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Lycovore Commission Price Sheet

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Published: December 28, 2017
© 2017 - 2020 lycovore
I reserve the right to update and modify this as needed.

What I will draw:
Vore or normal SFW art.
Any kind of pred, including female, furry, feral preds.
Male or agender prey.
Human prey.
Kemonomimi prey (human with animal ears and tail).
Mermen (male mermaids) as prey.
Nagas as prey.
Undertale skeletons as prey.
MLP prey (again, male or agender).
Possibly feral dragon prey (still male or agender).
Certain dragon or lizard pokemon as prey (but not necessarily all).
Soft vore or moderate hard vore. (I specialize in soft.)
Safe, ambiguous, or fatal vore.
Oral vore, tail vore, or absorption into a slime or goo-type pred. (I specialize in oral.)
Moderately big stuffed bellies. (Not my forte but I will. Please specify smooth or lumpy.)
Tasteful nudity in adult prey.

What I won't draw:
Female prey. Furry/anthro prey. Feral prey. (Exceptions to "feral prey" are listed above. No other exceptions.)
Scat. Genitals or naked breasts. Graphic digestion.
Vore through other orifices.
Very young characters in vore.
Teen characters naked.
Real people (except a rough portrayal of the commissioner or recipient, with explicit permission).
Anything too adult to post on deviantArt.
Anything I decide I don't want to draw.

You can always ask about content that seems like a "maybe" or "maybe no" based on this list. Just be prepared that I might say no!

Art styles:
Rough Lines with Watercolor or Flat Colors (may be a single panel or a short comic; no special saliva or acid effects)
Cel Shading (single panel or single panel with insert)
Full Shading (single panel or single panel with insert)
Plume Collab (single panel or single panel with insert)--The images above are collabs we did with a slightly different method. Your picture will be done in this style:… Background is +$10

Additional fees may apply for full body, complicated characters, translucent acids, saliva, other effects, and designing a character from a description. Rough Lines with Watercolor are limited to minimal saliva and minimal or opaque acids. In general, I'd like to limit it to three distinct characters per commission.

WIP sketches:
You will receive a rough WIP sketch (except for single-panel watercolor sketches). Please approve the WIP sketch before I continue work. You may opt out of receiving the WIP sketch or request a WIP sketch on a single-panel watercolor sketch commission. You may receive additional WIPs as progress reports if requested (within reason) or if the commission takes a relatively long time.

Revisions: Price includes up to 2 major revisions and 5 minor revisions at sketch level, and 2 minor revisions after the commission is complete (please request revisions within one week of picture's being finished). If you want additional revisions, they may cost up to $5 for minor revisions, up to $10 for major revisions at sketch level, and up to 100% of the price of the commission after lineart/coloring has begun. If I feel the revisions are excessive, I may give you the choice of canceling for a partial refund or proceeding without additional revisions (no refund). What qualifies as a minor revision after coloring is complete may depend on the exact techniques used and may vary across commissions (generally, changing the color of eyes or another very small element, or slightly adjusting fur color lighter or darker, would usually count as a minor revision). I am the arbiter of minor vs. major revisions.

Refunds: No full refunds after work has begun, unless the commission has not been completed within six months (not including time waiting for communication from you), or at my discretion if I cancel the commission unilaterally. If you don't answer messages for one month (without prior notice of unavailability), I may cancel the commission. If the commission is canceled after work has begun I may at my discretion give a partial refund depending on how much work has been done.

You get:
A full-resolution PNG file of the art. (If you require a certain size or resolution, please state it at the beginning! I usually work in a relatively low resolution.)
Permission to post the art anywhere you like, with credit and a link to my profile.
Permission to crop, alter, or trace the art. When posting the altered art, you must still credit and link me, and state that the art has been edited. You may crop the art for an icon without stating it's been cropped. You may crop out or obscure my signature or watermark when modifying the art for other purposes, but you may not crop or edit the art for the sole purpose of removing my signature or watermark. When posting art traced from my art, link back to the original piece. (Do not post art traced from my art done for people other than yourself.)

I retain rights to the art I create and will post it in various galleries. I will generally prioritize commissions, but I retain the right to work on other art ahead of commissions at my discretion.

Payment accepted by Paypal. (I may sometimes accept deviantArt points at a rate of 100 points = 1 USD; see below for status.) Pay before I begin work. For commissions over $30, you may choose to pay half first and half on completion.

I need this information for your initial request:
Pred name
Pred species
Pred ref
Prey name
Prey gender
Prey species
Prey ref
Description of picture (e.g. "mawshot of [character]" "[character] dangling [character] above their mouth" "[character] with internal view of [character]")

Additional information to give me when I've confirmed my availability:
If no ref for prey, please provide a description: hair color, length, style, eye color, clothes, build?
Your FA/DA or name you wish to be credited as (if you wish to be anonymous, please specify):
Saliva, no, yes, how much?
Stomach acids, opaque, transparent, none?
Pose details (what is pred doing? what is prey doing?)
Pred attitude (happy? angry?)
Prey attitude (nervous? scared?)
Relative size of pred and prey
Internal view--none, cutaway, inset?
Is this fatal, non-fatal, or ambiguous?

Currently I am accepting payment via DA Points or gifted Core Membership time, at an exchange rate of $1.00 = 100 points (1 year Core = $40, 3 months = $12).
(If you pay with time, pay the difference using points or Paypal. I will not pay you back the difference if, for example, your commission is $35 and you pay me with a year of Core.) DA points/core payment does not apply to Plume collab type commissions. Also, I am unable to refund payments of Core Membership. Of course, I also still accept Paypal.
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OlanR24Student Filmographer
Just making sure, am I allowed to pay in points?
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lycovoreHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, rate of 100 points = 1dollar
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OlanR24Student Filmographer
Ok so should I send you a note in details?
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lycovoreHobbyist Digital Artist
Sure but I’m traveling so I’ll be slow at replies
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OlanR24Student Filmographer
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I remember asking for one.
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lycovoreHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, note me the details :3
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Well I hope I have enough points.
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