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journal edit: well, now that i've illicitly gotten everyone's attention, i'd like to direct it at this big fat survey o-LJ-o had me fill out. blame her!

crusty ham+mustard stuff no one cares about:

:blahblah: :blahblah: :blahblah: :blahblah: :blahblah:

i've made a few non-microsoft builds of the latest incarnation of my 2d ifs app; the previous ones didn't work on some machines because that lame microsoft library installer failed. they come in two flavours: for newish machines and for crusty machines ;P pentium-4, pentium-m, core duo and athlon64 users should use the first link; if you're not sure what cpu you have, grab the second. of course, you could just grab both and swim triumphantly in a sea of exe files!

NB: it won't work out of the box because i opted not to have 7 copies of the 1mb cygwin.dll file in the zip. if you'd like to avoid manually copying it into each of the 7 folders, just move it into your windows/system32 folder for windows xp, or windows/system for windows 98/me

pentium-m version: www.fractographer.com/binaries… (newer machines)
athlon-xp version: www.fractographer.com/binaries… (older machines)


* directx 9
* 300mb of memory for the aa versions
* a bit of practise getting used to the keys+workflow :/ the readme contains important usage info!

suggestions for improvements are totally welcome, but i'm studying+exam'ing soon so might not get right on it (especially obvious requests like a gui and some proper documentation). having said that, my procrastinatory powers are legendary ;)

:blahblah: :blahblah: :blahblah: :blahblah: :blahblah:

funky new questionaire/survey stuff:

Spell your first name backwards:

Story behind your DEVIANTART name:
my "full" online nick is lycium, but roundabout my irc'ing demoscene days i got  to abbreviating it.

In which month were you born?
late september (libra)

Where do you live?
in a horrible sub-sub-sub-urban town, in southern africa, on a planet carried around in a leather bag by an old man.


leather billabong; functional

heh it's a red toyota, unlicensed, and it's getting sold because i'm emigrating :P i've driven it some, hmm, 100m or so.

my vibrator is a braun, recharable, and one of those high-powered models (not the tame one).

Jewelry worn daily:
only those i haven't had surgically removed (ouch).

Pillow Case:
brown / blue (not both you silly, alternates).

black boxers :)

i feel the same way about those as i do about those "helper wheels" kids sometimes have on the side of their bikes.

(of course, that's because i could never find a pair that suit me)

Favourite shirt:
my thinkgeek "code poet" and "kung foo" tie :)

mostdays ego/axe/whatever they call it now, but i have this fine smelling diesel stuff for when i'm feeling optimistic ;)

CD in stereo:
right now, felix laband's "dark days exit" (if stereo means 5.1 surround pc setup).



Wearing now:
not spandex for a start: www.spandexwear.com/buffet/buf…
more specifically, black jeans and an orange t-shirt. *yawn*

mostly not to fail all my exams this year ;P um, some more free time would be nice otherwise. oh, and a decent internet connection. also some friends and/or a girlfriend would be cool ;)

heh, i suck!

where do i start... i guess a solution to the world's clean energy problems would be the least selfish and most long term thing, the complete opposite of which would probably be a roast leg of lamb.

The last thing you ate:
ham and mustard :D

Something you are afraid of:
lost youth...


Do you like candles:
that's circumstantial; on average, no more than i do highland cattle, but since i've peeked at the nest few questions i'll go with "yes" ;P

Do you like the taste of blood:
er, not really.

Do you believe in love:
aye, painful thing :/

Do you believe in soul mates:
yes :)

Do you sleep naked?
never alone.

Do you eat seafood?
yup, but most fish isn't very tasty.

Do you believe in God?
if god is defined as the most powerful being in the universe, there kindof has to  be one; the bible is a horrible book though, ironically the last thing children should be reading!

Do you remember your dreams?
rarely (quite often for the better).

Do you consider yourself a study freak?
in a university context the most accurate answer would be FUCK NO.
however, since i'm almost completely self-taught wrt maths and programming and have done very little else over the last few years, that's a strong yes.

Do you consider yourself a health nut?
nah, mostly because i've yet to be affected in any noticeable way by what i do or don't eat...

