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inspired by the incredible demo from 2001: [link]

it was quite a challenge to render this thing, in several ways:

1. the deep fractal iteration is pretty difficult to handle numerically, and getting a normal to this thing's surface (which it technically, in the limit, doesn't have) is pretty ugly.

2. it was rendered with 3 different builds of my renderer (big thanks to *Aexion for help with the rendering!), which means keeping track of lots of system variables and state files in various states of completion...

3. the builds i used to render didn't have proper state-combining functionality, so i integrated that into my latest code which was rendering a different scene by that time.

4. the temptation to stop rendering this and bake some of the newer stuff was immense!

edit: improved image quality, and it's now png :D

~feckt wanted to render something like this, so i hacked together a little application for him in like 5 minutes that will produce an .obj file of the sierpinski tetrahedron. it takes a commandline parameter for the recursion depth, the default is 4; interested parties can download that here: [link]
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how do you consider this you're "worst" art work???
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Nice pic - do ypu still have your app for creating the sierpinski tetrahedron ?
I would like to try it out : -)
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sorry it's definitely way too old to be usable by now, it was hardcoded for 4 threads and crashes on anything else, besides many other problems. oh, and it isn't even "usable", the exe just runs and spits out this bmp file.

on the plus side, indigo renderer will eventually support implicit surfaces, and this guy will definitely feature in there :)
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Beautiful & inspirational.
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Trance-Plant's avatar
Very beautiful 3D-fractal!
lyc's avatar
appreciated :thanks: to be honest though, i think this is one of my worst / least impressive ones ;P
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I demand stereo pair!
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unfortunately i can't oblige, most of my images are once-off (produced by code alone, since modified).
anaglyph's avatar
do you still have hittest formula? my brain hurts when I am trying to derive those things.
lyc's avatar
don't think so, sorry :hmm:
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thanks, glad you like it ;) i've done better works since, however! (imo)
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This thing is incredible! *_*
lyc's avatar
thanks, it's an older work but still quite interesting i hope :)
Void-Hamlet-Herself's avatar
Still need a little more space above and below, though. NEED.
lyc's avatar
i should do a new version just for you <3

can you gimme a sketch of the composition? the object is basically an icosahedron, it's just very distorted here because of a wide field of view.
Void-Hamlet-Herself's avatar
Yeah, I know what it basically is. I just need to see a bit more of the background above and below it. Like, I feel the inexplicable urge to add 2 cm of background above and below the icosahedron's top and lowest edge, respectively.
Void-Hamlet-Herself's avatar
Ding! - I Return.

This one piece, it keeps haunting me. Pulling me back. Argh.
CasimirsBlake's avatar
Depth-of-field for the win, or something. Unique, but not abstract, the shape is surprisingly simple, despite looking complex from a distance. Good stuff!
ilFOLINI's avatar
It's inspired by the Menger Sponge? We've been studiyng the Menger Sponge at school this year, and it looks symilar :D
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