.
From the sky comes a magnificent white steed with white wings. She lands in front of the Hypo-
crite's massive construction. Her rider is a beautiful young man in white robes who wears a crown,
sword and necklace of gold. He holds a strange and fragrant flower next to his heart. He calls to
the people and to the Hypocrite. The people come to him, full of curiosity. When the Hypocrite comes
out and sees the young man standing and smiling at him, he instantly recognizes who he is and
screams in fear and rage. Suddenly the high walls of the construction crumble and fall, revealing
to the people the rich, luxurious rooms behind them. The Hypocrite's secret life of evil, decadence
and waste is exposed, as are his oily and sleazy friends. Soon all of the building crumbles into dust.
The people, seeing now that they have been tricked, shout at the Hypocrite in anger, calling him a
liar and con-artist. The Hypocrite and his friends run in a panic from the ruins to a large lake near the
city and dive in, thinking to escape to the opposite shores. But the waters in the lake are deep and
treacherous and the Hypocrite and his friends are overcome by the high waves and drown. Hopefully,
it will be the last that the universe will see of his malicious and destructive being.
   The people, seeing now that they are free of such a false spiritual slavery that the Hypocrite had
been able to chain their souls to. celebrate for joy! They thank the young man for saving them from
such an evil prison and bid him a fond farewell as he soars off into space to continue on his travels
within his many new and beautiful worlds of wonder, always! 
Dsc01773 (2) by lynnkauffman  Dsc01773 (2) by lynnkauffman  Dsc01773 (2) by lynnkauffman  Dsc01773 (2) by lynnkauffman
   There is a world where only one man lives. He is the most egotistical and vain person in the
universe. A title that must be quite a feather in his cap. He needs no one but himself and an
adoring and captive audience. The whole planet is a desert except for the Egotist's sumptuous
 and spectacular palace. A grand palace which is surrounded by beautiful trees and gardens,
fantastic, white fountains gushing sparkling, blue water and gigantic peacocks that stroll
through the palace grounds, like aristocratic ladies, spreading their glorious tails and making
strange, screeching sounds. They are the only animals on this world. The palace and grounds
are maintained by magic and has no need of servants or caretakers. The Egotist's every wish
or command is granted and obeyed and all he has to do is live!
   When he awakens to the soothing music, he rises like a young prince from his large bed and
silken sheets to go to his massive bedroom dresser which contains his toiletries. After combing
his long, black silken hair, he carefully applies a special make-up to his face to conceal the wor-
risome yet growing wrinkles that are gradually ravaging his tender face. Once dressed in his
finest robes of embroidered silk and wearing his choice of glittering jewelry, he proceeds to a
cavernous yet luxurious room of ornate beauty where one hundred mirrors of all kinds hang
upon it's walls. He goes to each mirror and stares intently into the mirrors image of him.
Sometimes he cannot resist and makes a silly face, he is, after all, human. But mostly, he
looks deeply into each image, thinking many things, mainly, how different he looks in each
mirror. Some he can only reach by climbing a small, gold ladder. There are hardships and
risks in being so perfect and wonderful!
   After this intense occupation, he goes to a huge, airy studio. Inside are many new tech-
nical and mechanical tools for creating art images. In a tiny, neglected area of the studio
 is a small table, broken and gathering dust, where many papers of failed attempts at draw=
ing are lying- now quite forgotten. With the help of his machines, the Egotist does not need
to know how to draw. He proceeds to make images full of all kinds of patterns and colors
that most people find pleasant yet intriguing and he hopes, challenging.
   On one side of the walls is a mechanical monstrosity that creates music. It holds hundreds
of fantastic knobs and buttons that produce all the sounds that exist in the universe. The E-
gotist plays around with the knobs and buttons and creates hypnotic music to go with his I-
mages. When finished he the images and music to go to his special theater.
   In the evening, he goes to his massive elaborate study full of books collected from worlds
and spends much time studying them, searching for the perfect words and phrases to go
with his images. The words are purposely obscure and mystical to confuse and attract at the
same time, in case that he is at an impasse. They are also interchangeable and have a strong
touch of elitist intelligence for good measure.
   All of this activity is for a weekly show that he gives by invitation only. Thousands of guests
come to his special theater to see his new work. They feel quite fortunate, in fact.
   From the sky comes a magnificent white steed with white wings. She lands at the special
theater which is filling with a huge crowd. Her rider is a beautiful young man in white robes                                                           who wears a crown, sword and necklace of gold. He holds a strange and fragrant flower next
to his heart.
     He joins the audience which is mostly made of very young people. They are eas-
ily impressed and the Egotist fancies himself quite the wonderful teacher and molder of
young minds. He demands complete worship and adoration of his greatness. And in that 
vein, his theater is a masterpiece of architecture to display his greatness. How fortunate his
audience is!
   Once all are seated, the Egotist enters the stage with a fanfare of music and exploding fire-
works, almost like a rock star. On enormous screens are his new images. He goes to a dia-
mond podium and proceeds to explain with great theatrical flare each of the images that ap-
pear, one after another, on the screens, as the hypnotic music that he created plays in the
background. The audience is completely enthralled by the whole presentation. They eat up
each beautiful word, sound and image. They do not really understand what they are look-
ing at or what they hear- but, somehow, it sounds so wonderful and high-minded that they
feel that it must be that they are in the presence of pure genius, When the Egotist has fin=
ished his show, he bows in feigned humility and leaves the stage to the loud and thunder-
ous applause from the audience, peppered with many' bravos'.
