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New York Day 2 Ch.18
• My sandwich lies cold in front of me.
• I'm no longer hungry.
• The man returns to the present.
• Smiles.
• I want to ask 'what then'?
• He seems to know what's on my mind.
• Says that the authorities declared that the guests died in an accidental house fire.
• The manor staff disbanded.
• Hints that the last he heard of Ashton was him working on 'Friendship and something'.
• I ask 'is that a ship'?
• "of sorts." smile.
• What did you do?
• He went off and made a life of my own.
• He stopped living other people's lives.
• Stopped trying to plaster over the void in himself, cowering behind the existence of others.
• So that's how it is, he lives in his own world and contents himself with himself.
• "Did you ever find anything else out what happened?"
• He looks at me.
• "I recognise that feeling, be careful, it's only going to get you hurt."
• Looks up and recognises
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New York Day 2 Ch.17
• Much much later, fire brigade arrives with police.
• There's an investigation and main char is asked many questions.
• He answers honestly: he doesn't know.
• Main char is shocked at his emptiness.
• He so desperately wanted to know the story, to fill himself with their lives.
• But now he would never know.
• All evidence, anything lost.
• The vacuum hangs in him painfully.
• He cries, realising what he is.
• He's always been a gossip because he's never had his own story.
• Never made his own life.
• Never looked to his own world as a source of joy and entertainment.
• So he's turned to the lives of other's.
• Leached, sapped and stole.
• In many respects, he saw so much of himself in Logan.
• So much so that it was painful for the two of them to be together.
• Yet so too he had seen the same thing in Kathryn,  someone who had a hole in her the size of the world.
• Instead
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New York Day 2 Ch.16
• Sounds.
• Somehow, sounds.
• Main char realises that Eli covered him and took most of the force.
• He struggles to take a breath.
• He hears sounds.
• He finds it in him to make a noise.
• He's inhaling ash when light, painful light, hits him.
• They're both pulled clear from the wreckage.
• The rest of the staff are either laughing or crying.
• Main char notices Kris cuddling a weeping Ashton and Claire crying over a wounded Eli and he allows himself a smile.
• He's dazed and still coughing ash.
• His thoughts turn to Logan and Kathryn.
• What happened after they left the house?
• He's on the ground staring at the grass and gravel.
• It has to have a clue.
• He can't be left like this.
• He needs to know.
• He spots Claire holding something familiar.
• He stumbles over to her and finds her holding the final spool and next to the playback device.
• He begs her to pl
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New York Day 2 Ch.15
• Finds the entrance to the loft.  
• Finds bullet casings on the floor, trap door still open, bullet holes in the ceiling and walls.
• He starts to jump and see if he can pull himself up.
• He's startled by Eli who has managed to catch up to him.
• He pleads to Eli to lift him up so he can see what's up there.
• He needs to know what they saw, declaring it to be the central piece to everything.
• Eli refuses initially and goes to take the main char.
• They wrestle.
• He argues and shouts and they get violent.
• Eli is a lot stronger and doesn't take long to be in the advantage.
• Eli sees his determination and agrees to lift him up.
• He gets most of the way and doesn't see anything special, yet, when the floor beneath them starts to give way.
• Eli drops him quickly.
• Main char roars at being so close.
• Main char tries climbing the walls to get up again.
• Eli tackles him out of the
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New York Day 2 Ch.14
• Upstairs they hear what sounds like creeping, footsteps, movement from up in the loft.
• The main char urges them to find the entrance hatch hidden in a cupboard.
• They find the hatch.
• Kathryn goes up first and Logan follows.
• The others have almost broken through into the main room.
• Just as Logan gets up there's shouting and screaming.
• Bodies fall back down the stairs and the gun keeps going off until there are no more bullets to be fired.
• There's shouting.
• Barely hears Logan shouting that his ankle is broken.
• There is running and inaudible shouting.
• At this point on the tape there is a clear sound of a roaring fire and the main char presumes that the odd sound he heard on the previous tape was the fireplace fire spreading.
• But he can see the fire guard in place, so either a piece popped suddenly and violently or it was intentionally moved.
• Amanda shouts, "I've got you."
• Main ch
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New York Day 2 Ch.13
• The storm is going full fury on the outside of the house.
• It all but drowns out conversation.
• But what conversation is limited and short-lived.
• The food is chewed and a fire is lit and they wait.
• Thunder strikes.
• Thunder strikes again.
• Thunder strikes again and there's a shattering scream along with a gunshot.
• Part of the room main char is in collapses.
• He struggles to move the audio equipment in time to avoid the collapse.
