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pit stop

By lychi
Abandoned buildings! Bicycle touring! Adventures and exploration!
There's always fun things to do post-apocalypse.
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© 2014 - 2021 lychi
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I love how devastating this piece, but seeing the children, gives adds a form of peace to this. This piece is a mixture of emotion.
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Love this! Post moaaarrr
coooooool love the landscape!
Do you work in the art field? (Do animation professionally?) 
dzioo's avatar
even if it has a sketchy feeling it still feels very realistic, nice job!
orangehexagon's avatar
daaaaaaaaaaamn. thas ill.
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JesusfreaksRwe's avatar
Wow! Awesome! Was this all free-hand perspective?
wirecord's avatar
wow love the attention and consideration into detail you worked into this! actually the more i look at it, the more i love the textures in the plants/shrubs/'greenery' (haha) gosh i really enjoy this, i keep coming back to it.
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I love the fact that kids will be kids, pre or post apocalypse.  Very real!
Beautiful environment is beautiful.
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very cool :ahoy: (it reminds me of my childhood, exploring with my brother an old abandoned factory close to my place ^^)  
lychi's avatar
I'm happy to hear it reminded you of that. Sounds like your childhood was fun and adventurous! 
(I'm looking forward to the day I'll be able to explore an abandoned factory too :D ) 
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Dat background so nice I didn't the dudes standing in it
lychi's avatar
haha thanks! :D
Pallid's avatar
That's awesome dude! LOL I like your optimism. :)
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Haha thanks Mo! Yes, it's good to have it. :D
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i love the details of this environment. 
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Amazing! This really does give a great sense of exploration, I can only imagine what things they might find and come across!:happybounce: 
lychi's avatar
Thanks~ I'm glad you feel that way!
I imagine it'd be interesting to go through old forgotten buildings and see what kind of life people had left behind. It'd be like going through a messy history book (or museum, rather)! 
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Yes, and you captured all of that perfectly!
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I love the amount of detail in there. Great environment design! ;)
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