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Sixth Eye Blind

Another old remake. 'Peacoat' went through, well, pretty much an overhaul, even receiving a new name.

OLD: [link]


Not much has changed, except it's typing, no longer flying.

"Timid and small, it has poor eyesight and relies on display to scare off predators. The large feather on it's head absorbs energy from the sun that is used to enhance it's other senses."

OPULOC-grass/psychic-MYSTIC IRIS- Effects identical to the move Lock-On.

So I wanted his design to reflect opulence as Peacock's are all about display. He's become beefier too. His name comes from Opulence, Optical, and peacock.

"Although completely blind it is utterly aware of it's environment. The patterns on it's body observe everything, and can track the life energy of anything in it's presence."

For those who liked PEACOAT, I tried to make it 'work', but the design was simply too... bad to work.

OPCHIC and OPULOC are © to Lydario
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Really like that opchick, it's just so fun to imagine it running around on those tiny little legs.
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you know what? for some reason, from all the fakemons i've seen and i am watching this is TOP for me! :highfive:
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Whew! High five!
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I like this fakemon! :D It is amazing! Especially the concept!
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NP! I want to sketch it but I dont have time xD
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I like how this looks cooler then any of the pokemon from the 5th gen. I wish this was a real pokemon. I would so add it to my main team!
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Thanks. The fifth is probably my favorite generation, so I suppose I'll take that as a compliment.
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Im all for the first two generations. I dont like the 4th and 5th, I think they look, just too, idk what to say about them. I mean, one is just a giant snowflake, and another is an ice cream, whats up with that. But that is just my opinion.
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The fifth generation has really re-awoken my pokemon fandom... as much as it can at this point. xD

It's the first gen that's really given me that first gen spark. It's a generation that has humor to it. There was a lot of word-play and jokes in the first generation, and that's been lost since. There's clever word play, clever designs, and huge risks taken on their part. 4th gen was my least favorite, and though first gen was... low on the totem pole (honestly) I think this gen is great in terms of design. But... opinions.
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This one is so pretty!
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Theres a lot of differences between the first one and this one. But I think they are both equaly amazing!
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We'll agree to disagree. xD

Nah, there was something I liked about the original one, but this one I definitely prefer. A lot of the people find it odd that the new one didn't have eyes... but the first one really didn't either.
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Oh, I like this one a lot. :heart:
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your wrks awsome ghaha out of all ur made ups, Im still votin for timbark
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Well, it's good to see he's getting some lovin'.
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Ooh, this ones pwetty. Do you intend to make this one have gender differences (like with real Peacocks)?
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I'm thinking so. I wanted to make it branched out, kinda like how I did with Slipnet, but... we'll see. ;)
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I'm always pleased when looking at your designs.
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