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Last night we learnt that our dear friend in fractals, Light Ska Iktomi, has passed away: Devious Journal Entry

She was the sweetest, kindest person you could hope to meet online, and really held the Aposhack community together for many years. Those years were some of the best in my life, mostly because of the fractal scene, and she was so so dear to many of us... I genuinely weep for her passing, she was a great one :(

Some more sad news unfortunately, is that I have left my job at Glare Technologies after 9 years. When I joined Glare, I handed over the rights to Chaotica (... it's that old), and they will continue to own it; I've personally never received money from Chaotica besides my normal salary. I'm still in discussions about how to possibly continue developing it, but for now its future seems quite uncertain :hmm:

Everything sucks :|
I'm doing a residency at Stochastic Labs in Berkeley until July 25th, then will be in Vancouver in August 11-16 giving a talk at SIGGRAPH (!!), finally touring around western USA again in September.

If you're in the area and wanna meet up lemme know! I'll try to organise a talk at UC Berkeley with a bunch of flame fractal people (Erik Reckase, FarDareisMai, Platinus, mfeemster) around mid July, that would be really cool if it happens :D
Hi guys, it's been a while, no? ^^;

Recently I was contacted by Ricky Jarnagin aka DsyneGrafix to do an interview, as part of a series he did on some of the people involved in early Mandelbulb days. Of course I was delighted, and that's just gone up on his website:…

Thanks Ricky! :ahoy:
Hi guys, the dates for the little fractal meetup in Amsterdam have been finalised: August 21-27, 2017

The confirmed list of people so far (besides me and others who don't want to be listed):

Erik Reckase (plus wife): flam3 and electric sheep co-author
FarDareisMai (plus husband)
technochroma and FractalSauce (the cute fractal couple!)

I'll update this journal if more people confirm they'll join us.

The basic plan is to meet up in the Amsterdam city centre somewhere and do a whole lot of fractaling together! Of course, Amsterdam being Amsterdam, there's a ton of great stuff to do including boat rides in the canals and... well, you know, Amsterdam stuff :blushes:

I'd personally really like to finally learn some basic fractal making techniques, and hopefully some of the more skilled fractal artists will be willing to do a little teaching session, something like a workshop... so bring your laptops!

Hope you can make it, and please spread the word! Thanks :)
Phew, been ages since I've posted here... sorry about the radio silence :paranoid:

Thought it might be good to mention here, there's an Indigo Renderer competition going for scenes to be included with Indigo, so it's a good opportunity to get your work seen by a lot of people if it's chosen :)

Besides that there are of course loads of prizes, including an Radeon RX 580 with 8 GB memory and loads of Chaotica Studio licences!

Hopefully some of you super talented 3D folks will enter :D For more info please check out my full post on the Indigo forum:…
Indigo 4 public beta:…
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kokolores123 seems to be doing daily 3d renders again :#1: you should all watch him and check out his gallery, if you haven't already!

also chaotica has a little video gallery now mainly featuring animations by tatasz, with a few others... there are still so many animations rendered but somehow unfinished :noes:

it's not too exciting yet, but it's a start:

hope everyone had a nice christmas and new year :)
As there seems to be some misunderstanding at the moment about Chaotica / GPL / Apophysis / etc, I should explain something simple and important.

The "variations" (called transforms in Chaotica) introduced by Scott Draves in his famous flam3 documents are mainly short equations, sometimes with a little selection logic, but generally stuff you can explain in a single sentence or equation.

There are some really complex transforms, and those are the ones I tend not to include natively, instead leaving it to the DLL interface. For the rest, they have to be re-implemented from scratch - in C++, and hopefully also optimised, since the people who wrote these plugins are often not experts in maths, programming, or both.

The flam3 co-author Erik Reckase helped re-code many of the transforms into Chaotica some years ago, and has seen that it's a from-scratch job with a completely different interface, many obvious algebraic simplifications, and later on came further deep/algorithmic optimisations for many or most of them.

That's all I can offer anyone who thinks I would just throw whatever C code I find into Chaotica (and that it would even fit in its generalised IFS), or that I can somehow put Delphi code in there without re-coding. LOL.
Hi guys, a slightly late journal update here ^^;

There's quite a lot of stuff to go over, things have been extremely busy... Chaotica development is really picking up speed, and there's a brand new Facebook page to follow for news and announcements - your "Like" would be greatly appreciated!

