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In your eyes I can shine...

By LykanBTK
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Hope you like this!

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Das ist wirklich schön!
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Wow er ist wirklich geil !!!!
Du malst so gut <3
Seinen Augen sind wunderschön
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HEY!! Hallo! Wie geht's???? Ich vermisse dich! Dankeschön süße!
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Hey !!!
Es geht schon, ich habe viele arbeiten fèr die Schule ^^' Und bei dir ?
Ich vermisse dich auch <3
Bitte sehr :hug:
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Ich habe sehr viel Arbeite mit die Zeichnunge! Aber alles gut!!! ich bin froh für von dir wissen!
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o.o I love this! It is gorgeous, just like all your drawings! Ha ha I just fell in love with your style. ♥

About the print thing: go to "Submit" (do not click on it, just "touch" the icon with your mouse) and then click on "Manage Prints". Then go to "Manage Your Prints" and, from "Active Prints" select the submission(s) you don't want to have as prints anymore. Then click on "Deactivate Selected Prints" and there you go! ;-)
Source: [link]

Hope I helped! :)
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Thanks for your help!!! And thanks for your always beautiful words. I fall in love witg your comments! So happy for see yiu here again! I will making other now ;-)
Have a nice day!!!!
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You're totally welcome! :D
Awww thank you so much for saying that! ^^
And OMG! New one? :eager: I love you!
Have a nice day too!!!! :love:
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OH sweety! I can't delete the PRINT opcion :( I do you say me but i don't know how to make that XD. I don't understand the first part: * Go to "Submit" (do not click on it, just "touch" the icon with your mouse) and then click on "Manage Prints".* Where is this word? I only have *Submit art* but for to put a new draw...
I'm sorry :___D
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Okay so on the top of the page you have from left to right: the deviantART logo, the search bar, "Deviant ~(you)", your inbox, "Submit" and "Shop". I forgot to mention that the "Submit" in there is the one you have to "touch". LOL Sounds funny.
So... "touch" "Submit" with your mouse and you'll see: "Submit Art", "", "Draw with dA muro" and so on. On the bottom of this list, there are two options: "Manage Deviations" and "Manage Prints". You have to go to the last one. And the rest is in my previous reply. :) If you still can't understand how to do it, I can upload some photos which will be much easier to use. :D Just let me know if you succeeded! ;-)
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THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!! You a re a love, seriously!!!!! You helpe a lot! ^^ Now, don't appear that!
I send you a big, big,big hug with much love! :heart:
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YOU'RE TOTALLY WELCOME DEAR!!!! :glomp: And thank you too! ♥
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so beautiful! I love it! :))
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Thank you do much!!!!
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wow!!! thats amazing :D
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i love it!! °v°
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Awesome! he looks so amazing :D
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stunning!please stop drawing such good stuff... XD just kidding! keep going, baby!! :kiss:
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Hahahaha!! Woow!!! Very funny!!! Thank you :huggle:!! I can't stop, no problem hahaha!!! ♪♪ And I go on, and I go on and on and on and on!!♪♪ XD
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That....that is just amazing. @___@
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Thank you!!!! :heart: Glad for to hear this! :huggle:
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