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inspired by the incredible demo from 2001: [link]

it was quite a challenge to render this thing, in several ways:

1. the deep fractal iteration is pretty difficult to handle numerically, and getting a normal to this thing's surface (which it technically, in the limit, doesn't have) is pretty ugly.

2. it was rendered with 3 different builds of my renderer (big thanks to *Aexion for help with the rendering!), which means keeping track of lots of system variables and state files in various states of completion...

3. the builds i used to render didn't have proper state-combining functionality, so i integrated that into my latest code which was rendering a different scene by that time.

4. the temptation to stop rendering this and bake some of the newer stuff was immense!

edit: improved image quality, and it's now png :D

~feckt wanted to render something like this, so i hacked together a little application for him in like 5 minutes that will produce an .obj file of the sierpinski tetrahedron. it takes a commandline parameter for the recursion depth, the default is 4; interested parties can download that here: [link]
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how do you consider this you're "worst" art work???