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Hell Hound by CreativeFiddler
Lycan by CreativeFiddler
The Creative Werewolf by CreativeFiddler
Blood thirsty Lycan by CreativeFiddler
Orokan and Trevor by TheKarelia
Wolf head by chiakka
'Trevor Ren Ren' Competition by shiverz
Winter: Wolf by shiverz
Metalhead Lycan by Khatulue
Lycan Stalker by Khatulue
Werewolf........ WITH A MOHAWK by Khatulue
The Frosted Plains by DeadAnthro

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content

Blossoming Darkness
Wolf Legend Book Cover by SaraChristensen
Learning to fly by dragonzero1980
A sad little by dragonzero1980
Cyrus at new moon by Xeitone

Pack Rules (as of 10-2-11)

These rules are subject to change.

:bulletblack: There is no limit to the amount of visual art submissions you can make in a day

:bulletblack: All you have to do to submit is put it in featured. We'll take care of the rest.

:bulletblack: Each submission will be reviewed by one of the alphas (administrators) before being posted.

:bulletblack: Your submission must have something to do with lycanthropes or werewolves.

:bulletblack: If it is a literature submission with lycans or werewolves, it must be about them.

:bulletblack: For poetry, it again must be about lycans or werewolves. Trust the alphas' judgement.

:bulletblack: You don't have to submit anything to be a member.

:bulletblack: You don't have to be a member to submit anything. However, as a non-member, you are only allowed one submission per week, and one favorite suggestion per day.

:bulletblack: Respect the alphas. Disrespect will not be tolerated, and there is a zero tolerance policy.

:bulletblack: Do not ask for a position as an alpha. We will decide, case by case, if a position is deserved. If you ask, it will count against you.

:bulletblack: Have fun here. Whether you believe in lycans or not is irrelevant.

:bulletblack: Be nice.

:bulletblack: Do not change forms in public. We don't want to deal with the aftermath.

:bulletblack: You do not need to ask to affiliate or join. If you send an invitation to affiliate, please state your reason in the message box given.

:bulletblack: Submissions with simply normal wolves will not be accepted. We love them, but they aren't werewolves or lycans.

:bulletblack: Only administrators get special folders for their series.

:bulletblack: I review each case when considering banning someone. The judgement is fair in my eyes, so it's fair. If you have a problem, take it up with :iconcheif15:. However, only do this if you honestly feel like I haven't listened.

:bulletblack: NO PORNOGRAPHY!!! There may be nudity in an image, but it must not be the focus of the image. The definition of pornography is up the the discretion of the administrators. If, perchance, one does get through, I'll be sure to personally remove it. You are not in trouble for submitting or trying to submit any, but you must be more careful.

:bulletblack: Only three literature submissions that are more than one page a week. It is difficult to read through every one when my inbox is crowded. Admins are exempt from this rule.

:bulletblack: Please save your own time and don't write a message to join. All requests are auto-accepted.

:bulletblack: These rules are the rules. Even if they are as of three years ago, these are what you must follow.

Written by :iconpokemon-tf-fan:

Territory Tracker

We use this to track anyone who passes through our territory, pack or not. Feel free to run through, or to stay. Whichever you wish.
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These groups are affiliated with us for good reason. If you have a suggestion of a group for us to affiliate with, please tell us. Our affiliates are, as a rule, wolf related.
We're still here. All that's really been going on is some new deviations. I have got an announcement, though. There's a contest going on over at :iconcarwick-central:. Here's the contest straight from the source.

Our book (Legend Unleashed) has just recently been published and we are now running a competition. We were wondering if you guys could mention the competition to the group?

People just have to draw, or make, any sort of art piece based on the excerpts from our book (but no written pieces). The book is in the young adult, urban fantasy genre; full of werewolves and magic!
Here are some excerpts:…,…,…, and…

The entrants could be in with a chance of winning copies of the book and other goodies, if they are interested and want to enter!

Head on over if you're interested!
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Group Info

Lycanthropes. Lycans. Werewolves. They're all accepted here. Whether you submit writing, drawings, or just announce that you enjoy lycans, you can join this club. We're open to furries, otherkin, therians, or just fans of the species.

A lycanthrope (homo lupus) is a creature capable of voluntary metamorphosis. Lycans have two forms. One form is nearly identical in all aspects to humans, while the other is nearly identical in all aspects to a wolf. Most lycans' wolf form is that of a grey wolf, but is isn't uncommon to find other species. The lycanthropic germ can be spread in many ways, the most popular being a bite. Other ways include a parental unit having it, or drinking from the paw/footprint of a lycan. Lycans that were once human retain their eye color unless something happens where their wolf side completely loses control. At this point, their eyes will become permanently yellow or silver. Lycans born so will have a natural eye color of yellow or silver. Lycans can change into their other form at any time they choose, but must change when the full moon shines on them.

Werewolves are very similar to lycanthropes, but do vary. The most noticeable difference is that a werewolf's wolf form is anthropomorphic. The second, major difference is that werewolves have less control over their wolf form. They cannot change willingly. The full moon brings on a period where they must change. It's possible for the child of a werewolf to not be one themselves. More research must be done to figure out what decides this.
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Gyoul83 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017
We need your help to get a werewolf included in an upcoming game.…
LongbowSR Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2016  Student Writer
I would like to know if this group really is in anyway active still

I sent in four drawings about a week ago and still nothing
LongbowSR Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2016  Student Writer
so I submitted two deviations one yesterday and another a week ago, it says they have yet to be accepted

just wanted to know if you guys have just been busy or there was something I missed

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Thank U! :)
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Thanks for the add!
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Just letting you guys know that there's a werewolf artist thief on the loose, and her username goes by the name of Pain-and-misery
Jeremy-Burner Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2014  Student Digital Artist
just curious but, does this group accept shapeshifting as well or is it specifically werewolves. I want to post this around but don't know if this quite fits into your category Don by Jereth-Bane
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hi can you accept pls the afflication of my group 2020ad 
LongbowSR Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Student Writer
hey I have a question. I'm starting a series but I am not sure if you would accept it the main character is a lycan but there are other characters that aren't werewolves of lycans. I just want to know if you would accept it.
Pokemon-TF-Fan Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Absolutely! We don't expect the whole world to be gifted with lycanthropy. All I ask is that you please only submit a few chapters and not the whole story.
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