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no matter what universe, we're still us

I like to think that TenII and Rose had an awesome life in the alt. universe working with Torchwood, chasing down aliens and having an adorable family with children that look like Andrew Garfield because they deserve it. <3

but seriously though Andrew Garfield=gravity defying hair and desu eyes so obviously the Doctor and Rose's lovechild
my logic is flawless

doctor who isn't mine, art is
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These two in an alternate universe working for torchwood.
BBC ether make a miniseries or comic...Just make it.

also Andrew Garfield, Doctor and Rose's son...yes.
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this is cute! :3
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TenII gets a TARDIS of his own according to RTD but they cut the scene but he still pretends it happens so yeah.
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I'm in love with the colours *-*
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My personal opinion, I don't think that tentoo was really just like the Doctor. I think it was different and I don't believe that Rose really loved him. But I love the drawing :)
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This is amazing! And Andrew Garfield being their child is simply brilliant!! haha
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Andrew Garfield children.
You my good friend, are a true genius.
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theyre the twin armageddon2
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you attracted the homestucks
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he he he ii ge22 ii diid he he
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600% perfect in every way :iconiloveitplz:
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awww thanks!!
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You're welcome...! :iconbunnyglompplz:
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Eh, I hate Rose, but it's nice to see a happy ten. I love this.
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this is amazing! And I totally agree with the Andrew Garfield thing :)
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I have now adopted this head canon of the Andrew Garfield children.
Thankyou for bringing it into the world.
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haha glad to be of service! :thumbsup:
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I just have to point out how much I love this. I love their repressions, and the colours, and... I just love that they are so happy together! Thank you for making and sharing this! It makes me so happy!
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awww, thanks so much for the sweet comment! I'm glad it makes you happy. <:
Love the colours and generally happiness! :D
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Thanks much! <:
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