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Old Black and White

Made in PhotoShop CS, works in CS3 as well.
Link Back if used.

Other examples:
[link] [link] [link]
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I appreciate this action since I have many beautiful photos of the forests of my city and I want them to look that old black. Thank you very much for this contribution and greetings from the south of the world.

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Thank you! Appreciate your comment.

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It somehow does not really work for me :( All I get is dark blobs on an almost white pic. Do you know what the reason for this could be?
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hmm, I'm not the layer flattened at the start?
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Oh never mind any more. I just tried to test it again to tell you what photoshop tells me but it seems everything is working now o.O It seems photoshop was a bit bitchy yesterday. Thanks all the same for trying to help :huggle: It is really a nice action :D
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pretty decent. thanks.
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Most awesome action in Old Photo Style category.
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Thank you much for this action! I used this to make mine pictures from the study trip to USA Northeast and it turned to be really great - the pictures became much more emotional and had a story to tell - definity better than the original! Thou few became too dark...
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Great! ... would love to see.

If they are too dark try adjusting the exposure first then running the action.
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Oh I see, thank you for the tip! I'm still learning the Photoshop for my architect study.
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thanks for this actions!
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Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
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you have been featured in my critic feature [link]
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great action, i downloaded it!!
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hey Thank you sister
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Wanted to add a second thank you, I use this action so much!

I am quite capable of taking monochrome photos, but sometimes they need some extra oomph and this action does the trick nicely every time ;)
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Your most welcome! :)
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