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Niko - OneShot

Niko from OneShot
I wonder whether someone knows this game. o.o OneShot’s world has a sad atmosphere. The soundtrack doesn’t make it happier though T_T With Niko we have a protagonist with an ambiguous gender again~

Anyways, I love this game! Niko |3 

EDIT: I uploaded a speedpaint to this drawing too. ovo - Click! -
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this is really cute! 
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Your art is wonderful! Managed to get the unique atmosphere of the game
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Thank you!! Ahh glad to hear o/
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why am i thinking of ori and the blind forezt and this game at the same time?
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ori and the blind forest not forezt silly me
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Ah, what a lovely piece! Praise the sun and the Lightbulb! :)
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my new wallpaper. it's so beautiful nice job on that
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Ahh thank you!
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It's so pretty =3. I'm dying ~o~ !
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Ayy thank you! x3
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Just wanted to let you know I used this in a OneShot theory video I made:
I love the lighting in your art! It's so well made Niko Pancakes 
if you click on the link, just I know I was making a joke when I used your piece XD my voice is not that high pitched
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Oh, I feel honored xD Thank you!
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So cute!! *-* I love the layout of this piece
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They look beautiful in your style :D
I just finished this game a little while ago and ohhh boy it was amazing :heart:
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Thanks! :D
True words! Heart 
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Very beautiful and cute^_^
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Woah it's amazing o vo~!
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