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Funky Brushes

Made in CS3, I've been told they work in CS2, I'm not sure if they will work in other versions of PS.

Free use for noncommercial work.
Credit is not necessary, but appreciated.

I'd love to see how they are being used feel free to comment or send a link of your work.
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Great great job !!!!
Thanks a lot !
Hi, how can I have it??? regards...
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The green arrow on the right.
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I'm doing a poster for my dormitory's retro-themed party. Might use these, as they have that party vibe :D. Thank you!
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Awesome brushes!!! And they work in CS4 too :D
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Thanks! That's great.
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Hi! These look like wonderful brushes, but no, brushes are not backwards-compatible. You can, however, release or include an "image pack" which is just a series of pictures or one big picture with all the brushes at 100%, so people (like me) with PS7 or lower, etc, can still use these. I really hope you consider doing this, and I'm sure a lot of people would be very thankful!
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AWESOME set! I used them here: [link]
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used here! [link]

your brushes are AWESOOME!!!
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:love: thank you!!!
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:love: thank you!!!
Thanks they look awesome :D
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Oooh, cool beans.

These work just fine in CS as well ;)
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These are wonderfully awesome. Thanks for making them. :D I'll credit you when I use them.
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So much fun XD Used this one here [link]
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