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Purrsonal time with Blake

I've changed the text in the drawing after a few people had some trouble reading the text. Sorry about that. I hope this edit has helped. If not, you might be better downloading the image. Apologise for the inconvenience guys!
Take into account some people may have not started watching or even finished RWBY, so I don't want to see spoilers here. Be respectful of others. If do see a spoiler, I'll hide the comment. No ifs or buts.

Heheh cat puns...yeah I suck at 'em. Seriously, I just here for nearly an hour trying to think of that title but I digress...

A little something I've been working on in-between commissions and other sketches.
I LOVE RWBY. I'm a big fan of it and I've wanted to draw art of the show for sometime now. Yang being my favourite character 0 3 0  I also love the pairing between Yang and Blake, Bumbleby, I don't know why I just really like these 2 characters and the artwork of the pairing that I've seen is just too cute and makes me love the ship more! So of course I was gonna draw fetish stuff about them, not in a romantic way but still~ Flirty Chibi Ruby Rose Icon  So here you have 'em. Yang giving Blake some laughs and not from her terrible puns which probably aren't helping the situation either. Happy overall with how it looks, though I'm not happy with how the books turned out in the background, I actually had a hard time with them for some reason but just something to work on another time. Any how, enjoy!
Blake & Yang (c) RWBY, RoosterTeeth
Artwork (c) LycanthropAsh
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WIfootlvr's avatar
lol love the puns,nice work
ticklefeetgirl's avatar

Hee hee! Too CUUUTE! LOVE!

PhantomRacer177's avatar
This what I call playful and mischievous of Yang to do this to her ally Blake. Not that I blame Yang for doing that though and they both look fantastic in your art style.
Kermitthefrog223456's avatar
She finds the tickling preferable to the puns.
sageoftruth's avatar
Oooh, that's insidious! Tickling her AND forcing her to laugh at terrible cat puns? Careful there, Yang. Some lines aren't meant to be crossed.
LycanthropAsh's avatar
Well, if Blake isn't going to laugh at her puns normally, she'll have to use a little PURRsuasion ;D
Phuram's avatar
Great pic. It looks very cute. I really like how Yang looks here. And the puns made me smirk XD
LycanthropAsh's avatar
Thank you very much ^^ Glad you enjoy it and the puns ;D
FootfetishWriter's avatar
The horror, the horror, why would this person use a pile of books for a leg on the bed! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! :o (Eek) :o (Eek)  
LycanthropAsh's avatar
I blame Yang and Ruby for that one XD; Probably the only thing they could think of using to make bunk beds.
angelXgrave's avatar
i havent been watching rwby (season 1-3) for a hot minute, does yang pun this much in the show? 
LycanthropAsh's avatar
Not as much as this no, but she is known for her puns ^^
DimensionDefender's avatar
I cannot even begin to imagine the revenge of Blake. I mean, Yang's puns definitely added to the frustration, right? So, how far past her limits would Blake tickle Yang?

I try to ask the important questions, and i would if i knew where the important questions were...
LycanthropAsh's avatar
Hmm, I'm not too sure myself though you're probably right about the puns adding fuel to the fire. Maybe she'd wait for Yang to workout and torment her during it, like when she's lifting weights or something similar.
DimensionDefender's avatar
Yeah, that would make sense. But maybe during something like push-ups instead of lifting weights. Blake would wanna tickle the living hell outta Yang without getting her hurt.
LycanthropAsh's avatar
That sounds a lot safer XD Not at a bad idea at all.
DimensionDefender's avatar
Yeah, and a lot more fun, since it would be a lot easier to pin Yang down seeing as she'd already be on the ground.
necrosnecrofriggin's avatar
could you do yang being tickled
LycanthropAsh's avatar
Maybe in the future, we;ll see what happens.
Devious-Drake's avatar
Ooooooh boy.  Why can I see this scene actually happening in the series?  This was flipping adorable, great job on the piece.  Wonder if Ruby and Weiss will also be getting some attention?  Maybe the perky "team leader" will try to help "cheer up" Miss Ice Queen lol.
LycanthropAsh's avatar
We can only hope it will happen in the series or at least something similar XD Thank you very much hun~
Hmm we shall see what the future brings, Ice Queen could use some cheering up that's for sure XD
Devious-Drake's avatar
You're very welcome, it'd be quite cute if they do have such tickle scenes in it.  They had that quick scene in Volume 1, but that was far too short.

And that she does.  She frowns far too much, she needs some smiles to help keep her spirits up.
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