Chaotica fractal art competition results

The first Chaotica fractal art competition was a Great Success! :icongreatsuccessplz:

There were over 50 entries (!!) for this competition, and deciding the winners was not easy at all! You can read more about the results and see the winning images on the forum here:…

Introduction video

The mighty kokolores123 has made an awesome introduction video for Chaotica, check it out!

Big thanks to him and the featured artists: lindelokse, FarDareisMai, zy0rg, SaTaNiA, guagapunyaimel, SuicideBySafetyPin, depaz, Zueuk, Platinus, Jeddaka, tatasz

Indigo 3.6 release and sale

Last but not least, we've just announced the Indigo 3.6 release! These stable version releases come with attendant sales specials of 25% to 33% off, and the Indigo RT version is particularly cheap at 99 Euro - very close to Chaotica Studio's 80 Euro price.

Any Indigo licence is valid for Chaotica, meaning you can get both a super high-end 3D renderer and a Chaotica Studio licence with the same purchase!

Upcoming features and improvements

Lately I've been working really hard on Chaotica's animation support, and the first results are extremely promising! Fully correct, very high quality motion blur is supported with very little performance impact if any; I believe this is a first for fractal rendering software, which often struggles to render even still images correctly :giggle: Expect some test animations and more news about this really soon.

A much-needed UI update is also in the works, along with all the improvements already made. I'm not sure how to number the next release, since there is so much new stuff in there! :faint:

Anyway, this journal is pretty long already and there's still much to come, so I'll end this here :) Keep an eye out for news on the chaoticafractals deviantArt group, and if you'd like to chat about anything please feel free to join the #Aposhack chat channel! :ahoy:
Chaotica competition banner

Hi guys, sorry it's been so long since the last update! There's been a lot of silent Chaotica progress on many fronts, from important fixes for Mac OS to a powerful new rendering mode and layers support...

But before I get into that, the other big news is the first Chaotica fractal art competition :#1:

This is a great opportunity to show off some really hot fractal renders and win a Chaotica licence and an iPod Nano! The free version of Chaotica may of course be used, and if you'd like help rendering a final version at higher resolution please don't hesitate to ask :D

The competition runs until the 25th of October, and entries must be posted in the competition forum thread.

I hope you'll all have a great time making sexy pixels for this competition! :w00t:

Now, about that Chaotica 1.1 release...

The headline new feature in this release is a novel anti-aliasing algorithm, which uses less memory for a comparable level of detail and delivers even higher quality results than before. It might be a bit slower than before (though some users have reported it's faster), and any performance results are welcome. Most of the groundwork for adding layers support has been done, however the UI elements are not yet ready and will still take some (lower priority) development effort to complete. It will be quite an interesting feature, and the basis of a lot of fun going forward; until then, please excuse the cheeky un-editable layer number control in the interface!

There are so many fixes and improvements for Mac OS in this release; for a full list of improvements and fixes please see the release info on the forum.

Thank you so much again for all the support, especially tatasz and FarDareisMai, and as ever if you encounter any problems please either note me here on dA or email


Chaotica 1.1 download links:

Windows installer: 32-bit or 64-bit

Windows portable version (7-zip archive): 32-bit or 64-bit

Mac OSX: 32- and 64-bit

Linux: 32-bit or 64-bit
Chaotica logo

Download links:

Edit: download links removed, please grab the latest release from!

Editor tutorials by tatasz:

Chaotica Bloom Tutorial by tatasz  Spherical Plants for Chaotica by tatasz  Tutorial: Blurry Elliptic Splits in Chaotica by tatasz


This release should fix problems some people were having with older OpenGL hardware/drivers, where the world and curve editors weren't displaying properly. Compatibility with crop_zero variable is improved, bwaps7 is now natively supported, and various other small fixes and improvements have been incorporated.

