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My character Noah. Holding a fragile flower, the origin of problems but also the solution of problems. Hmm, what should he do with it?
I wanted that semi-oldish European feel, for the setting of the story. Inspired by the old masters!
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RetakeThisWorldHobbyist General Artist
Wow, I love the emotion and tones here.

Haha, I can totally tell this was inspired by the masters. The drapery, tenebroso, light effects.
It's archaic, yet ageless.

Great work!
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Good work and nice light :clap:
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This is strikingly beautiful, and singularly inspiring. Really. I want to paint like this someday :heart:
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kidkyanStudent Traditional Artist
It's so beautiful. You are so AWESOME!
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Your deviation was featured in this news article!
Do browse through the other amazing deviations!
Thank you!
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I love this job! very beautiful, bright colors. how long do you paint?
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Humm thats funny, played a roleplaying game with my friends, I was GM and had writen a story where the sollution to all their problems was infact one iceblue flower and a firered flower :O
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OhImSeeinStarsStudent Digital Artist
Reminds me so much of John Singer Sargent. This is so dark and has such attitude. I love it.
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Thanks! Yeah, definitely Sargent influenced, that guy is badass!
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OhImSeeinStarsStudent Digital Artist
Indeed he is. A great guy to look up to. :D
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mimikooyaHobbyist General Artist
incredible how the dark atmosphere on a bright red flower can make it seem like flame...This has GOT to be planned out!
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ExemplarX3Hobbyist General Artist
beautiful :3
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inspiredcreativityProfessional Digital Artist
This is beautifully done. Light and shadow make this piece (think Rembrant). The composition, the draping, the facial expression, everything helps to to tell your story.

Great art invokes emotion, mood, and thought, with a dash of wonder thrown in.
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KoooshStudent Digital Artist
Looks great D The colors are just fabolous <3 How long did this take you?
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Haha dangit! I was hoping that I wrote that somewhere but I didn't. So, nope, I don't know the exact number of hours l for sure, but I remember the work process; started it one evening and got the basic pose down; did most of it the second day; and maybe a few days later, went back and did some light touch ups. I think a few months ago I also went and touched up the face again. So as for how long it took me... I can't say for sure since my work flow is pretty scattered, but those are some facts you can work with.
Thanks for the comment!
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P1pp1NHobbyist General Artist
wow... this is so brilliant. i love the colours and the texture of it mmmmmm... make feel nice.
thank you for being so talented lol.
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I loooove your painting style! I see how you're inspired by the old masters, it looks lovely. :heart:
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ParizeHobbyist General Artist
I really like this, its very nice n n
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OOH! its a goal of mine to paint like this (digitally of course)
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Is this the one from the ark or his cousin?

Pretty dam smex in my oppinion tho and has that old hebrew kinda look to him. Makes me wanna grab two of each animal and put em on a super sized cruise boat =D.
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"Is this the one from the ark or his cousin?"
Haha nahh its an original character, nothing that directly relates to the religious context other than random symbolism or whatnot. (haha, from the arl)

"Makes me wanna grab two of each animal and put em on a super sized cruise boat =D."
Lol! Sounds like a difficult task. Make sure you take images and upload a Youtube video if you do =P
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somehow, some of your artwork reminds me of the samaurai 7 artwork.
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I love classics. It is beautiful..!
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nice work.........
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