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Day 1

Acting Captain's Log, Stardate unknown. Approximately thirty-two-point-seven-five-three Terran hours have passed in this unexplainable void of space, though logic dictates time moves differently here as the chonometer has only registered that two hours and forty-seven minutes have passed. After encountering an unaccounted anomaly while crossing through uncharted space, the Enterprise experienced major system failures in all decks. The ship is currently running on impulse power, and it would appear that I am the only one left on the ship. Every event that has culminated from the entrance into the uncharted space to the disappearance of the e

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Ancient Flesh

I'm waiting for the hour where my world isn't exactly what it seems; the time where the world isn't just a cycle of existing and not, but of one where every layer of every shifting moment creates new stages of being beyond the ephemeral life we live. I'm looking for the eternity that doesn't exist; the age where I never grow older and I can remain the me of that one blissful moment that is already slipping away into human's man-made concepts...into a category called the past. I'm looking for myself in the clouds where my dreams seem unreadable; my desires unclear. If I can invent myself in a silent explosion heard by nobody, maybe I'll beco

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