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modern rendering environment

working on the new user interface and editor widgets :pc:

thx to ~Zueuk ~Jeddaka *lindelokse ^n8iveattitude1 ~Meckie `SaTaNiA for the use of their params! :)

you can download chaotica 0.44 here:

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if I ever take up Apo again, you'll be the only reason.. this looks awesome!
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Woohoo! *backflips* Anxious to try this out.
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Do I see some #333333 and #555555 greys here? ;) Reminds me of version 16 of a certain software :D
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i chose my own colours, and you're hardly the first to use a grey colour scheme :roll:
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'tis true. Didn't say otherwise. I could as well name 3DS 2010 or Photoshop CS4/5 here...
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i srsly did the colours myself (and the rest of the ui design), with a very slow tweaking process, pretty much last thursday. :peace:
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Hey I didn't sample a pixel of the GUI to check the color, I was just noticing :) No probs there, even if you would pick named colors. Looks nice, good job - that's all I said :)
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thanks :) it's not quite grey, either, but the difference is minimal.
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looking cool ^^
though those image settings are the same as for 0.43? only difference with the version you had sent me was this one has nicer lines nicer grey and stuff like that :)
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check the changelog :P being able to paste into chaotica is great for working with apo...
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xD cannot follow you...
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you were asking about the changes... so i said, check the changelog (a file, which logs the changes in each version), and noted that being able to paste params directly into chaotica (like with apo) is a cool new feature
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:) that is cool ^^
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GOD this gnarlz look soo sexy !
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that's a cool looking UI. black ftw :#1:
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