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oneiric print crop

a small crop from oneiric: [link]

(i've even reduced the res to keep all the nice bits visible with a reasonable image size!)
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Oh my gosh... it is.... orgasmic *__*
I want to touch it somehow...
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hehe, thanks, i'm glad you like it :) i have a kind of "second gallery" here in my scraps!
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Wow! That's the full res version? - or a slice for it?
Or is it STILL reduced? O.o

Now, I want a monitor, capable for those res xD
(+ ram + graphics card, as I already am limited with that, on my CURRENT res, of 1280*1024
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yeah it was reduced something like 30-50%, to keep all the nice parts and still have a reasonable res.

i recommend 1920x1200 quite easily ;) things like monitors and keyboards are very important parts of a computer (for years i just focused on cpu/memory).
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yes, they are for sure, but for now, I DEFINITELY need more Ram...
My CPU isn't the newest, as computers develop far too fast (and too expensive) to stay up to date, but I surely could get far more Ram....