• The others outside redouble their efforts to get to him.
• Kathryn and Logan are asking each other about the shadow that they saw projected into the room by the lightning.
• Main char realises this is where the bullet hole came from: Logan shooting out the window at the figure.
• The house groans from upstairs.
• They take the gun, remove a barricade and head off.
• The main char listens for more sounds and hears some odd scraping sounds from the main room b
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New York Day 2 Ch.12
• The next few reels he plays through quickly.
• Setting up the room with fuel for the night and food.
• Barricading.
• Small talk, barely any chatter.
• Logan decides to put Amanda's diary back into her room in her suitcase.
○ "It feels right."
• Then waiting.
• Lots and lots of silence.
• Then they begin talking.
• Logan says that 'you're not like Amanda'
○ "What's that meant to mean?"
○ You're not making me happy.
○ You're not making any sense.
○ Amanda gave me happiness.  You're not giving me anything.
• Kathryn explains that all she's ever wanted is to help her friends.
○ Am I your friend?
○ Silence.
○ I don't know.
• Amanda tells Logan that he's wrong for taking advantage of Amanda like that.
• Logan explains his past with Amanda and his obsession with her.
• Logan explains that he wanted to be liked but Amanda was the only one he could be around, eve
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New York Day 2 Ch.11
• In the house the main character goes downstairs.
• Discovers very technical equipment that is ruined.
• Find undamaged audio reels in protective casings.
• Ask the other what it is.
• Told that Sir had an audio recording system throughout the house and used it for his business and also instructed the heads of the house to turn it on over the weekend in order to keep an ear on the guests.
• Main char wonders what he could have done if he knew that the house could be listened to at his whim.
• Starts playing the tapes.
• Logan and Kathryn arguing about what happened to Amanda.
• They found the diary and were discussing what it's state meant.
• Kathryn accusing Logan and Logan accusing Kathryn.
• Main char called upstairs and told to get out but refuses, he has to know more.
• The house shudders.
• He says that he'll be up in the main room so they can watch him.
• Promises that he'll come out if they dem
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New York Day 2 Ch.10
• The day passes.
• They alternate between okay and angry tension.
• They go searching but nothing.
• Amanda hasn't forgiven Kathryn.
• Amanda gets the strong feeling that Kathryn would like to apologise and make up.
• Her emotions start to get the better of her and she turns to Logan for support.
• "Should I apologise to Kathryn?"
• "What do you need Kathryn for?"
• She uses him for emotional support but everything she gives is just swollowed into his depths.
• She knows that if she continues like this then she'll never be able to find it in her to get back together.
• But she is afraid of being without anyone to project onto, anyone to find emotional stability with.
• So she projects onto Logan and her desire to make up is drained.
• Amanda hangs around Logan and refuses to apologise to Kathryn.
• Logan of course backs everything Amanda says.
• The day ends and they're all considering the worst
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New York Day 2 Ch.9
• Three return to the house.
• They eat food silently, confused and full of various emotions.
• Amanda is thoroughly scared and she starts to panic.
• The other's don't get why, saying he's just lost and they'll find him soon.
• Amanda writes how they misunderstand her fear.
• It is one part concern for Dustin but the rest is concern for the fact that she doesn't have a support to lean on.
• Logan almost slowly clicks that Dustin isn't around and gets a bit closer to Amanda.
• Kathryn gets a bit angry at Logan for acting odd.
• Amanda reacts angrily to Kathryn, gratefully using Logan in place of Dustin.
• It's not a real replacement but it'll do.
• Silence settles and Kathryn accepts Logan getting closer.
• They go out again.
• Shadows lengthen.
• Darkness falls.
• They return three.
• Dinner is a somber affair.
• Theories thrown out that make everyone uncomfortable.
• Logan gets
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New York Day 2 Ch.8 (Keyframed)
• Amanda's perspective.
• Friday, everyone leaves
• Immediately Dustin talks about hunting.
• Arguing over the fact that this is wrong and illegal.
• Amanda eventually changes her mind and Logan agrees with her at all points
• Amanda walks off, Logan follows her.
• Amanda notes how Kathryn doesn't dare look at Dustin properly.  
• Amanda and Dustin talk.
• Amanda feels the conflict.
• Amanda hints that she knows what happened between them but doesn't bring it up.
• She can't bring it up, she needs Dustin to secure herself on.
• Dustin steals the rifles from the master bedroom and prepared to go hunting.
• He and Logan take a rifle each.
• Four leave the house.
• Into the woods they go.
