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i'm a bit reluctant to submit "remix" images of existing works, but here goes anyway.

this is rendered with my 4-day-old new renderer; it's a spectral (wavelength-based) renderer that can cleanly handle lots of interesting physics, in this case the light source is a black body emitter (wiki: [link]) at about 9500K. i look forward to doing much more with this renderer and letting others use it in the future (read: after my #$&*@% exams).
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real nice...shiny :D
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I like the metallic. look.
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Envy. Thats all I can say...I envy you! :D You have some great programs, and (to take your words) #$&*@% awesome pieces!
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and don't envy me, the life of a programmer is a hard one! ;P
erthbndangl's avatar
and rewarding I would hope!
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another cool render!
Amazing, again...
slowly, I get bored of my comments and the lack of possible crit! xD
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slowly, i begin to wonder what can possibly be replied to so many nice comments! :O
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Wickid!...cant wait to play with this :peace:

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thanks :) i've yet to see how fully general ifs will fit+look in this system, will report soon as i have it worked out... it'll need a 3d editor to specify the xforms/variations and my opengl interface for that is quite primitive at the moment (and that's not even considering the problem of a realtime preview!).

thanks also for the watch, it's just a few seconds too late to catch my latest release tho ;)
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glad you like :D
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You're really doing interesting stuff man!
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ad infinitum. i love it!
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it's still a bit ad hoc, i'll let you know when the final final final one is up ;)

thx dude!
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out with the old in with the new! fractal masta!
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*Aexion is the fractal master, i'm just the rendering consultant ;P

anyways, the image you're rendering will soon replace this one...

btw, i just had the most excellent idea for how to really leverage this program so everyone can use it. will code it up after i've had some sleep!
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lol, gna leave it till tommorow ;) cant wait to see it ;D

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nonono kill it, it's got issues :(
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