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Hi guys, sorry it's been so long since the last update! There's been a lot of silent Chaotica progress on many fronts, from important fixes for Mac OS to a powerful new rendering mode and layers support...

But before I get into that, the other big news is the first Chaotica fractal art competition :#1:

This is a great opportunity to show off some really hot fractal renders and win a Chaotica licence and an iPod Nano! The free version of Chaotica may of course be used, and if you'd like help rendering a final version at higher resolution please don't hesitate to ask :D

The competition runs until the 25th of October, and entries must be posted in the competition forum thread.

I hope you'll all have a great time making sexy pixels for this competition! :w00t:

Now, about that Chaotica 1.1 release...

The headline new feature in this release is a novel anti-aliasing algorithm, which uses less memory for a comparable level of detail and delivers even higher quality results than before. It might be a bit slower than before (though some users have reported it's faster), and any performance results are welcome. Most of the groundwork for adding layers support has been done, however the UI elements are not yet ready and will still take some (lower priority) development effort to complete. It will be quite an interesting feature, and the basis of a lot of fun going forward; until then, please excuse the cheeky un-editable layer number control in the interface!

There are so many fixes and improvements for Mac OS in this release; for a full list of improvements and fixes please see the release info on the forum.

Thank you so much again for all the support, especially tatasz and FarDareisMai, and as ever if you encounter any problems please either note me here on dA or email


Chaotica 1.1 download links:

Windows installer: 32-bit or 64-bit

Windows portable version (7-zip archive): 32-bit or 64-bit

Mac OSX: 32- and 64-bit

Linux: 32-bit or 64-bit
© 2013 - 2021 lyc
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FractalDesire's avatar
Thank you for your commitment concerning Chaotica! :-)

I used the 32-bit-installer and I think that I have found some bug in this version. Chaotica crashes if I try to save the state of the current rendering. Would it be possible to save the actual brightness settings etc. too?
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1.1 is older than the version on the website, which is really the better place to look for new versions than here on dA ;)

also there's version 1.5 out soonish that will feature even more improvements and bugfixes (besides the keyframe animation support), something else to keep an eye out for :)
FractalDesire's avatar
Thank you for the info! I'll look at ... :-)
FruitnCreme's avatar
i'm gonna do the windows installer,what's that difference between 32 and 64 bit?
lyc's avatar
apophysis plugins are normally 32bit (however xyrus has released 64bit versions for 64bit apo 7x versions), so if you plan to use those the 32bit version would be the one to get. the 64bit version is faster and (if you use it commercially for making prints) can access huge amounts of memory.
reicaden's avatar
Lyc, is there an easy way to change the colors contained within my renders? I tried palette editor, but although i move the curves around, the colors do not seem to ever respond or change accordingly.
AkuraPare's avatar
oh, great news! big thanks for your efforts, thomas!!! - i tried new chaotica 1.1 yesterday for the first time (but not editor) and have some questions if i can...

1. is there possibility to save only curves settings?

2. is it ok if all 64bit dlls are already copied to subdirectory where they belong and when rendering flame with for example hypertile2 it says in diagnostics window that it uses 32bit plugin? what this message exactly means in 64bit chaotica?

3. because competition looks great and i am sure i will try - can you explain what negative colour or "ability to use any transforms as either pre_ or post_ in a flam3 transform" means? i feel lost :blushes:

4. should i register to chaotica forum to enter this competition? (well, i should do that anyway...)

5. you say you would like to see render times etc, what exactly is enough for you as a source of info? only efficience/time? or plus flame parameters? i can accumulate some data for you too...
lyc's avatar
1. unfortunately not yet, i want to add curve preset saving/loading because it'll be really convenient.
2. sorry, the message is indeed incorrect and says 32bit even if it's not.
3. for negative colours, if you're using the palette editor, you can drag the value in HSV below zero, so that it subtracts / cuts into instead of adding to the image. for the latter, if you have a transform like mobius, you automatically can use it as pre_mobius and post_mobius by putting it in the right place in the flam3_transform (in the world editor), whereas with apophysis you would need to specially compile each one... (and it doesn't exist)
4. yes, the entries must be posted in the competition entries thread.
5. DE speed in version 1.0.2 and in 1.1 would be great to know, thanks! :D
AkuraPare's avatar

thanks for fast replies! 

if you want, check - it is my first fast test, i do not understand numbers and do not know what to compare :) but de is much higher in 0.667 version...

lyc's avatar
ah, but the ancient 0.667 version isn't nearly as high quality and fast-converging (algorithmically, mathematically...) so the lower raw speed is offset by many other improvements... i think the natural comparison is against version 1.0.2.
AkuraPare's avatar

do you mean only 1.0.2 x 1.1 de comparison is useful? :( i do not have 1.0.2 installed... i finally installed 1.1 but still keep 0.667 for da uploads (1600x1600, etc.) and i am more than satisfied with render results.

btw, should we use new 1.1 version only for competition?

lyc's avatar
hmm, i suppose you can use whichever you like, but be aware that chaotica is moving forward and many new things will push towards an upgrade eventually, probably? i'm curious as to why you keep/prefer that old version, besides the higher reported DE speed; i suppose you can compare any two versions at equal time, with a reported SS factor / AA level.
reicaden's avatar
Lyc, is there an easy way to change the colors contained within my renders? I tried palette editor, but although i move the curves around, the colors do not seem to ever respond or change accordingly.
Lady-Compassion's avatar
AWESOME NEWS and contest.....!!!!!!
lyc's avatar
:dance: hope you'll have fun participating!
GraphicLia's avatar
:wave: Hi! I just went to download the x64 v1.1 Windows Installer package and received a message that the signature is corrupt or invalid. I accepted the option to delete the download. Any advice?
lyc's avatar
hiya, i just tried re-downloading and installing the 64bit 1.1 installer, and it worked just fine. maybe it's an internet connection problem corrupting the download?
GraphicLia's avatar
I'll try again later - like early tomorrow morning. I downloaded the 32-bit portable to the desktop since I'm using Apo 7x 15B - is this correct for DLL compatibility?
lyc's avatar
that should work fine, just make sure you fully extract it (not just the exe, all files and subdirectories) before putting the DLLs in the plugins directory.

for more information on setting up chaotica to work with apophysis (and in particular plugins) please see the relevant manual pages, last two pages in this section:…
ChaosFissure's avatar
I do not receive any error like this when trying to install Chaotica (64-bit).  It could be an antivirus or firewall messing with the install, perhaps?

What happens when you try to download/run the portable package?  The only difference between the "installer" and "portable" versions likely are that you can put the portable version anywhere, and installer probably wants to just install to C...
GraphicLia's avatar
No error msg while downloading the portable version 1.1.7  to the desktop but when I click on it I get the Windows msg that it can't open the file :?
lyc's avatar
if you're not familiar with zip files you should use the installer, it will make sure eveything is set up correctly.
ChaosFissure's avatar
That's because it's zipped.  You'll need 7zip ( ) to be able to open the archive and extract the files.
GraphicLia's avatar
Okay I used Peazip and got it unzipped. I'll make the association in Peazip to pick up 7Zip automatically in the future. Thanks! :)
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