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As soon as I entered through the front door I heard Christie shout to me.

“Cover your ears sweetie, it's about to pop!”

I kicked off my shoes and brought my hands up to my ears. She was lying on her back on the coach, with a massive crystal purple 16” Unique balloon between her lips. She looked at me when I entered the room and I saw a smile in the corner of her lips. Then she kept blowing. Three breaths and then a sharp bang. The purple balloon met the same end as a handful of its friends judging by the multicolored mess around the coach.

“Are you bored or something?” I asked.

“A little. I was going to blow up a couple to surprise you, but then the first one popped before it was full and I just had to do some blow to pops,” she grinned.

She suddenly seemed to be deep in thought. I was about to go to grab some food in the kitchen when she spoke up again.

“Hey, come sit down, I want you to do something for me.”

She spread her legs and motioned for me to sit in between them. I walked over to the coach and sat down. She hugged me tightly and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I could feel her breasts press against my back.

“What is it you want?”

“You're going to need these,” she said and handed me a pair of earplugs. I fitted them in my ears and turned my head to see what she had to say next.

“I want you to blow up this balloon,” she said with a raised voice and picked one at random from the bag sitting next to us. It was identical to the one she had just popped.

“Okay, I can do that.”

“Yeah, sure. But I don't want you to stop. Just keep going.”

“Uh, right. You know how I feel about that, right?” I said, suddenly nervous.

“Yes, that's exactly why I want you to do it. Don't worry, I'll be here to support you,” she said and smiled.

“Okay, I'll try,” I said and put the purple balloon up to my lips.

Slowly I began breathing into the balloon. Blowing up these 16” balloons to their rated size was something I'd done countless times in the last few weeks, so I remained calm for a while. Breath after breath the balloon grew. Christie rested her chin on my shoulder while watching the crystal purple orb grow.

“It's so pretty with the sunlight shining through it,” she said, barely audible with the earplugs in. “Now keep going until it pops.”

I took a look at the balloon. It was nearly at its rated size. A few more breaths and it would be perfect. I put the balloon back between my lips and counted the breaths. One. Two. Three. And another small one. I looked at the balloon again. It was perfectly shaped with a hint of a neck.

“Come on. Let's get a real nice, long neck on this sucker,” Christie said and kissed me on my cheek.

I'd never really blown up any of our Uniques bigger than this before. The 17” Tuf-Tex balloons she'd bought were quite reliable and even I dared to blow them up with a sizable neck, but these were a bit more unpredictable. I loved watching Christie blowing them up though. Reluctantly I began blowing again, a lot slower now. The neck was slowly growing towards my lips and I could feel the pressure inside the balloon increasing, making it a little more difficult to blow.

“Hey, pull the neck out a little. I want to see it really big before it pops.”

I did as I was told and the neck inflated all the way to the end, giving me very little to hold on to.

“That's what I like to see. Now keep blowing, you're almost there,” Christie encouraged me.

Again I put the balloon to my lips. I pushed another breath into the balloon, making the neck feel a little tighter against my cupped hands. Then another one. I could feel the pressure getting even higher and I knew it couldn't be much longer before it exploded. I tried to give it another breath, but by now I was so nervous I was literally shaking.

“I'm scared. I don't think I can do this,” I said and looked over my shoulder.

“Sure you can. Just take a deep breath and calm down a little. Yeah, just like that. Now close your eyes and put that big sexy balloon back to your lips. Do it for me.”

With my eyes closed, I tried again. Another breath went into the balloon, but it still didn't pop. I tried another one, but still it stayed in one piece. I whimpered nervously. I didn't dare looking, but it had to be massive now.

“Come on, you're nearly there,” Christie said and hugged me tightly. “Keep blowing.”

I forced another breath into the balloon.

“Keep going. Blow!”


“Come on, another big one!”


“Well done. Keep the pace up!”


“One more, you can do it!”

Whoo- BANG!

The balloon exploded with a loud bang, sending tiny pieces of purple latex all over the room.

“Atta boy! You did it! I'm so proud of you!” Christie said and squeezed me tightly from behind. “How did that feel? It's quite a rush, don't you think?”

My head fell back towards her right shoulder in exhaustion. I was too baffled to reply.

“Aww man, you look so cute all exhausted like that and with that little piece of the balloon neck in your mouth. You have to do this for me again soon. Maybe we'll have a race or something,” she said and smiled brightly. “Now go make us some food while I clean up this mess. Then we'll have some more fun, cause you've really put me in the mood now.”

“O-okay,” I said and got up. I handed the little piece of the balloon's neck to Christie. She looked at it for a moment, before threading it onto one of her fingers.

“Aww, thank you! It's beautiful,” she said, giggling a little. She then stood up herself and gave me a kiss. “Tell you what, if you can make me more of these, I'll make something cool out of it. Now, where's that food I ordered?”

I grinned and turned around. Christie gave me a gentle slap on my butt to make me hurry up, before going to fetch the vacuum cleaner.



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Hey, sorry for not posting any new chapters recently. Life's been busy and I just haven't had the time to write much. I have some half-finished chapters, so hopefully it should go quickly once I have some spare time :) I'm hoping to introduce some new characters soon as well, which I hope you'll enjoy :D


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