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Zodiac People
What this is not: a complete retelling of the zodiac signs - there's countless websites for that, and I will link several of my favorites for what I find to be accurate descriptions. 
What this is: a new, fun interpretation where authors, artists, or RPGers alike can put themselves in a world where people take on their zodiacs' traits and powers from any culture. Additionally, for those of us (including myself) that don't feel we belong to one or the other, I included the cusp signs and found some helpful information on them. 
Get creating!

Every sign has a zodiac animal form that represents them; this is not chosen, but defined at birth (children usually show their first shape-shifting experience around 2-3 years old). These are loosely defined and some have been known to deviate outside what is considered the norm; however, the zodiac form is always relevant to the meaning or purpose of the sign, especially to the
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It's LIE-lee ... or just Lulu
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

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I work with creativity and imagination as my main tools, and animals are my main interest with cartoons and fantasy/sci-fi stories other huge interests of mine. Some of my inspiration can be found in my profile "interests."

⋙−→ Where else you can find me ←−⋘
⋙− DeviantArtFacebookFurAffinityPatreonPicartoTrelloTumblr

⋙− Art Status
➼ Illustration Commissions: Open!
➼ Necklace Commissions: Ask
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My Characters
⋙− Lyhli (fursona) − Beastman − Temperance − Teaks →

🌑 Lyhli 🌒 Female 🌓 Faldorsian 🌔 Straight 🌕 ♥Married♥ 🌖 Neutral Good 🌗 ♐/♑ Cusp 🌘

⋙− Brief History of Lyhli
My full name is nearly unpronounceable, so you can call me Lyhli (LIE-lee) or Lulu.
My husband is "Beastman" who never tells a soul his true name, if he even has one. There are a few other members of my small herd, including my soon-to-be baby, and my oracle and best friend Teaks.
I am a goddess in training, the apprentice of the goddess of wisdom who found me to be a worthy student.
I am a dreamer, an artist, a visionary, a healer, and creator. I will not cross my boundaries or my life's mantras, nor will I force others to cross theirs. I study martial arts, magics, philosophies, and spirituality. My title as goddess has yet to be decided or approved, but I am on the path to being a goddess of imaginative power. I train all parts of my being to prepare for my ascension into goddesshood.
Sometimes I have a quick temper, sleep in too long, get too excited, or say stupid things without realizing it, but these are all experiences to make me a better goddess in the end.

⋙− Affinities
The Moon, Mother Gaia, Druidic natures, creatures, roses, stones,
Art, imagination, inspiration, dreams, feminine creativity,
Wisdom, truth, inner nature, and seeing through the masks we create.

⋙− Symbol
The Dragonfly: =i=

"I live to learn, love, and listen."

Journal History


What have I been up to? Moving and unpacking. But I managed to make a Pokemon-themed doodle. =3…
Commissions are closed until slots open up! Thanks for all your support!

Updates are at my Facebook page:

Commission progress and slot openings are on my Trello board:…
New Tumblr!

I just got it started, but I'd appreciate a follow at! I'd love to find some folks to follow as well!!
So life's been busy! Just wanted to update you all on my newest, biggest announcement! I'm gonna have my first baby, a boy, in September!
To everyone who speaks English as a second language: let me put some of your fears to rest.

We native English speakers love your accents, and we're happy to help with how confusing English can be. We love hearing about your countries, since most of the internet is dominated by American/English culture. As an American, I feel like I dont "get out much" since the internet has a strong American tone. So please tell us more about where you live! Like, a lot of you buy water and milk in bags? What?? Its the little things like that that we are surprised to hear!

So don't feel shy about your culture or accents. It's all new and fun to us Americans!
If there's a few people who have changed my life for the better, it's LadyMetaRose, KingCoin, ceruleetheblue, and Vattukatt.

Story time!

KingCoin and I first met here on dA, and it was during a time of losing one of my best friends and trying to discover myself. Said prior best friend didn't see eye to eye with me anymore, since I was going through some sudden spiritual changes. But if anyone showed me how to be true to yourself and say "forget that, I'm doing my thing that makes me happy," with utmost kindness, it was KingCoin. This includes not hiding personal likes, finding humor in down situations, and shining your brightest because you know what? That's who you are.

He introduced me to LadyMetaRose and ceruleetheblue shortly after. LadyMetaRose was going through a much worse struggle in her life, but she showed me that taking care of yourself means making the most difficult decision and putting your foot down. She proved through action (and to me) that self-improvement doesn't get done without determination, self-discipline, and effort no matter what hiccups may throw you off. So I kept my eyes forward, my feet on the ground, and pushed for better change. 

Ceruleetheblue showed me there's an endless fascination with the natural world around us. With an endless adventure, an endless sense of humor best accompanies that. But no matter how light our surface, our darkness is just as strong. If we are our own world inside, and there is this light and darkness fighting within, what can we do about it while remaining true to ourselves? I dove into my own darkness with no plan, no idea of what I was about to face. And I found one of the strongest parts of me hidden in my own lifetime of forgotten guilt and shame. Unintentionally, she taught me that self-acceptance lets light be light, darkness be dark, and harmony to connect the two.

I first approached Vattukatt and her sister, Escaron about their stones and drawings. It turns out we all have a very similar world within ourselves that we hope to cultivate for the better. They both showed me that no matter how cruel the world, or how grim even minor circumstances might be, holding on to your inner light is the sole purpose of being alive. Even if your light doesn't "fit" anywhere else, or others want to tell you how to shine, you don't listen to them. Your light is yours. It's not supposed to fit anywhere else but in yourself.

I don't know where I'd be without you all.

