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Commission Price List

My old commission price list was heavily outdated and therefore I took the chance to create a new one!

What you have to know about my art in general:
  1. I put a lot of effort and "heart blood" in every single piece. Especially the ones I create for others.
  2. It is 100% the work of my hands.
  3. I work for images of "Full Colored (Version #2)" usually between 10 - 25 hours (sometimes even more!).
  4. My work is not paid with an hourly wage. With the minimum wage of 9,60€/h I'd have to ask at least 96€ for a Full Colored V#2. Please keep that in mind!

My Policies about Commissions:

1. For every piece on the right side I ask a 50% down payment.
2. I won't do heavy pornographic images, no sexualisation of series/comics for kids and gore only to a specific limit.
3. I won't recreate a past work 100% - the idea however can be adapted.

The prices:

1. Every commission is unique. And there is a huge difference in painting a forest, mountains or whatever scenery the commissioner asks for. The effort is different. And so are the prices.
2. The said price is the minimum I ask for that kind of work. It always depends on the requests the commissioner has. Usually is is a Price + 10-20€ - depending on the complexity.

What you will get:

With commissioning me you'll get an original and unique piece of art created just for you.
I will sent it to you (4€ worldwide without tracking number - tracking number is also possible, though) after the payment is completed.
Whilst working on a commission I put a lot of effort in it and try to leave you as a satisfied commissioner :)


On the other hand...

I do art trades too!

Please note that I only
art trade for traditional
work and that I will only
art trade with artists on
an equal skill level than
I am. So please don't be
hurt if I decline your request!

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