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Hi everyone,

Page one of episode four is up at  … find her first interaction with earth men a bit off-putting.  Please check it out and see where the mind of our blue-haired muscle girl might be.
This week's episode, The Paragon, is now live. Jump to to take a look. Hope you like it!
Hey there female muscle Deviants,

The Quadra-Blu comic site has just gone up.  Please check it out.  It's not perfect (yet) but will hopefully be a fun start for everyone interested in the "Quadraverse".

Again, a big thanks to Area Orion for helping this happen, and especially to my wife for her laborious techwork.  Launching a comics website is NOT easy!!!

I will be posting more Quadra-Blu artwork here periodically, too.

Hi Deviants,
We're on track to launch the site this Wednesday, circa 1 PM EST. In case you weren't aware of the "teaser" stuff I've got live now, please do check out my video at it documents my creation of my profile picture. Also be sure to visit every day between now and WEdnesday to see Quadra "reveal" a bit more of herself each day.

Thanks for your interest!
Hello everyone.  I'm new here to the female muscle population, and to a great degree the internet itself.  Fortunately, my character Quadra-Blu is know to many of you here from her appearances in the '90's era MAX REP cartoon series that ran in MUSCUAR DEVELOPMENT magazine.  Several of you have asked me over the past years to bring her back, and for a while there seemed no where to bring her back too.  I must thank AREA ORION for bringing to my attention a possible audience: you guyz and girlz here in this realm.

Starting with the weeks to come I hope to bring you weird weekly stories centered around cerulian-haired Quadra-Blu.  I will try and bring a unique vision based on surrealistic-but-logical adventure with a subtle sexy edge. I also want to bring you suitable art, tho' not labor-intensive, that will show a sense of muscle mixed with grace, proportion and motion.

Constructive comments are welcome, and I'll try my best to respond in a timely manner if a response is required.

This whole online thing is an experiment, and I hope it will be worthwhile for muscle/adventure fans.