If there's one thing you must stay, it's true. 
If there's one thing you must do, it's move. 
If there's one thing you must believe, it's yourself. 
If there's one thing you must be, it's resilient. 
Spirit Animals - The Moon by LyhliTheLuminescent

In a dream I had, every person alive owned a horse. They were all a light, creamy color, and they were all kept in a large, dirty pen. This pen was not quite large enough for the vast number of horses here, but it seemed to work based on the horses' behavior. The horses here acted like sheep and had wool like sheep; they all acted the same and traveled together blindly in tight groups. This pen was owned by a few people who oversaw everyone else's horses. Even if you didn't live here, your horse was here, and every city had their own horse pen.

I was excited when my family told me they'd check up on our horses, and drove us all out there. My horse was the purest, brightest white, but she didn't act like any of the others. The pen owners were aware of this and were trying their best to make her behave. She was put in a tiny stable, barely bigger than she was, and her head was tied down to a post on the ground, not allowing much room for movement at all. She was growing patches of grey coloring from her stress.*

They were trying to break her. They wanted her to be like the rest. I was sad, but only melancholy, since I wasn't sure how I was supposed to think about this. She was visibly stressed, but she was supposed to be the same as the others ... right? Would she be happy when she was like them?

On the drive back home, my family was shallowly happy that the horses were doing well.

But I wasn't. Their approval was unsettling. She's a mustang. She's no sheep.


* The grey patches are what happens to her when she's anxious, stressed, depressed, or any negative feeling. Given enough negativity, she'd be a dapple grey, as I've seen in a warning.
Note: compare the essence of this dream to this dream.
Also note that this mermaid form is a form I often take in lucid dreams, to the strong disapproval and disgust of my family.
Getting the gist yet?
:bademoticon: Rules :bademoticon: 
:bademoticon: 1. You must post the rules
:bademoticon: 2. Reveal 8 facts about your character
:bademoticon: 3. tag 8 other people
tagged by LadyMetaRose 

8 Facts about Holli Lujah 

1: I created Holli Lujah to be me in the Skyrim world, so if you know me, you know her. She's me down to the name, Holli/Holly, and being a little rounder (just enough to be adorably fluffy and keep warm in the cold climate). 
2: I decided on Holli's last name "Lujah" since my family joked about changing my middle name to "Lujah" at one point, a play on words of "Hallelujah." But Holli Lujah has no middle name.
3: Despite the racism in Skyrim against outsiders, Holli never felt bothered by it.
4: My first-ever Skyrim experience was on the Xbox 360, where I played as a red-haired, pale, Khajiit woman named "Holli Lujah." I played on this save file until my game became so large that it crashed and froze every time I stepped outside of my home, Windstad Manor. I plan on making the image of this variant of Holli actually Holli's mysterious mother. 
5: Holli is fascinated by new things, especially that of living beings and magic. My research into the Khajiit forms is story-wise one of her adventures to learning more of her kind.
6: The weapons Holli wields at the different stages of her life reflect how true to herself she is, and a reflection of my own self discovery. The swords and physical bow and arrows in the early stage of her life before college, reflect that she does what she is taught. Her ethereal, summoned bow she learns in college is a transitioning stage as she gets used to magic, learns new things, and learns more about herself. When she becomes a conjuration mage at graduation, she is living true to herself, but continues to discover the deeper parts of her soul. As she grows as a mage, she becomes a powerful druid wielding nature magic when she finds a profound connection with nature, which reflects my life choices of becoming more peaceful and hippie-like, leaving unneeded turmoil behind. 
7: I use the Skyrim mod "Druid Essentials" for all of Holli's druidic adventuring. It's a large, cleanly functioning mod with a new discovery at every turn for druid-lovers, and accurately represents Holli's druid magic capabilities. 
8: While Holli specializes in conjuration magic (representative of my creativity in creating new things), she is trying to perfect completely new spells and scrolls of teleportation, portals, and wormholes. This is nothing more than her fascination and scientific mission to expand magic. Her research and experiments often lead to all-nighters, crashing on the enchanting table, and many, many new recipes for stronger coffee. 

8 Facts about Miles Teak 
(I couldn't decide which character, so I chose two)

1: During Miles' very early life as a science experiment, he involuntarily acquired his cybernetics. He was broken out around age 7 by other people-experiments who rallied together and burned the facility down. This was one of the biggest events in his world's recent history, including integrating and helping the escaped prisoners into modern society. With the influx of people who needed homes, most young children were taken to orphanages and similar places to quickly find families. After a complicated process of moving from family to family, Miles eventually stayed with Tanya's family.
2: During his time in the lab facility, Miles made friends with an escaped animal experiment, an albino, bioluminescent bat he named Comet. Comet appears to have a more sophisticated intelligence than other bats, on par with dogs, and followed Miles during the break-out. Comet's stayed with him ever since.
3: Miles was very socially awkward and didn't pick up on social cues or body language until about 10 years old. Because of this, he is very innocent-minded, although now a functioning young adult.
4: Miles is about 4 years behind in school, not unlike the other escaped prisoners who are learning to function in the modern world at varying paces. He rather enjoys school and learning.
5: His cybernetic half of his body was a prototype material, and as such, he suffers from shooting pains where his natural and artificial nerves connect.
6: Despite his early life, he does not suffer from PTSD or hide his past. Rather, he's very open about it and thankful it was not worse than it was.
7: Miles is his world's equivalent of a Pisces.
8: His best friend is a humanoid dragon who urges Miles to lose his virginity. 

I tag YOU RoseOfTheNight4444 
AND YOU LothrilZul
AND YOU Vattukatt 
AND YOU Escaron 
AND YOU Sharquelle 
AND YOU ThunderboltFire 
AND YOU Wolfy-T 
AND YOU ChloexBowie 
But it's your choice ^^


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