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Aside from photomanipulation, fractal art has to be my next favorite category to browse.  The amazing scenes one sees there just blows my mind.  The colors and the slight variations which amount to wonderfully complex structures that absolutely engage the viewer...they're stunning.

I love taking a jaunt through your category.  I can't possibly favorite all the ones I like or I'd have way more fractal's in my favs than anything else.  So, please know that this is my way of saying thank you to all you fractal artists out there!  Keep up the wonderful and engaging work.
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Man, browsing around this amazing place is so much fun.  I think my favorite type of image is one that involves photomanipulation.  Whether it uses many photos or just one and some digital art to go with it, there are so many amazing artists here who are so skilled in this area.  LOVIN' IT!
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So, I finally decided to pop my deviant cherry.  I have been browsing deviantArt for quite sometime, but due to a couple reasons I had not joined.  Well, I decided to take the plunge and really browse deviantArt and get as much out of it as I can.  All I can say is, wow, this place rocks.

I don't think there is any other website that really allows artists to practice and display their art.  The technology behind the site is top notch as well and, for me, that makes this whole experience that much more wonderful.  I really hope that there are some artists here who get there break.  It's exciting to be apart of this site.
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