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sehr geehrter herr m

"alle deine viereck sind gehören an uns
du hast keine chance to surviven
make your time"
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Truly wonderful.
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thank you :aww:
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Blissfully intricate
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yummy fractals :chew:
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Golden Spiral Fractal!
(daVinci, again xD)
this is one of your absolute best (but I'm very far back in past, so I didn't look at your newer ones, yet^^)
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very beautiful!
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thank you, i am honoured to get a fav from someone with such an incredible gallery... really appreciated.
RemiisMeltingDots's avatar
hey man that is amazing how do you do that
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studied some maths, wrote some code, tweaked some settings, left it to render a bit :)

glad you like it mate, thanks! :D
RemiisMeltingDots's avatar
can you studi me and i studi you some other thing?
lyc's avatar
i am always happy to pursue such arrangements :) maybe i can ask you some things about 3d modelling sometime, since i also write 3d renderers (my main interest, fractals are just a diversion) and will work on that later this year!

one of the easiest ways to start making beautiful fractals is to understand the complex numbers; it's very little to study and is completely independent of most mathematics except for basic algebra and later some trigonometry: [link]

when you've learnt that, drop me an email and i'll be happy to help more:
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i think i'm glad that in all their subtle beauty they're holding still... the past 1/2 hr or so, so many things i've been looking at have been moving! frenetically or otherwise... yikes *>* (old school me *>*)
lyc's avatar
some people pay good money for that, count yourself lucky i guess (?).

anyhoo thx for the fav!
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this one went into my project as an example of fractal art ;) will send the whole thing to you sometime this week, but the art part has too many pictures and I don't think it'll fit into an email :D
lyc's avatar
still waiting on that email ;P and indeed your next news posts!
esintu's avatar
sorry I've been an alien lately.. lots of news here, including the fact that we were robbed last week and that I no longer have my computer (twas a laptop), which means no fractals, no project etc. I'll tell you more later, when I finally submit all my applications (that's mid-Jan)
I do have the project printed at home, so I'll be able to complete the news posts, again, after the applications. They've got my brain all spongy right now...
hope you're doing well :)
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oh god that's horrible :( wish you all the best getting through this tough shit, and of course with your applications! (and really i'm not losing any sleep about the stuff i mentioned, was just a poke)
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thank you :)
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murchapweeshiayted :)
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Uh, by the way, liked this image!
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Well, it took ME a while to work this one out.
'tEEshapidnonohbveeyusmuhdeerlyc! You'll have to admit.
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