Work is underway to produce a nice video for the website's front page, and in some spare time I'm working more on the GPU implementation :evillaugh: It's pretty challenging stuff, especially to do correctly and efficiently in high quality... otherwise we'd better stick to CPU rendering, right? ;) Anyway, I'm obviously a fan of fast CPU rendering and have some 1080p realtime editing sessions recorded for the video (based on a 4.2ghz Haswell CPU), as some of you in #Aposhack have already seen :D

When that's done, it'll be time to announce the first Chaotica fractal art competition! Glare has some great prizes in store for it, really looking forward to this :eager:

As always, here are some recent works from the :iconchaoticafractals: group to wrap up the release post, enjoy!

Nightfall flowers by tatasz  Reptiled Spirals by pillemaster  Oratum by Fiery-Fire
Chaotica logo

Download links:

Windows installer: 32-bit or 64-bit

Windows portable version (7-zip archive): 32-bit or 64-bit

Mac OSX: 32- and 64-bit

Linux: 32-bit or 64-bit


It's finally time for a journal update here, sorry it's been so long! ^^; I'm on holiday at the moment, though it's a bit of a working holiday since I can't tear myself away from Chaotica dev :pc:

The big news is the release of Chaotica on the Mac App Store! Marked as version 1.0, it was successfully launched about a week ago, and we submitted this much-improved version 1.0.1 to Apple on Tuesday. Hopefully with all the extra polish we've been doing it will get some good reviews and sell a few copies! That would be really great for the company, and enable me to continue working fulltime on Chaotica; there's still a huge amount of work to be done.

The parameter browser is now used more extensively, and to great effect for randomisation - the ability to visually pick out interesting variations makes fractal exploration faster and more interesting. Substantial speedups are seen with low efficiency parameters thanks to several rendering core optimisations, and as usual there are many bugfixes and general improvements.

The amazing tatasz has made two new Chaotica tutorials, which are featured both on the Chaotica forum and here on deviantArt (all three linked for completeness):
:spotlight-left: Chaotica Bloom Tutorial by tatasz Spherical Plants for Chaotica by tatasz Tutorial: Blurry Elliptic Splits in Chaotica by tatasz :spotlight-right:

You should go give her a hug :hug: because the poor girl has just been in a car accident :noes:

There's a lot of cool stuff coming up, including a planned competition, so keep an eye out for more news soon!

Last but not least, some :iconchaoticafractals: group features!

Open by tatasz Photervescent Tileterial by FarDareisMai Hospital by FarDareisMai
Creation Myth by plangkye Flattery by plangkye Leguminous by plangkye Book Of Moths by FarDareisMai
May 9th by tatasz Massive by zy0rg Mess by zy0rg
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Chaotica logo

Download links:

Windows installer: 32-bit (Apophysis DLL plugin compatible) or 64-bit

Windows portable version (7-zip archive): 32-bit or 64-bit

Mac OSX: 32- and 64-bit

Linux: 32-bit or 64-bit


Ahoy u guise :ahoy: Here's a late night update for Chaotica 0.74 and about my recent DD! :dance:

I was very happy to recently receive a DD for my work "seductress", thanks to Daeurth and SaTaNiA:

seductress by lyc

This was very surprising but also very reassuring for me, since my "style" of fractal making (writing randomisation generators for my fractal programs) is relatively tedious, and perhaps a little frowned upon :blushes: I've still not learnt the fractal design skills real fractal artists use... someday ^^; Anyway, the params for this work are now included with Chaotica in case you'd like to check it out!

About the new Chaotica 0.74 version, the rotation and scaling controls are now finally properly implemented in the world editor, and undo/redo works there too instead of just the main window. These changes alone are worth the new release as they help so much with common editing functionality!

For easier colouring control, the palette editor now shows the location of flam3_shader palette indices. The pre- and post-affines are much easier to see as a pair in the editor (they have the same colour, post-affines drawn with dashed lines); post-affines can be added and removed using the new flam3 transform control in the node editor.

tatasz has done an amazing job with a new Chaotica editor tutorial based on blurred elliptic-splits, and graciously allowed the inclusion of two her great param packs with the Chaotica downloads:
:spotlight-left: Tutorial: Blurry Elliptic Splits in Chaotica by tatasz :spotlight-right: Chaotica Parameter Pack 1 by tatasz Chaotica Parameter Pack 2 by tatasz

64bit Apophysis plugin DLLs are now supported, you can put them in the provided plugins folder. These have been recently released by Xyrus-02, for more info on this please see his page for the announcement.

