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having found the original high dynamic range image for this deviation, i thought i'd adjust the gamma a bit to make the details come out more and submit a stupidly high quality print :D

it really looks so, so, soooo incredible at the print resolution (10800x7200); feel free to ask for a wallpaper from part of the image! you can see one such crop here: [link]
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Amazing one :clap:
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This is the first time non-objective images have caused me artistic inspiration. I am truly impressed and these are utterly beautiful to just look at. Every time you glance at it there's something new to see, and the colors are simply gorgeous!
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thanks, glad you like it :) you should check out the dualscreen version i did: [link]
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I like the color palate.
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thanks :)

(btw, there's no palette in my programs!)
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one of the best that i've ever seen
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much appreciated :) actually this is my favourite image made with my old 2d fractal program (RIP), these days i focus mainly on the 3d ones... but i do miss the special look 2d fractals have.
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Fractal Plants in a fractal night!
So incredibly clear!
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thanks :) for this one i think i really should show you the super-resolution version!
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merci beaucoup ;)
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This is amazing, wow!:clap:
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aaaaand here we have antother original Ludwig!
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my gawd. this is beautiful.
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appreciated :)
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Sorry if I'm being dumb, but how exactly are you producing these lovely images? ^^ The artist in me must know!
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hehe the journal watcher in you would know ;)

basically, i write programs that generate all the images in my gallery this one specifically was made with a program i just recently released some versions of (hmm dodgy grammar). you can grab it here [link] and you'll probably need [link] besides directx9 and an athlon64 or pentium4 / pentium-m / core duo / any semi recent cpu.

anyway, glad you like the render and thanks for the fav! :hug:
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"hehe the journal watcher in you would know"

Curse me and my not-reading journal-age!
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that's quite alright, it's totally optional ;) but well, i suspect you might like using the program anyway so there are occasionally benefits...
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