   As the audience files out they are handed a box of delicious chocolates and a small book
containing all of the new images they saw on the stage. Little do they know, that after a
couple of hours, the images will fade away. The Egotist is afraid of being copied and he will
share his greatness so far.
   As the audience leaves, the young man smiles and shakes his head in disbelief. There is
nothing to help here. It is all quite silly, but also quite harmless. The people go home happy
supposedly inspired by greatness and a little fatter. While the Egotist goes to sleep with
sweet dreams of himself. The Egotist is only a ridiculous fool and he will never change, nor
does he want to. His punishment will be the passing of time that he cannot stop. When he is
old, wrinkled and quite forgotten, maybe then he will understand his nonsense and folly. Right
now, it is not worth the trouble, the young man has more important things to tend to. He laughs
and waves farewell to the Egotist and his silly world as he soars off into space to continue on his
journeys within his many new and beautiful worlds of wonder, always.

Image29 (4) by lynnkauffman   Image29 (4) by lynnkauffman   Image29 (4) by lynnkauffman   Image29 (4) by lynnkauffman
    There is a world that is ruled by a self-proclaimed spiritual leader. No one knows
where he came from or who he is, yet the people of this world do not seem to care.
They love and worship him completely, body and soul. They feel that he is close to
being a god and that he knows everything.
    He lives in a grand palace built for him by the people. And many servants live
there as well to meet his every need. They follow him like dogs as he goes from
room to room or stays awake all night studying many books of knowledge or sim-
ply stands before a mirror combing his silken locks. He is extremely tall- much tal-
ler than the people- and fair of face with long flowing black locks. He is always
dressed in beautiful robes of rare, colorful silk. A godly figure, indeed! Yet, some-
times, there is a small hint of perverseness on his perfect features- a wry smile or
grimace, but only he can see this.
    Every morning, the mesmerized people gather in front of his palace to hear his
sweet words and thoughts of wisdom, his unconditional love for them and his in-
genious views of the strange universe around them all. They must hear these pre-
cious words from his soft lips so that they can face the day ahead, so that they can
feel they are an important part of his magical and sublime world. He is their voice
- he is their soul. They are nothing without them.
    Above the entrance to the palace is a large balcony. Within the balcony is an
exquisite throne made of gold and diamonds. Surrounding the throne are all kinds
of strange and colorful flowers, some as high as a man. The throne and flowers cre-
ate a picture of an unearthly garden, that has come from a delightful and beautiful
    The Spiritual Leader enters the balcony and sits upon the throne. There is total
silence within the crowd of people. With a soft and melodious voice the leader
speaks to the crowd. The people listen, entranced by his words, oblivious to all else.
Suddenly, he points to a person in the crowd. The people move away from the per-
son as if he were contaminated by the plague. The Leader's face turns red and he
screams in anger at the person, calling him many foul and degrading names. The
hapless person becomes confused and scared and in a complete state of terror,
runs to a large, black pit that lies next to the entrance to the palace and jumps in,
never to be seen again. The edge of the pit is covered with thorns and the foot-
marks of many feet- a noxious odor arises from it's depths. Once this has hap-
pened the Spiritual Leader returns to his beautiful and peaceful state, blesses
the people and returns inside the palace. The people disperse and go about their
business. It is as if they have completely forgotten the incident. The cursed per-
son is never mentioned again, like he had never existed. They can only hear the
Spiritual Leader's amazing words inside their heads. His thoughts consume their souls.
    From the sky comes a magnificent white steed with white wings. She lands in front
of the palace. Her rider is a beautiful young man in white robes who wears a crown,
sword and necklace of gold. He holds a strange and fragrant flower next to his heart.
He goes to the palace and stands before the balcony. He looks up at the balcony and
a small, lovely smile brightens his fair face. The people gather around him in curiosity.
The Spiritual Leader, sensing something strange, comes out onto the balcony. When
the Leader sees the young man standing and smiling at him, he becomes red with rage.
With harsh, loud guttural sounds, he grows larger and redder. Soon his eyes are like
two blazing white stones. He becomes a hideous, red giant full of evil and rage. At that
point he can no longer contain his anger and with a horrible, piercing scream, he ex-
plods into flames and disappears forever!
    The people awaken from their strong and overpowering trance. At first they are ex-
tremely disoriented and dazed, but gradually they begin to remember and understand
everything. Hordes of weak, gaunt people climb out of the black pit. They have been
asleep there for all of this time. Now they are awake and alive again. They run in des-
peration to the other people for comfort and help and the people willingly embrace them
in love, asking them for their forgiveness, which is given. The happy people join together
and celebrate their freedom from the evil and hidden tyranny of the Spiritual Leader.
They thank the young man for his wonderful gift of freedom and bid him a fond farewell
as he soars off into space to continue on his journeys within his many new and beautiful
worlds of wonder, always!
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