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rendered with my toy rendering system, allura.

updated with a 3840x2400 resolution image.

no postprocessing, except for the title.
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kram1032's avatar
looks great :D

though it would be cool if there was something recognizable to reflect :)
(sky is nice but.... so.... uniform^^)
lyc's avatar
thanks, and i agree: different lighting (and diffuse material) would have worked better.
Yuline's avatar
I appreciate a lot your work and all that you do in the 3D fractal rendering :clap:
lyc's avatar
hehehe thanks, though i really just mess around on my own... for now ;P hopefully someday i can do more for others in this respect.
Nickmeister's avatar
its huge! fantastic.
lyc's avatar
appreciated! :thanks: i've worked on this since, and will have it rendering nearly realtime soon thanks to the help of others and gpu supercomputing :D
m-r-p's avatar
Looks incredible, so crisp and shiny! Nice render, i like the depth of field effect a lot!
lyc's avatar
thanks man :D i think i may have gone a bit overboard on the high-detail fx here, if you look at today's daily deviation of the same object you'll see what i mean.
Mobilelectro's avatar
That is some very fine render work your doing

I am still interested in hearing your idea for a faster apophysis rendering
lyc's avatar
thanks :) btw i don't aim to accelerate apophysis, but replace it...
Mobilelectro's avatar
That would be great if importing flame files were possible. Otherwize all previous work is unuseable. Also having a way to use plugin variations really helped apophysis grow faster. Anyway I look forward to seeing what you come up!
lyc's avatar
importing flames is possible, but right now i only support linear "variations". once the data is imported, however, many new possibilities are opened (not just ultrafast rendering).

sooo, from you i need to know which variations and features to support - a flame file (i'll sign whatever NDA you like ;)) to test compatibility and we're away :) i need someone to champion this thing if i'm gonna carry on with it, right now it looks like 3d rendering will swallow me completely since i have no impetus to develop further develop this without being a user myself.
Mobilelectro's avatar
I use just about every feature and most of the variations in apo.

The only one I do not use anymore is the mutation feature.

I am away for a few weeks so when I get home I will follow up on this more
sequential's avatar
This is quite amazing and almost looks analogue/organic. Love it. :+fav:
lyc's avatar
greyfin's avatar
i like the rough, distorted style. :)
lyc's avatar
thank you :thanks:
ManuelGrad's avatar
rendertime for the 3840x2400 one?
lyc's avatar
umm, something like 5 days nonstop on an i7 :noes:

it's using an extremely high precision surface representation, and full double precision for the fractal iteration and rendering computations. it could all be a whole lot faster, but then i just turn up the quality settings again... ;)
nnq2603's avatar
:O_o:, long time indeed. Ah, what's these 'center' area of this structure? (I mean the part of surface that seem reflect white & blue color quite much)... Level of details is pretty high as your usual render :D
B0073D's avatar
Veeeeery nice. :+fav:! How long did Allura take to cook this one?
lyc's avatar
something like 5 days of continuous rendering :D
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