• Dustin is full on exploration mode, this excites everyone else too.
• When they don't find anything to shoot at after a while, Kathryn comments that perhaps they should go back.
• Dustin rea
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New York Day 2 Ch.7
Disembarking the carriage involved stepping into a puddle of fresh mud, caking newly cleaned boots.  The only part of this that I noticed however was that it took me a brief tug to free my feet: all my senses were forward, trying to take in the scene.  A humid wall surrounded the manor, a barrier that you felt and had to push through to cross.  It radiated out of the still warm wreckage, bringing with it the hundred thousand smells of the house, all cursed with burnt destruction.  The burning was ever present, stretching its tentacles out to drag us in as we stood in a line, each trying to form something to say, some action to do, anything other than nothing.  Yet nothing is what we did, for apparently there was nothing to be said or nothing to be done.
Claire started wondering around the house in an arc, keeping just outside the worst of the stench, respecting it's inner bubble.  We found ourselves following, going around the manor and taking in the destr
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New York Day 2 Ch.6
My tune melt had cooled enough for me to bite into without jerking it out of my mouth in pain and so I heartedly dug in and chewed it to a pulp.  The old man had fallen into a quiet trance as memories danced behind his eyes.  I had been trying to pay him only curious levels of attention but I was finding myself drawn into the story.  I realised as I swallowed my food that I wasn't as hungry as I had been a short while ago.  Was this story affecting me too, just as he had been?  Though as yet, I was unsure of where it was heading.  And for some reason that concerned me greatly.  The man was a self-confessed gossip, a hoarder of all things personal, and yet he hadn't paid anything more than politely curious questions as to myself.  Were they even the same person?  I kept the questions to myself though, he clearly wasn't done with his story and I didn't want to break his flow to ask questions that may well answer themselves.
Yet his silence con
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New York Day 2 Ch.5
Half an hour later, my forearms were trembling, sweat inching its way across my dusty skin and the mosquitoes had come out of their siesta in earnest.
"Okay quick break."  I declared, dumping my side of the mattress.
Bernie, her body-covering uniform doing her absolutely no favours, put her side down, "You're a prat." she spat.
"I haven't forgotten…"  I said, regretting some choices I'd made.
We were lost.  Okay, not entirely lost.  We knew we were on the main road out of the manor.  But we had no idea where we were in relation to our increasingly mythical destination.
"Do you want to go back, find Eli and get him to guide us?"
"No…we can do it.  He said it's a long way out so clearly we just need to keep walking and then we'll find it."
"Or clearly we're going to be walking for another hour because you're refusing to listen to any sensible idea."
"If you don't like it then just give me the money back."
"Okay, sure.  Here you go, now enjoy
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New York Day 2 Ch.4
"The two of them were arguing, I'm sure of it."
"No silly, they were just laughing over some joke."
"The quiet guy definitely has his eyes on the blonde one?"
"Amanda?  No, no no.  He's after Kathryn."
"I think the guy's father is someone important, I heard him say something about his election."
"No, you heard wrong.  They were just discussing their state's politics and nominations."
Wherever I went and whoever I went to there were always two opinions: both contradictory and each one more sure than the last of what they really were like.  This made it all the more frustratingly tasty that I just couldn't get close to them individually.  Dustin, Amanda, Kathryn and…the last one.  No-one had seemed to get much about him.  I know that he was always by the side of at least one of his friends at any given moment, and I know four different stories about where he stands in their relationship circle, but he's a cut-out in my understanding so far.
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New York Day 2 Ch.3
"Sir was very clear on his insistence that the guests must have a memorable first night.  The weather appears permitting and so I would like the fire pit prepared to be cooked on and entertained around."  Claire addressed the four of us, arms crossed across her torso, an amused flicker behind her eyes when she saw my still wet hair and slight shivering.
The fire pit was a brief walk into the forests around the manor.  With the sun barely past its zenith, the green and golden air vibrated with humidity and even the insects appeared to have called a time-out on their usual antics.  There hadn't been a real rain storm in weeks and the ground crumbled loosely under our shoes, the usually vicious branches hung limply, placid, unable to gather the effort to spring sharply back into our faces.  Over gullies and around trunks, we eventually trudged our way into the clearing with the fire pit in the centre.  Eli turned and held out his hand again to draw pre-determ
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Joshua's Bad Week Update 25!

Wed Feb 12, 2014, 8:12 AM
Joshua's Bad Week: now with the highest quality startled pigeon sounds money can buy. :D

Level 3 now has its two main enemies and I'm working on the bosses (once I actually work out what I want them to do).

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