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EDIT: Commissions are closed for now!  Thanks for all who ordered up stuff :love: :dance: :D

I have a little bit of a break to either make money or work on personal art before I dive into novel writing so here are some prices of things I can do for you if you are interested!

PSC/Sketch Cards ( 2.5x3.5 inch bristol cards ) - $25.00 each
5 x 7 inch artwork - $50.00 minimal/no bg, up to 2 figures
                           $80.00 full bg, more than 2 figures

You can send a note here if interested or email me at undergrounduno (at) :dance:.
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Updated The List with what is still available :)

Non-Card Set Commission Options:

ACEO/PSC sized card (2.5x3.5 inches) - $25.00 each, full color

8.5 x 11 printer paper sketch - $30.00
-- with light inks/outlining - $50.00
(add $5.00 for shipping costs if you want the original mailed to you)

I tend to draw on these things as I need to/want to and I put them up on eBay and always start them at $0.99... because I like gambling :evillaugh:!   eBay store is here ----->…