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oneiric dual-widescreen

i needed a dual 1920x1200 wallpaper... cropped from oneiric [link]
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Faved and downloaded. Lovely, truly lovely work. Warm, inviting, hypnotic, and tremendously pretty. I can imagine these curves growing and turning to the sound of Bike by Autechre, or perhaps something by Bola. Fabulous work, Lyc!
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Oh, if only I had two monitors...
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they're so inexpensive these days :D and you can get really good ones too!
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so trippy, nice one.
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the formula for this iteration function is... not so easy to guess ;) of course, a lot of funky stuff is done in the imaging process too, no photoshop processing was used except for resizing a section and cropping.

i have a print of this you're welcome to have :D
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Always impressive :D
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thanks, though this is old work... i'm working on something quite special :)
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I know, I remember the screen-overtaking original of the "tiny" (well, still quite big, but compared to the origninal O.o) crop there. :)

can't wait to see your next nice work :D

Did you actually see my new fractals? Just a temporary solution, as I can't save the output directly, nor can processing truely deal with complex numbers..... and it lacks of double precision.... due to the current way of saving, I aditionally am resolution bound to something, my screen can show at once (and that with a bit of a limitation, due to windows-window-frame....)
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yeah, i've briefly checked them out with great interest, however work has been quite tight this week so far... tomorrow / later today (friday) i'll have a proper look, read the comments, make some guesses and ask questions :D
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And I'll answer them as far as possible :)
The program is very simple but it's somehow impossible to me to make out where the center is set... I KNOW that the renders are "optically centered" (based on Mandelbrot standard) but not "zero-centered"...... If I find THAT little part, I worked around the last probably easy to change limitation... Then, it goes into double precision (which is a general processing limit, so sooner or later I'll do a from-scratch version for c++ anyway), direct image saving (png) and under circumstances, the hardest part with a nice gui with direct, downscaled to fit the screen/window render output and the possibility to do a box-selection :)

(And costum and preset shapes and colour-sets - all those I did so far could be presets)
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thats rad :D!
Like the seperation of sides.
Amazing details.

much love!
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where's the grain? you don't have grain! :noes:

;P nice crop there, the original is among my favorites of yours anyway.. really like the sharp texture here too :)
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yeah the print version on oneiric is really big and completely resolved (rendered overnight on a dualcore athlon64 back in 2006/2007 i think), no noise to be seen :sherlock:

glad you like this old fav of mine too :D i'm currently rendering another 3840x1200 dualscreen monster, this one is pretty slow to render however...
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so detailed !
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yes, the locks of gold do a strange dance all the way to infinity... the full res (13k by 8k) version is very smoothly rendered allowing for nicely resolved crops such as the present :)
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