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Never Tickle A Drunken Sabretooth Part 3
Victor hadn’t purred for him, hadn’t really said anything coherent beyond muffled growling and cursing in between laughter, much of that muffled by Wraith’s jacket. Sadly that jacket had proven a casualty, torn up in places and soaked with saliva in others through serving as an improvised blindfold and muzzle. Still there had been a lot of writhing and thrashing, clumsy swatting that easy to avoid and a lot of effort to try and hold Sabretooth down. A good thing David had recovered enough to start to join in, his strength and mass added to Logan and John’s enough to hold Victor down. He’d gone for the ribs as well exacting revenge for Victor’s earlier onslaught and combined with John’s assault on the armpits and Logan on his soles, Victor finally went still and quiet if not for long.
There was purring now, or maybe low rumbling growling, Victor’s loud snoring sounding pretty much like both at times. All that strong alcohol combined with a
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Never Tickle A Drunken Sabretooth Part 2 :iconlylithix:Lylithix 13 0
Never Tickle A Drunken Sabretooth Part 1
Team X, hardened mercenaries with questionable morality and more than a taste for violence,  enough issues to keep a psychotherapist in business for decades and more than a century worth of combat experience and killing between them. Least, that summed it up for the most part and Logan would more than happily agree with the description though knowing of course that wasn’t all that was to it. Fight hard, play hard, or at least drink hard and with enough alcohol even someone like him could get the buzz, feel relaxed and even playful and as close as it got to getting inebriated. Down here in what passed for Team X’s bar he was in the midst of doing just that, and not alone, but with friends as it could be a special day, if he was sure he’d remembered it right. If not, a good excuse to try and get drunk and well he wasn’t alone.  Even the most feral and downright brutal of them all could have his moments.
“Well happy birthday runt, fer however many y
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The Wrong Fuzzball
Earth, unimaginatively named and inaccurately too given it was mostly ocean covered, primitive as well and packed to bursting with hairless apes.  It was an insignificant world just like thousands of others if it wasn’t strategically located and if it wasn’t populated by so many super-powered individuals. Over the years the world had seen off invasions by such major powers as the Kree, Skrulls, Dire Wraiths and even turned back the great Devourer of Worlds, Galactus himself. Then there was that bald telepath whom Lilandra had a thing for which in turn meant on more than one occasion the Shi’ar Empire and the Imperial Guard had got mixed up in its affairs. Still at best you could feel ambivalent about the place, find the air stale and too full of pollutants and just a little too moist though the lighter gravity at least put a spring in your step. Some parts were unspoiled, lush and green like the forests would have been back on Lupak in pre-industrial times and so
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Difficulties Of Sneaking Out
When you aged slowly if at all and had lived at least a century it seemed that the years just slipped by and a birthday didn’t really mean so much. Thing was, with how little you really remembered of your past then you couldn’t really be sure which day you were born let alone the year. Of course Sabretooth had his own idea, that day he might have picked at random to hunt you down and beat you bloody just to prove he was still your better. That day didn’t count, so you figure you might as well pick another, a day that was good as any or you went for anniversaries instead. Once a year days, maybe private or that you shared with a friend or two or maybe everyone you called friends. This was a private one, just one other, former enemy, now drinking buddy, sparring partner, fellow adventurer, and with a funny story of how it all started. This was one of those anniversaries.
These days at least the others were used to him taking off on his own for days, maybe weeks at a tim
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The Dragon, The Fuzzy Elf And The Wolverine
Living as long as he had, in so much as he could remember, Logan had learnt to appreciate the downtime. It was rare enough as it was that there wasn’t some trouble somewhere in the world, whether it was a natural disaster, a new threat to mutant existence or even just another skirmish with the Brotherhood. For a man like Wolverine, with feral instincts and a slow-burning but always present rage buried beneath the surface it was even rarer to truly feel at peace. Heightened senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste provided a constant stream of sensory information but equally made it a little harder to really switch off and relax. All in all it made those occasions when he was well and truly relaxed and letting his guard down that much more precious.