The random params are much nicer now, and there are many quiet fixes and improvements behind the scenes... As always I must thank the amazing community for support with bug reports (cheers fractist!), suggestions, plugin packs, tutorials, ... :faint: Thank you so much guys! :w00t:

Here are some recent features from :iconchaoticafractals:, enjoy!

Dandelion by fractist Flutter By by plangkye Painful Growth by SuicideBySafetyPin
Mayday by FarDareisMai Soft by fractist :thumb369004058: Origin of Symmetry by zy0rg
JS In Red by AkuraPare Turns by SuicideBySafetyPin 110508-II by Pasternak
Chaotica logo

Download here:…


Hi guys, sorry it's been so long since the last update ^^;

Chaotica has been tremendously improved since the last public release, thanks to amazing support from the dA fractal community :heart: and Glare Technologies. After many semi-public betas in #Aposhack it's long overdue to talk about the changes here!

A ton of bugfixes and improvements have been made throughout the application, and especially the world editor. Undo and Redo for edits has been implemented, the (affine) transform axes now are labelled and you can also edit the post-affines, the randomly generated parameters are much nicer, cropn is natively supported, batch mode has been greatly improved, if you're feeling really nerdy there's even a Lyapunov exponent histogram in there! ... the complete list of changes will be really long, and I still haven't finished putting that together! ^^;

One of the more significant changes is in the licensing structure: there are now two commercial versions, namely

Chaotica HD: Resolution limited to 4 megapixels, eg 2560x1600
Chaotica Studio: No resolution limit, with other distinguishing features to follow (eg. with regard to animation)

The free version will now be limited to approx 1.23mpix, eg 1280x960, to reflect the low cost of the HD version.

The previous Chaotica licence, which is equivalent to the Studio licence, was somewhat inaccessible to hobbyist users who want to make really nice wallpapers, but don't expect to make money back selling prints. Chaotica HD's low cost of €25 (or $32) is intended to meet this market, while the Studio version remains targeted at professional digital artists. Please see the store page (Euro or USD) if you'd like to purchase a licence.

Chaotica now has an awesome logo designed by Sam Lavoie (Lavoi here on dA). Sam is extremely skilled and very professional, it was a pleasure working with him (again!) on this.

There are so many exciting new things to come in the near future, and I'll try to post more often here :blushes:

Last but not least, check out these great renders from :iconchaoticafractals::

Secret of flowers by fractist Glyntree by fractist Dewberries by lindelokse
Infinitum by zy0rg Sanity by zy0rg As Deep as the Sky by FarDareisMai
Genesis by depaz Grow by FractalDesire Caratheodory by piethein21
Chaotica 0.666 quick download links

64bit Windows:…
32bit Windows:… or use the older 0.6 beta for 32bit plugins:…
Mac OS:…
64bit Linux:…
32bit Linux:…


Hi guys, a quick update before I crash for the morning ;P

With some great support again from Glare, Chaotica now has a forum for discussion, support and collaboration! You can check it out here:

Thanks so much to those of you in #Aposhack who have already registered and started spamming it up :typerhappy:, especially the awesome FarDareisMai who has done an amazing job of organising the sections with stickies for known issues, tips etc.! :worship:

The 0.666 version's 32bit Windows build doesn't load DLL plugins properly (due to the new build system's configuration), so I plan to release a 0.667 version to fix this issue and a few other small things; besides which, it'll placate the folks who don't like the previous version number ;) I'll keep posting about Chaotica releases here too of course, it's largely for you guys!

That's all for now, there should be more updates soon :) Thanks for checking it out, and please take a moment to enjoy these glorious renders selected from :iconchaoticafractals::

Fate by tatasz The Simple One by zy0rg Tripolar by zy0rg
Loading... by FarDareisMai Keys by tatasz Grand bipolar by FractalDesire
One Night In Mexico by pillemaster Meet by FarDareisMai Seasons by tatasz
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Download links

Download for 64bit Windows:…
Download for 32bit Windows:…

Download for Mac OS:…

Download for 64bit Linux:…
Download for 32bit Linux:…


After numerous delays, an homage to the old days of Doom v1.666 :evillaugh:

The major bit of news is that, from now on, all releases will happen on Windows, Mac and Linux in parallel. My colleagues at Glare have helped me tremendously in getting Chaotica set up to build right next to Indigo Renderer using a fully automated build system on all platforms, so the days of some platform releases lagging behind are over! A lot of code cleanup and bugfixing (notably saving/loading of final transforms in .chaos format) has gone on between this and the last release, and I'm happy to say that the Chaotica codebase is looking extremely healthy. Progress is happening really quickly now, especially on the editor and associated features.

