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Not The End
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Published: November 21, 2008
Stranded in a desert
My soul cries out to the wind.
Give me wings that I may fly,
To leave this waste behind.

This broken vessel stands,
arms outstretched...waiting.
The wind’s answer flays,
I am left to bear my cross away.

The splinters dig deep
Leaving no blood for strength.
I begin to sink below,
A trap left by my crimson soul.

[I give up]

A shadow looms
Over me, ominous.
No strength left to lift my head
I await the land of the dead.

[Hurry up]

A feather glides
And caresses my face.
My head is lifted by a hand,
No longer am I breathing sand.

The desert light blinds
My lungs free, my eyes burn.
Soon, soon my death will bloom,
A desert rose amidst the gloom.

[Quick, please]

The desert heat binds
I can’t see or breathe.
Like a feather I am adrift
Suddenly freed from my bit.

Clouds move in overhead
And suddenly a breeze.
Finally I can see
Another carries my tree.

[I don’t understand]

He turns and looks at me
A smile floats across his eyes.
“Walk with me my friend,
This is the beginning, not the end.”

Another early attempt at combining poetry and pictures. This one was made much, much earlier (6 or so years ago), and just today I found it and thought I'd put it up for people to comment on.
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