Five minutes ago, Logan had been enjoying one of those occasions, relaxing with a couple of his favourite things, some beer and a good hockey match on the television. His flannel shirt half-unbuttoned over a plain white T-shirt
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Unsuccessful Homecoming :iconlylithix:Lylithix 5 8
Full Metal X-8 Ticklish Situations
"Hey...this is...," Roy Mustang gasped between chuckles, trying to get his breath, "Assaulting a superior officer, you know," he finally managed, before he was overcome by another series of chuckles. It was pretty dishonourable to assault a man when he was already on the ground, though even with the odds two to one against him he wasn't about to give in. Thanks to the reports he did happen to know their weakest spots and wasn't afraid to put that knowledge to use. Alex was trying to hold him down while tickling him with his other hand, he was leaving himself open. Armstrong was a large target, even with the protection of his shirt, his massive pectoral and abdominal muscles were sensitive to the strokes of Mustang's gloved fingers. As Alex's booming chuckles filled the office, his grip slackened, as did his assault on Roy's armpit, letting the Flame Alchemist wriggle free of his jacket. "Great, now I'll need to do some tidying," muttered Roy as Alex stumbled back against the desk, scat
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Mature content
Full Metal X-7 Keeping It Serious :iconlylithix:Lylithix 6 3
Mature content
Full Metal X-6 The Wrath Of Spoor :iconlylithix:Lylithix 4 4
Full Metal X-5 Friends Reunited
Still growling occasionally under his breath at the slight twinges in his feet, Logan was nevertheless making good progress in tracking down his friend. At first he thought he'd be in for another fight but for once his story of having just been transferred in from another city and needing to find his way to headquarters had been accepted. Lieutenant Havoc had been pretty helpful giving him directions, even sharing a little gossip that apparently there was some kind of disturbance, people having seen a blue monkey or something. "Thanks bub," Logan muttered again, nodding as he found himself by the front gates, Havoc's directions having been correct. Taking a deep sniff of the air, Logan wasn't quite sure if it was just his imagination but he thought he caught the faintest hint of brimstone. "Blue monkey huh? Better be ya Kurt, had enough fun fer the time being and damn...these boots are tight."
"If I tickle just here," Maes pulled back one of the long toes of Kurt's left foot, scratchin
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Full Metal X-4 Maes Versus Kurt
Slightly annoyed with himself for forgetting about the teleportation and letting himself get distracted Hughes was determined that this time the chimera was going to remain captive. Perhaps an alchemical barrier to box him in would prove effective, though it would take at least a few seconds and his adversary had proven both fast and elusive. Fortunately he still had plenty of knives and just needed a good clean shot to pin him again. Knife drawn and readied to throw the moment he spotted his quarry, Maes was fully alert, determined not to get caught off guard again. There was no sign of the chimera so far,  though he just felt his hair brushing against something, caught a glimpse of something blue just out of the corner of his eye. The ceiling, the chimera was clinging to the ceiling. The chimera was fast, the second it took Maes to register his presence, he had already struck.
"No my friend, you're not throwing another knife at me," Kurt growled, swinging himself forward wi
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Full Metal X-3 Flight Of The Blue Monkey :iconlylithix:Lylithix 5 4
Full Metal X-2 First Impressions
Teleporting blindly wasn't a risk Kurt would normally take except in the most familiar environments but in that moment all had mattered was catching the Vanisher. Now it seemed it hadn't entirely paid off, though at least he hadn't re-materialised inside a solid object and so far as Kurt could tell everything was intact and in its proper place. He simply had no idea where he had ended up and after slowly blinking yellow eyes and glancing around Kurt was none the wiser. He seemed to be in an office of some kind, all oak furnishing and brass trimmings, dominated by a desk piled high with paperwork. Oddly old fashioned as well, no sign of a computer but just a typewriter and an old fashioned dial telephone. It took Kurt a moment to realise he wasn't alone, there being two men in rather elaborate military uniforms were looking back at him, seeming rather surprised. Kurt was used to that, his unusual appearance and sudden entrance always causing some reaction. Still nobody was shooting at h
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Happy Birthday LoveMyBlueBully- Full Metal X
Full Metal X
Heart pounding, adrenaline surging through his veins and a snarl rising in his throat, Logan slashed out with his gleaming adamantium blades, aiming to add some more streaks of crimson to his grinning opponent's scarlet shirt. Once again his claws struck against an invisible wall, sliding against seeming empty air as he felt the shudder run through his arm. Just the result he'd expected really given that Unus the Untouchable's power was an invisible force field.  A pity, he would really love to wipe the smirk off the smug bastard's face. "How many times do I have to tell you Wolverine? You can't touch this!" the dark-haired man chuckled as Logan growled. It was a growl of pure pleasure though, as another equally smug voice called out. "Why darling, would anyone ever want to touch you to begin with?" Unus's only reply was a startled grunt as he jerked suddenly as though physically struck.
For just a few seconds, the force field would be down as Unus reeled from Em
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Lady Luck And The Big Bad Wolf
Domino, a woman for whom luck was always on her side and for whom things tended to fall into place. There were always exceptions and in this case she'd been lucky to escape with both her life and her freedom. This time she might have pushed her luck a little too far and looking back she could see how easily it could have gone much worse. Still she'd learnt a few valuable lessons about what her limits were and to be more cautious in choosing her employers. Certainly she was never going to work with Dark Beast again, just as well considering he'd probably want to vivisect her on sight after her betrayal. More annoying was that she'd had to leave most of her equipment behind though she had at least picked up a couple of new toys. After a full day of rest and recuperation at one of her secret hideouts and picking up some replacements she was ready to head home.
"Home, sweet home," muttered Domino as she stood before the wrought iron gates of the Brotherhood's latest hideout. In the darknes
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(TRADE) Luxio Pawbs by RazyFoxxo
Mature content
(TRADE) Luxio Pawbs :iconrazyfoxxo:RazyFoxxo 12 2
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Wally's ticklish punishment :iconticklefennec:Ticklefennec 11 21
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