As part of this, specifically using HSV palette splines, Chaotica now starts up with randomised Moebius IFS parameters instead of just a blank workspace; as a fun extra, the randomisation can be done partially, i.e. only the palette (Ctrl+P), transformations (Ctrl+U), shaders (Ctrl+I) and selectors (Ctrl+O). This kind of setup is how I did much of my fractal art back in ~2006-2007, and while it's still a bit rough, I look forward to making this feature "smarter", and of course releasing the editor which will allow for complete control :)

Also worth mentioning is that the brightness better matches the result in Apophysis/flam3 now, but it's still not quite the same and still needs a little adjusting usually. The realtime camera controls are back, having been AWOL since Chaotica 0.49, and can be used by holding Alt and dragging with the left mouse button (pan), right mouse button (zoom) and both buttons (rotate).

Over the next few days I'll be working on the new Forum and website, so stay tuned for this! :#1: If you're a Linux or Mac user looking for really fast, high resolution+quality flame fractal rendering, now is a great time to get a Chaotica 1.0 licence on pre-sale :) On that note, if anyone does a comparison of Chaotica to other fractal software on these platforms, I am really interested to see it :eager:

I'm indebted as ever to the friendly and helpful people here in the dA fractal art community for their motivation and help, particularly my "right hand man" FarDareisMai! :ahoy:

As usual, please let me know if you encounter any bugs or other issues, thanks!



* Windows, Mac and Linux builds done concurrently in all releases from now on
* Fixed saving / loading of final transforms in .chaos format
* Better matching of brightness with flam3/Apophysis parameters
* Added randomised Moebius fractals on startup, partial randomisation controls (see tooltips for shortcut keys)
* Fixed memory leaks, lots of code cleanup
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A bunch of us #Aposhackers are planning a little meetup, and bold tatasz took the crucial first step of suggesting a time and place! :lol:

It'll be in Amsterdam on the last weekend of March, the 30th and 31st; for more information check out her journal here:…

Obviously this isn't exclusive to #Aposhack, and we'd like to see as many of you fine deviants (lol) there are possible! :ahoy:
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Just before the year's out, I'd like to get the new super optimised Chaotica beta release out!

Download Chaotica 0.6 beta 4 for Windows:…

This version features much faster rendering and image updates, it's really incredibly fast now I think :wow: The comparison against Apophysis in particular grows immensely unfair, since it cannot use multiple threads (and still generate a correct image / same result as with 1 thread) and the 64bit versions are generally unused... comparisons with other fractal renderers are welcome ;)

Also new in this release is the ability to save and load parameters in the new .chaos format, Chaotica's fledgling native XML format. This finally preserves all the imaging settings, which is really convenient for saving your best Chaotica rendering params. Unfortunately final xforms are still not loaded correctly in this beta, as soon as this and a few other small issues are fixed I'll release the proper 0.6 version, and maybe have a competition of some sort to share great Chaotica params! :)

Last but certainly not least, and on the subject of great Chaotica params, the mighty SaTaNiA has allowed me to package the parameters for his amazing work "Spikobius" with Chaotica! :worship: It's included with the beta linked above, and be sure to check out the glorious 5120x3200 render here:

spikobius by lyc
such amazing details :drool:

Hope you all have (or already have had!) a great new year's eve, see you in the new year :D
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Download Chaotica 0.5 beta 4 for Windows:…

Indigo Renderer 3.4 release:…


Hi guys, sorry it's been aaaages since the last update :noes: I've been extremely busy working on the recent Indigo Renderer 3.4 release!

