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So having had a picture of mine flagged by a user and now removed by staff does that add me to the group of people who get hit by the mercurial application of rules? Does the group have t-shirts? I have of course contested the removal as I feel it is not warranted but we'll see if it actually gets reviewed. In the case that it does not, or does not merit return to my gallery, then mores the pity. For a place of expression there is certainly a lot of stories of people losing their work not for violation of the rules but for someone reporting it and the process of moderation seeming to use a more automated or "delete it and worry about it later" type approach. In this matter I hope I am wrong.
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Thank You

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I'd like to thank all you folks out there for your wonderful response to my camping trip, there was a few of my personal fantasies lived out in that time and I enjoy sharing such things with you folks as well. I know I had my rather long hiatus but so far, while we haven't taken any new pictures yet, my life in restraints has not slowed down so seems I should be able to share more as time goes on. Furthermore I would like to extend the offer I made in short notice - that I do take requests, if there's a specific tie or pose you like let me know in a PM and I'll see what I can do, I love trying new things :)
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Hey Folks, As I made mention, with a fairly little notice, we were going camping and with the intention of a lot of fun. Well it's part way over, we have a few plans left to try but sadly the camping did not go so well. Firstly, as with all things, everything seemed to cost more than desired, and then we got hit with a very cold bout of weather which even retreating to the car with the heater on and blankets we were still cold; kinda crazy. This means that while we still had plans where we were we felt like just saying screw it and left. As fate would have it that turned out to be a good idea and we actually found a few great places to do more stuff so not all bad right? As for the pictures we took, and will be taking, I will try to post them in chunks as I go through and select which of the hundreds we've taken to show. I appreciate all the support you folks have been giving us and I hope you like what's coming next.
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I really like your way of life and it is good to know that people like you are out there. Thanks for sharing your images and thoughts.


Thank you, I to enjoy my way of life although there could be even more rope in it... hehe. I'm hoping once the weather warms up (and stays warm) we can get up to a lot of shenanigans since we now live in a place with a garage.

So sorry about my faux pa. I thought you and Simi were Girlfriends, hadn't realised you were married. A thousand pardons, self flagellation etc...

All good, it's not really something I made some big announcement on.

Thanks for watching me! I love your ropework and chastity belt. I hope you get inspired to start posting again!

I hope so too, it's been to long

Happy birthday, hot stuff! I hope you spent it with your true love, enjoying holiday fun in one form or another...