Do you like tattoos?
if they don't cover every cm^2 of skin there is, sure.

Do you believe in miracles?
statistically, "miracles" are an inevitability ;P
i'm pretty big on statistics and not so big on religion, so again it's down to interpretation.

Do you burn easily in the sun?
what is this "sun" to which you refer? :/

Do you speak a language other than English?
german and afrikaans.

(and sometimes c/c++, java, pascal, basic, x86+mips assembler, etc. yes, spoken out loud and in chats.)

What's something you wish you could understand better?
why civilisation wants to judge me by a worthless piece of paper rather than relevant accomplishments :(


Are you shy around your crush?
hmm probably would be ;) alright, definitely...

Still have feelings for anyone in a past relationship?

Do you know what it feels like to be in love?


Where is your favourite place to shop?
hmm, where they're selling good stuff?

What colour looks best on you?
i've never been a good judge of my own looks :/

What is your favourite thing to wear?
jeans and a comfy jersey. ahhh...

of course, when going out to a club (as i did in a past life) i'll wear something  else.

How much money have you spent in a single clothing store?
don't recall exactly, quite a lot >_<

Who is the least fashionable person you know?
um, difficult to say; we all have our own style eh.

Do you match your belt with your hair colour?
no, but i wouldn't mind black hair.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

What is the worst trend you see today?
generally i don't care, but this business of guys wearing pink must stop.

Do you do drugs?
not for a while now...

What kind of soap do you use?
the clean kind.

What are you listening to right now?
autechre's cichlisuite ep.

Who was the last person that called you?
probably my brother (because he left his keys at home, because i'm always there to open the gate for him and thus there's no consequence... grrr...)

How many buddies are online right now?

Do you send out holiday cards each year?
i suck soooo much with stuff like that :(

Hair right now:
in DESPERATE, DESPERATE need of a cut!

hmm :/ university... bane of my existence...
© 2006 - 2021 lyc
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the downloadlinks are dead :(
lyc's avatar
yeah my old website is gone... but don't worry, you're not missing out on much, the program was pretty restricted (no proper user interface, controlled by keys) and slow and limited to one "family" of fractals etc... nothing like apophysis. basically they were a few versions i made with hardcoded presets and randomisation functionality.
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I just got ham&mustard (the older machine one, unfortunately :(), it works, I will have to play with it a bit. :) So far it looks cool, nice work.

Why did you name it ham&mustard?
"statistically, "miracles" are an inevitability ;P" - good quote
Why not sleep naked alone? What if it's hot out?
I need a hair cut too. :(
She-geeks don't have it that easy.
lyc's avatar
sorry h+m is still randomised (in parts at least), writing a gui is going to take forever :/

name: ham and mustard is delicious.
nekkidness: if it's hot, forget the blanket
she-geeks: yeah right, as if there aren't hundreds of guys like me on the prowl ;P
trystianity's avatar
eh, I'm not complaining. I like h+m so far. :)

name: I can't eat ham, intolerant. :(
nekkid: who needs an excuse anyway
she-geeks: I swear I must smell bad or something. :lonely:
lyc's avatar
hey cool, i'm glad it's working for you! doesn't work on some boxen it seems :/

name: truth be told i prefer leg of lamb, but that's an even worse name than h+m (the app will get split into two parts kinda like apo/flam3 eventually)
nekkid: furry muff
she-geeks: i know exactly what you mean :( fat load of good "looking like ashton kutcher" has ever done me :lonely:
trystianity's avatar
Ashton Kutcher? Now I have to be sleazy and ask for proof. ;)
I am tall and natural strawberry blonde and it hasn't done me much good, half crippled though so that might be it. :lol:
lyc's avatar
i could argue that so long as you're fishing in geek waters you kinda bring it upon yourself not to find anyone more interested in real girls than underage anime ones ;P well, there's my unfair gross generalisation for the day!

since i don't watch tv and few movies i hadn't heard of mr kutcher before being accused of his likeness, which i contend on the basis of not being nearly as muscular (could probably do the emo thing well, but no thanks). however, if i were to shave all the fuzz off my stomache it's getting there...

i've extremely few decent pictures of me, i've no idea "how to look" in front of a camera, and i think Lisa was just being generous when she made that comment ;P still, if you really need convincing that i don't look like a truckdriver i'm happy to do at least that much!
trystianity's avatar
Ew. Not anime geeks. Emo is also disturbing.