Although there hasn't been an "official" update to Chaotica since version 0.48, I've been quietly hacking away on it and offering beta versions in the #Aposhack chat channel, the latest version of which is linked above for downloading. Thanks very much to you guys for all the help and encouragement, it's really really appreciated! :heart:

Saving images with alpha channel is now supported, and alpha has its own response curve. Besides the performance and accuracy improvements, the other major additions are the licensing system and the diagnostics window, which I'd like to quickly talk about here:

Licensing system

Chaotica now uses the same licensing system used in Indigo Renderer, which means there are no separate commercial and noncommercial versions anymore. When you buy a Chaotica licence for commercial use, you get private page on the Glare Technologies Store where you can enter a hardware key identifying your computer, for which you get a licence key to unlock the commercial rendering features for that computer. Each Chaotica licence comes with 2 "render node" licences; these are intended to be used with network rendering, however this is not implemented yet, so these node licences will function as full master licences for the time being.

Here's the Indigo manual page about the licensing system:…

If you want to purchase a commercial Chaotica licence, you can do so here: Buy in Euros or Buy in US Dollars

Finally, please note that all Indigo licences are valid for use with Chaotica! You can simply paste any valid Indigo licence key into Chaotica to unlock it.

Diagnostics window

The other major addition in this build is the diagnostics window, which fixes a long-standing problem with Chaotica: when you load up some parameters and they fail to work for some reason, it would do so silently and not give any hint as to why, either crashing or displaying a black rendered image. No more!

Now, when you load parameters with 3D camera settings, it will warn about this incompatibility, likewise if it encounters any variations it doesn't recognise. If there were no problems detected, it will tell you that it's 64bit compatible; this is a huge time saver, and should hopefully help a lot of new users get going.


Finally, some words about the future... I've been working on Chaotica really hard recently, making a lot of "behind the scenes" changes that will enable the really exciting features to come. Among these are a high-powered editor, which will finally show the true power and inner workings of Chaotica's IFS engine. I am very fortunate to have the consent and support of my parent company, Glare, to use many of the required technologies in Indigo :) I get to re-use a lot of code, and in general there is great cross-pollination going on! The future seems very bright for Chaotica, and I'm really excited to finally be doing what I've wanted to do since about 2003, when I first started coding fractal renderers.

Anyway, please let me know if you encounter any issues with this beta release, and hopefully we'll see the proper version 0.5 release soon! Thanks again for your time and support  :#1:


* Commercial licences are now available at the Glare Store:…
* Added alpha channel support in PNG saving
* Added diagnostic window, to warn about unrecognised variations/paramerers, and to list plugins used (if not 64bit compatible)
* Added silent mode via -silent commandline option, launches Chaotica without user interface (console only),
 use with -haltsl to set halting SL, -o to set output path, eg. chaotica.exe example.flame -silent -haltsl 5 -o out.png
* Made node licences act as master licences, until network rendering is implemented
* Various optimisations and bugfixes, code cleanups
* Fixed bug in flux spread param (thanks to FarDareisMai and piethein21)

* Using double precision iteration, resulting in much more accurate images (minor performance impact if any)
* Faster / lower latency realtime mode
* Resuming from state files now works correctly (was broken in 0.47 beta)
* Fixed crash when loading state files without params loaded
* Added reporting of state file dimensions during loading when mismatch detected
* Added realtime rotation (alt + left and right mouse button drag)
* Improved status text, now shows rendering time elapsed
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Download for Windows 32/64bit:…

This release is mainly a bugfix release for the 0.47 beta, with many improvements to the user interface fixing issues such as the fractal not scaling when you changed resolution, imaging settings being spuriously reset and not saved properly etc. Hopefully it's a bit more friendly to use now :) It'll still crash if you try to restore state without having the original params loaded, that'll be fixed in the next release.

Another important change in this build is restored native support for bipolar, thanks to code Xyrus-02 provided from Apo7X15C beta 3. I'm hoping the small difference in handling the divide by zero and negative log etc will finally enable full compatibility - please test this and report if something looks wrong!

Thanks :)


* Changed copyright to Glare Technologies Ltd.
* Added Glare Tech's Winter scripting language (not exposed yet)
* Added batch rendering
* Fixed zillions of UI issues related to handling of parameters / state
* Fixed epsilon in cross (Thanks again to FarDareisMai), possibly some other variations
* Added native foci variation
* Using native bipolar again, please test!

* Added colour curves
* Improved image quality slightly, re-enabled SS 1 mode for large images (to allow higher max res in 32bit)
* Added IFS browser window, editable resolution / SS fields
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