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elegant curves,
weaves of darkest night

rendered with my flame fractal renderer, ham and mustard.

edit: holy smokes this came 2nd in MelonLogic's seduction competition! if you'd like to try the program i used to render this, details can be found here:…. there's also a poster-resolution version online (directly linked in the fantastic gallery of all competition entries).
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Elegant and beautiful
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:thanks: thank you, glad you like
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Hey, saw this pic on some background website and thought I'd let you know I really like good job BTW I'm also a programmer XD
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Awesome. Reminds me of a Rembrandt painting because of the color scheme & lighting.
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Wow, I didn't know you made this! I found it on some website with wallpapers and now here... And I want to tell you - Great job!

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This blew my mind!
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This is phenomenal! :omg: Such fine details when you look at it up close. Beautiful render! :wow:
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glad you like :aww: thanks
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You're welcome! Its beautiful! =D :heart:
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Wonderful flame render!
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thanks :) hopefully someday i'll get to release a usable flame fractal app... work has started, but then stalled :hmm:
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I downloaded Apophysis but havent tried it! I have so many fractal programs and each works differently,its a nightmare! Tried Chaos Pro yesterday for thr first time in years but forgot how to use it! And still getting to grips with Incendia (god I love that program!)
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oh, i used to have a small mention in incendia for all the help i've given aexion over the years... no more though, since he started taking money and didn't stop taking my code, soon got tired of that... forgive me if i don't share your enthusiasm about that particular program, aexion is a great fractalist but his methods are dirty and self-serving; sometime (hopefully soon) i'll opensource the framework i wrote using much of these methods.
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Well for a free program I think its amazing! I would pay for the program if it were on general sale!(and if i had the money, which I dont....)
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it is on sale, you pay money ("donate") and get ("a gift") the version without resolution limits. by that reasoning indigo renderer [link] is also free ;)
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that's fantastic!
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I'm absolutely amazed... I can't find any words to describe my feelings for this...
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glad you like it! :hug:
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black and reddish brown fire, that turns into blondish reddish brown hair!
Soooo cool!
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