I am not photogenic at all either, or I'm just not happy with my appearance in general, it's hard to say. Because women tend to have extremely distorted self images I don't trust any assumption or opinion I have about how I look to other people. And I don't trust anyone else to tell me how I look because they're probably either lying or can't be trusted because they would have some good reason to lie. So, based on logic, I can have no opinion about my appearance at all other than things I can verify with numbers and scientific data - like mass or height. =p

I'm getting a mental picture of an emo trucker with a thing for underage girls with extremely large eyes and pointy chins. :O_o:
Void-Hamlet-Herself's avatar
"Well, now that I've illicitly gotten everyone's attention ..."

I am still blaming YOU. :furious:

________________________________________ ____


Uhm, how does one START this ham&mustard hideousness?
Usually when I see an executable file, I run away screaming. When I see five folders of them ... even more.

________________________________________ ____

I hereby allow myself to chew and comment a bit on some of all these Q&As, hope you don't mind. :bomb:

:bulletgreen: "Where do you live? - In a horrible sub-sub-sub-urban town, in Southern Africa, on a planet carried around in a leather bag by an old man."

Republic of South Africa? The only other person I know from there is a biochemistry geek. Ah, cutters.

:bulletgreen: "Toothbrush: My vibrator is a braun, recharable, and one of those high-powered models (not the tame one)."

Awww. You don't have hands to do the job for you? I mean, move the toothbrush.

:bulletgreen: "Jewelry worn daily: - Only those I haven't had surgically removed (ouch)."

Explain? :o

:bulletgreen: "Wearing now: Not spandex for a start: [link] More specifically, black jeans and an orange t-shirt. *yawn*"


:bulletgreen: "Wishing: Mostly not to fail all my exams this year um, some more free time would be nice otherwise. oh, and a decent internet connection. also some friends and/or a girlfriend would be cool. Heh, I suck!"

I wish to you to fall in love. That would be ... great? ;-)

:bulletgreen: "Something you are afraid of: Lost youth..."

You are young as long as you feel young.

:bulletgreen: "Do you sleep naked? - Never alone."


:bulletgreen: "Do you believe in God? - If god is defined as the most powerful being in the universe, there kindof has to be one; the bible is a horrible book though, ironically the last thing children should be reading!"

I sometimes feel happy for growing up in the years when my country was still under comunistic regime. In the years to come, my father - a teacher in physics - made sure I had read history and essence of the most popular religions, and just like him I picked none.

:bulletgreen: "Do you consider yourself a study freak? - ... that's a strong yes."

Similar here. Or at least I can relate to it.

:bulletgreen: "Do you speak a language other than English? - German and Afrikaans (and sometimes c/c++, java, pascal, basic, x86+mips assembler, etc. yes, spoken out loud and in chats.)"

OK, now I believe in geek soulmates too (I don't speak Afrikaans and assembler, as for everything else ... shamefully, I do).

:bulletgreen: "Hair right now: In DESPERATE, DESPERATE need of a cut!"

Show us! :D
lyc's avatar
:bulletblue: "Awww. You don't have hands to do the job for you? I mean, move the toothbrush."

actually i still move the toothbrush around a lot, but the electric model allows me to save my strength for more interesting pursuits.

:bulletblue: "Jewelry worn daily: - Only those I haven't had surgically removed (ouch)." -> Explain?

just the crown jewels.


better than [link] still.

:bulletblue: "I wish to you to fall in love. That would be ... great? ;)"

it would be great... *sigh* she-geeks have it a lot easier though.

:bulletblue: "Do you sleep naked? - Never alone." -> Try!!!

butbut, there are monsters underneath my bed! with no one else to protect them, how will i defend the (abovementioned) jewelry from being bitten off?! >_<

:bulletblue: "... my father - a teacher in physics - ..."


:bulletblue: "now I believe in geek soulmates too"

you can be my geeky soulmate anyday :hug:

:bulletblue: "Show us! :D"

ehhh fuck no ;P i do have some new and old pictures lying around tho; while i've disputed it, there have been claims that i look like ashton kutcher, even if his stomache is nowhere near as fuzzy as mine. [link] is kinda how i feel about it :)

re: h+m, i'll send you a note presently!
Void-Hamlet-Herself's avatar
PS Ever thought to apply Case Sensitive convention to written English? :P
lyc's avatar
i still write properly when it matters ;) if it matters to you i'll make an exception...
o-LJ-o's avatar
If I was you....id change 'vibrator' to 'toothbrush' :nod:


...thats how stutters start!
lyc's avatar
i had such a laugh when i got it for christmas because the box has a picture of some woman holding the thing up grinning wildly...

the next thing is that once, when i was taking a train into town, i asked a friend of mine to watch my bag for me while i answered a call. as a joke he put his feet on top of it (it's an old bag and i usually do the same), and the thing started buzzing like mad (was gonna sleep over). naturally i got really funny looks from my friend and the guy next to him, who was obviously pondering the extent (depth?) of our friendship since we were laughing like mad ;)
o-LJ-o's avatar
:laughing:..ohhh the shame!:faint:
onebadpenny's avatar
alright, dammit, i must be doing something wrong..
i've got a p4, 1.6mhz laptop with 512megs of ram
and i've got directx 9

so i ran the pentium version (after copying the cygwin file to everywhere)..
it thought for about a second, then made a new file (raw_file_size.txt), and that's it.. i figured fine, i'll try the other version... same thing

so.. what am i doing wrong...? any ideas? i'd really love to see this work :)
lyc's avatar
likely you're running the antialiasing (aa) versions. they're usually listed before the noaa version and thus subject to immense clickability ;)

summary from the readme: run the noaa version from any of the folders, and press lots of spacebar until something coolish comes up (yup, no apo-like control for now, because i suck). then you save with s, and get tweaking: rotation, zoom, panning, colours. save again. now you can look for variations with w and p, loading if they all suck (unlikely if the original was really cool). then, once you've saved the settings for what you'd like to render:

--important part--

you run the aa version. it'll take a while to come up (as you mentioned), then you select it and press u. this is to switch off the updating, which is outrageously slow, and will allow the actual rendering to happen much faster. after some time (something like a meal and a short nap) you press u again to switch the updating back on. it's going to take a mini eternity to do so (again, i know it sucks) so pressing u more will only leave you unsure as to whether it's updating or not ;) once it's updated, you can press e to eject the fullsize image (that .txt gives the size for loading in photoshop/gimp; again, because i suck it's a raw not bmp) and esc will save the supersharp 1280x960 version. if it's not sufficiently rendered you just hit u again and leave it for another while.

it occurs to me that all this would be a lot easier if the aa version didn't update at all on startup, and only updated once on pressing u instead of it being an annoying toggle. that goes into the next release i guess!
onebadpenny's avatar
ok, wait... here's the thing
i run the noaa.. nothing happens.. (no, really.. not a damn thing)
then, about a second later a new file appears in my file manager.. that raw file size.txt thing
that's it..
i've run it out of all 14 folders.. :)
and then went back and did the same with the aa, in case i read it wrong in the first place

any ideas?
arbzervor's avatar
dont wry i had the same problem. ask tom to give you a test renderer. that worked for me. now im submitting. :)

For tom: dude i think you should attach another link for that test render thing. since this seems to be a prity (spelt it right) persistant problem.

cool good luck getting it to work
onebadpenny's avatar
hey :) thanks!
now i gotta go see what you've done :D
arbzervor's avatar
lol :) np ;) must say that this is one of the most "fun" programs i have ever operated. it can be a bit frustrating at times. the multipliers for the zoom and rotate could be a bit higher. can be a bit time consuming.

lyc's avatar
the test versions i sent you use the same settings at the axp (2nd link) versions. it should work on a p3 or newer, in other words anything fast enough to actually use the program.

(and it's "pretty"- you need wordweb mister!)
arbzervor's avatar
LOL. dude. u confuse me.
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